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Get Dead Space 3 Complete Pack [Online Game Code]

Get Dead Space 3 Complete Pack [Online Game Code]




once you install the origin client if you really want the complete game you will find you still need to buy:

[prices as listed in origin 12/28/2013]

Bot Capacity Upgrade $2.99

Bot Personality Pack $2.99

Enervator $1.19

Witness the Truth Pack $2.99

EG-900 SMG $1.19

First Contact Pack $2.99

this is one of the things that annoys me about origin, if they are going to let third parties sell their products they should let them sell the truly complete version

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Get Logitech G400s Optical Gaming Mouse

Get Logitech G400s Optical Gaming Mouse




The previous G400 was a great mouse. It had a unique shape, great buttons, and a "perfect" sensor. What I mean by a perfect sensor is that it did not have any prediction or acceleration at normal speeds. Prediction is where the mouse decides it knows what you're trying to do, and changes your input to match. Go to MS paint and try to draw perfectly horizontal lines to see what I mean. If you can, then your mouse has prediction. Acceleration happens usually when you move a mouse quickly. For example, if you move some mice quickly across the mouse pad, and then slowly back to the other side, there will be a large difference in where your cursor ends up. The cursor moved faster than your hand when you sped up. But that did not happen on the G400, and it does not happen on the G400s.

Logitech realized that this quality made the G400 a fantastic mouse for FPS gaming, and they have given us this same great feature on the G400s. This is super valuable. It gives you a distinct edge while playing games against people using imperfect sensors. It is also to be noted that most professional gamers never use above 1000dpi. While laser sensors are more "flashy" and can do a lot more DPI than opticals, sadly, laser sensors have acceleration that cannot be disabled, making them inherently inferior for gaming. So as far as tracking quality goes, the G400s is spot on.

A few tweaks since the G400: The mouse now supports up to 4000 dpi instead of 3600 dpi. The buttons are slightly higher grade. These now are rated for 20 million actuations instead of 10 million. Not that I ever had a problem with wearing out the buttons on my old G400.

Things that did NOT change: The cord is still garbage. The G400 was notoriously bad because it would die if its cord was ever pulled on. I can't remember what that thing is called, but most mice have a pressure relief thing where the cord attaches to the mouse to prevent the cord from being a problem if it was pulled on. Unfortunately, same cord on this one. They really missed an opportunity for a meaningful upgrade. There is also still no onboard memory, which is a real shame for a $50 Logitech mouse. Another opportunity to make a fantastic improvement, which they passed up.

Okay, so other than a couple of tweaks, there are just the aesthetics. I think this mouse is a lot uglier than the G400, but that is subjective. You may like this one better.

Bottom line, this mouse tracks flawlessly, and does exactly what its supposed to do. Logitech makes good mice, there is no doubt about it. But if it were me, I'd save my money and buy a G400. Not only do they look a lot better, but they are really the exact same mouse for $15 less. I think Logitech just went for a quick rebrand so they could charge full retail on an older model again.

Anyway, I do hope this review has been helpful. If anyone leaves any other questions or comments below, I will check back and try to respond.

Get Logitech G13 Programmable Gameboard with LCD Display

Get Logitech G13 Programmable Gameboard with LCD Display




I have used both the Logitech G13 and Belkin n52te extensively, so I thought it would be useful to write a review comparing the two products.


I have used both keypads to play World of Warcraft (WoW) extensively. Typically I use the mouse to steer my character, and the keypad to do the actions on my action bar. I use the joystick to move forward, back, and strafe left and right. My hand is average to small in size.


The Logitech G13 has more keys than the Belkin n52te. In fact the main reason I bought the G13 was because I ran out of keys on the n52te. The G13 has 22 keys plus a joystick button, and two extra buttons near the joystick for a total of 25 programable items. The n52te has 14 keys, a scroll wheel up-down-click button, and two buttons by the joystick for a total of 19 programmable items. When you get advanced in WoW, the more buttons you have, the better your game will be since you can quickly do an action by pressing a button.

The n52te keys are all pretty much the same shape, and the middle key has a bump on it to help you locate where you are. The G13 has the most common keys the same shape, but other keys near the edges have a different shape. I find this helpful since I can feel the key and know where I am due to its shape. The G13 all has four keys with a concave impression to help you locate where you are on the keypad. Again, I find this more useful than the one key the n52te uses with a bumb on it.


The n52te has a D-Pad that allows you to control movement in 8 directions. It has an optional joystick insertion that makes it feel more like a joystick. When playing WoW, I actually only used 4 directions, and disabled the corner directionals, since it was too easy to go the wrong way by mistake. With just 4 directions (forward, back, strafe left, strafe right), it was easier to use.

