Friday, April 11, 2014

Get Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 [Download]

Get Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 [Download]




I think most people would agree the first game was the better of the two. That being said, I don't agree with many people saying the game is bad or not that great. This is a really good game. Someone below had said it was short..... They must be used to playing oblivion or something because this game was longer than the first. I was glad to be done with it by the time the end came around.

The graphics are really nice. They are like an updated version of the first game. There's a few bugs that drove me nuts such as an enemy shooting through a wall that's supposed to be cover. Glitch. This game features shooting through cover such as wood or plastic, but i'm speaking of actual walls. You can see their rifle sticking out of it. Another annoyance is the fact that you can die if someone shoots your hands alot. I understand that you can do that to your enemy, but still.

The game only crashed on me once. I closed to desktop, restarted the game and was fine. The new patch seemed to work fine for me.

As for the setting, I thought the levels were very nicely laid out. Yes the casinos in the first one were really cool and fun, but there's alot more to vegas than just that. The story was revolving around catching someone, not just fighting your way through things.

Gameplay is the same. There's a whole experience/level up scheme to this game that can be a little cheap with the weapons. There should've at least been the same weapons available as in the first game. You end up having to level up and use certain strategies to get the items you want. It's annoying, but I thought it was cool leveling up. In this game you tend to get hurt alot more than the first one on normal difficulty. Even with the heaviest gear on I found I was dying alot more.

There's even a level where you're by yourself! It's neat because you can be more stealthy. Most of the time in both games you'll pass an invisible tripwire on the map and enemies start pouring from everywhere despite how quiet you were being. In this level, you can avoid alot of fighting simply by sneaking around and pulling out your trusty silenced pistol.

The end fight is about as obnoxious as the first game except if you die, you have to go through a cutscene over and over and over.

The story is good. I liked it. The main twist isn't much of a shocker, but hey, it's tom clancy. I was disappointed in some of the new voices for the same characters though. Logan's voice is different which just threw me off because whoever did his voice in the first game was fantastic and unique. This time it's just some american without an accent. I'm pretty sure Mike's (the heavy gunner on your team) voice is different too. Jung and Gabe is still the same.

All in all I liked the game. It dragged on a little towards the end, but I enjoyed it almost all the time. I'm glad I waited for the price to drop. Amazon is selling now for 20 bucks which is definitely a good buy in my opinion. Pick this one up. It's worth the play.