The G13 has a small joystick which allows you to control 4 directions. Comparing the two, I think the G13 is much easier on the thumb than the n52te. After hours of play, and days of gaming, this makes a big difference. The G13 moves much easier and with less effort than the n52te. The G13 also pivots more naturally, so it is much easier to switch directions with less effort. The only thing I don't like about the joystick is the joystick button is very hard to press.


I feel that the n52te actually promotes carpel tunnel syndrome in the way its designed. The problem is that it forces you to bend your wrist upward so that you are continually putting stress on those tendons. The palm rest does not help, as it simply forces this bad wrist orientation. In order to use the n52te without pain, I actually had to prop up my elbow on some books so that my wrist could be in a more natural position.

The ergonomics on the G13 are far superior than the n52te. The way its designed it allows you to keep your wrist in its natural position, as when you are typing, without having to bend it upward as in the n52te. I can use the G13 continuously for hours upon hours with no discomfort at all.


The G13 comes with a LCD display, which the n52te does not have. At first I thought I would not use it much, but now I find it to be a helpful addition. For WoW, it shows your characters stats as well as other things such as your equipment durability, so you know when it is time to repair. On battlegrounds it shows stats like how many players on each side, time elapsed, deaths, killing blows, and honorable kills. The LCD does other stuff too when you are not playing the game (time and date, cpu usage, stopwatch, rss feeds, music info, etc). So I think it is a nice bonus.


I found both units really easy to program. It is very easy to assign any keystroke or key combinations or macros to any key on the keypad.


Overall, I would say the Logitech G13 is superior than the Belkin n52te and would highly recommend you buy the G13 over the n52te. My feeling is that the G13 is the next generation of keypads with all the best features, while the n52te is the old generation of keypads which has now been surpassed.

Get Logitech G700s Rechargeable Gaming Mouse

Get Logitech G700s Rechargeable Gaming Mouse




[UPDATE] Added G700 + G700s comparison photo links (see below).

I've been using the G700 for home and work - first for home exclusively, then for both home *and* work, and now just for work. I was able to use it for both because of its portability, especially the BUILT-IN MEMORY - a very important feature which I'll discuss below.

I got a Corsair Vengeance M95 for home to replace the G700, and I have to say quite frankly, I missed the G700. The G700 was more ergonomic - most especially with the buttons. After a month of using the Corsair, I thought I'd give the G700s a shot. I still use the G700 at work, for writing codes.

What I Like (G700/G700s):

(+) Hands down, highest button count mouse that is *still* very ergonomic.

(+) Dual mode SCROLLING: free scroll or click-scroll

(+) Dual mode: wired, or wireless

(+) Scroll wheel TILT. It is surprising that this feature is not a standard.

(+) Very polished software (for programming the mouse).

(+) Wireless TRANSCEIVER. Most other wireless mice only offer a receiver (1-way).

(+) Uses standard AA battery - which means user replaceable, and HOT-SWAP able.

(+) Ability of keys to be used as modifier keys (CTRL, ALT, SHIFT)

(+) Multiple simultaneous button presses.

(+) ON-BOARD MEMORY Profiles: This feature is very, very important, for it [1] Reduces lag because [2] there is NO background service running (key binding) and, [3] there is no dependence to software which means, [4] it is usable EVERYWHERE (even on the Windows Lock Screen) and [5] increased portability.

What I don't like:

(-) Thick cable for wired mode - however, this means it is durable. Based on experience, durability is a good thing.

(-) A bit expensive as of this writing (because the product is still new)

(-) Cheesy, non-functional graphics. Personally, I prefer the G700's stealth black look.

(-) No lighting, though understandable to improve battery life.

(-) No weight customization - we can't have it all.

(-) The USB transceiver and USB wire uses separate USB ports (cannot be combined like Razer Mamba).

(-) No real, useable difference with the G700.

(-) Still needs a mouse pad.

Differences between G700 and G700s:

(±) The graphics. I personally like the G700's plainer look.

(±) The top surface. Well, the feel and material looks the same, but now with the said graphics.

(±) The side surface. G700s feels and looks more polished: rougher, looks tougher, and less plasticity (more metal-like)

(±) The click-scroll scroll wheel. G700s has less "click" to it. It seems softer/easier to click-scroll. I personally prefer the G700's stronger, more pronounced clicks.

(±) Scroll wheel tilt. Like the previous difference, this has a softer click for scroll tilt clicking.

(±) Scroll mode selector. When selecting free-scroll, it actually feels like it is letting go of the scroll locking. I personally prefer the G700's same feel on selecting either mode.

(±) Most obviously, the max resolution (DPI). G700s' 8200 dpi vs G700's 5700 dpi.

Why 5 stars? Because no one else comes close. Its shortcomings are very minor when compared to its advantages.

VERDICT: I recommend this product. OR, get the G700 which is cheaper.


UPDATE: [G700 + G700s]

Here are the photo's I have taken (Uploaded to Amazon Product Images).

Individual Photos:

Best The Last of Us Remastered - PlayStation 4

Best The Last of Us Remastered - PlayStation 4




This is one of the most immersing game experiences I've ever had. I actually felt as if I had become Joel, trekking through this deadly, near hopeless world, struggling to survive for just one more day. On occasion, this level of immersion is broken, but for the most part, I truly felt like I had stepped into the shoes of the protagonist. His emotions became mine- the frustration, the elation, the horror, the desperation... and the slow, creeping pall of hopelessness in this dark, damaged earth.

If you are prone to night terrors or depression, do NOT play this game, because it will alternately terrify you and make you despair for the plight of this lost world. However, if you can handle the mature subjects of the tale, you are in for a real treat, and perhaps the greatest game to ever be produced in the genre of survival horror.

Yes, this game is scary, to a level I haven’t felt since the original Silent Hill on PS1. I generally felt powerless in this world and some of the enemies (primarily Clickers and Runners) make my stomach tighten with dread. If you're super hardcore, and you want a REALLY scary experience, I recommend you play on Hard difficulty for your first play-through, because the number of supplies (ammo, med kits, shivs, bombs, etc.) that are available on the Normal difficulty level are far too abundant for players who want a supreme challenge.

On the subject of crafting, this is a component of the game that is easy to learn, and fun to engage in. It further puts you into the mindset of Joel, a man desperate for survival, who has learned to salvage at all available opportunities. Slowly tuning up my weapons was also a lot of fun, though Joel is but a pale imitator compared to his rival protagonists (Nathan Drake, Marcus Fenix, etc.) in other games (but this is a good thing, for it feels realistic, and fits with the tone of the piece). Joel's wobbly aim, perpetual shortage of ammo, and rather sluggish speed make him feel like a real, middle-aged guy who has learned to survive in a dangerous world, not some superhuman who handles everything with grace.

The stealth aspect is also handled brilliantly, and engaging in it is extremely satisfying. This stealth system is a perfect evolution of that which was established in the Metal Gear Solid series (particularly #2), utilizing a great visual cone and audio circumference for your enemies, which must be studied for vulnerabilities and exploited at every possible opportunity. Determining how to approach each new challenge (lots of trial and error will be involved), and how to successfully clear an area of enemies (generally without being detected, as ammo and health are so limited) is really fun. These challenges become "3D puzzles" in a way, as you must use your noggin to break down enemy patterns and AI reactions, with the added tension of knowing that it only takes one slip-up to result in failure - and these enemies really do make you feel the fear.

Visually speaking, this game is remarkable, even by next gen standards. The improved graphics of the Remastered edition are immediately apparent to those who of us who played The Last of Us on PS3. Resolutions are incredibly detailed, but even more effective is the silky smooth frame rate. The attention to detail is simply staggering, and it all comes together to further enhance the emotional impact of this unforgettable experience. Gameplay is always more important than graphics in my book, but it certainly helps convey the emotions of the characters when everything looks this darned good.

The Last of Us is like nothing else. It is, quite frankly, an exhausting experience, one that left my mind reeling with the consequences of my fascinating journey, and the unbreakable bonds I had formed with Ellie and Joel - two fictitious characters who seem unshakably real. I just can’t forget about them, and I can’t forget about what we’ve been through together. It’s not just their story, it’s OUR story. We are family, struggling to survive in a dangerous world. We are the last of us.

Get CM Storm Devastator - LED Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo Bundle (Blue Edition)

Get CM Storm Devastator - LED Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo Bundle (Blue Edition)




AMAZING ill break it down

Keyboard: 9/10

the keys are really nice to type on and the backlit is a undergolow back lit instead of on the key backlit. it give a really rich blue glow. and the price is just amazing on how good these keyboard are. it has some quick access keys for play, pause. skip.and volume. the down side of this keyboard is that it use plastic even tho its a nice plastic it kinda cheap feeling, and they somehow design the back lit to be open/close by the scro lock key which i didnt like but nothing that bad. i hv a G15 AND G19S these CMs are really good compare to those 100-200 keyboards. and for the price its selling at man loving it. overall i would tell anybody that need a new keyboard to get these kit cause they are amazing

Mouse9/10 the mouse is really amazing, the 6 grill in the front looked badass and the mouse has a really nice click to it.. it feels like those 100 dollar mouse and scrolling wheel is nice and soild the whole mouse feel soild and not cheap. its fast enough for most gamer out there. i hv compare this mouse to my G9X . the storm feels great on my hand and has a quick click to it. one of the downside of this mouse the right click is too senstive im use to resting my middle finger on my right click on the G9X but this mouse if u rest it a bit too much it click the mouse that i didnt like but u can always control ur fingers. it has on the fly DPI change which is good, it has a back and forward button. overall its nice great combo love it

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Get Titanfall [Instant Access]

Get Titanfall [Instant Access]




Apparently 2 days before they had a big sale the game was updated with something that broke the game for many people. Just search google for "titanfall crash to desktop"

Was able to play the beta, now i can't play any of it.

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Buy Polk Audio N1 39-Inch Bluetooth Soundbar

Buy Polk Audio N1 39-Inch Bluetooth Soundbar




I bought this to complete my modest home theater set-up. I have a 46" Samsung LED and Xbox One in a fairly small living room. I didn't want to mess with true surround sound, but wanted to step up from the built in speakers in the Sammy.


Initial impressions were good. Set up was simple, it comes with all needed cords. I chose to connect the soundbar the TV optical output rather than directly to the Xbox. It's possible that connecting straight to the Xbox would result in a higher quality audio stream. But, I still have a PS3 hooked up that I also use the soundbar with.

It's a good looking piece of kit and sounds crisp and loud. Set in front of the TV, the soundbar was just slightly taller than the bottom on the TV bezel. I fixed this issue by placing $10 worth of Ikea shelving under the TV stand. It was very easy to program my TV remote (and by extension Xbox Kinect) to control the power, but for some reason the Kinect will not adjust the soundbar volume, even though it works with the built in TV volume.


Soundwise, it's nice, especially if you are sitting directly in front of the speakers and can turn the volume up. It's not exactly as sensational as actual surround sound but it does give the impression of a wider, deeper field of sound than the TV speakers.

At lower volumes, the different sound profiles aren't especially useful - all but music make it difficult to hear dialogue.

It's also easy to use stream music to it directly via Bluetooth or from a Windows PC to the Xbox One and it makes a fine stereo.


Not for hardcore audiophiles, but it's an attractive option for Xbox One owners looks for an enhanced audio experience while gaming and watching your stories.

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Get Razer Orbweaver Mechanical PC Gaming Keypad

Get Razer Orbweaver Mechanical PC Gaming Keypad

Product Description

view larger

1 Hand ∞ Commands

The Razer Orbweaver is the world’s first mechanical gaming keypad that binds every command and skill from any FPS, RTS, and MMORPG to 20 mechanical keys at your fingertips. With that many keys within quick reach, and requiring only 50g of force to actuate, you’ll be able to react to any challenge at an unrivaled speed. The distinctive tactile feedback from the mechanical keys also provides a whole new feel to your gaming experience. The Razer Orbweaver features adjustable hand size, thumb, and palm-rest modules to provide the most ergonomic form factor for maximum comfort.

Win every game you play

Building on the huge success of its predecessor, the Razer Nostromo, The Razer Orbweaver is the ultimate gauntlet of game control – from its 20 fully programmable mechanical keys right down to its ergonomically attuned adjustable hand, thumb, and palm-rest module.

Mechanical key infrastructure

The Razer Orbweaver’s mechanical key technology provides a distinctive tactile feedback in the form of a light pronounced tap and click to your fingertips, giving you an entirely new feel as you game. Each key has an optimized actuation force of 50g and a reduced actuation distance of 2mm, letting you unleash commands and attacks at a blisteringly fast rate. Watch as your actions-per-minute soar to devastating heights, leaving adversaries eating your dust.

Individually backlit keys

Whether you’re gaming under low-light, or no light, individually backlit keys ensure you never misclick – after all, it could very well be the difference between victory and death.

Insert Alt Text here

30 fully programmable keys including an 8-way thumb-pad

Arm yourself with 20 fully programmable mechanical keys for more skills, hotkeys, and macros right at your fingertips. The programmable 8-way directional thumb-pad can also be used either for movement or as modifier keys to expand your repertoire of game-destroying abilities even further.

In-game configurator

The Razer Orbweaver comes with the most intuitive in-game configurator you’ll ever need. Customize each and every button on the Razer Orbweaver to your personal skillset, macros and hotkeys right from in the game via a non-intrusive overlay.

Adjustable hand, thumb, and palm-rest modules

The Razer Orbweaver was designed with adjustable, hand, thumb and palm-rest modules to let you customize the most comfortable experience with the keypad during marathon gaming sessions. Slide either part back or forth so that it sits under your thumb or cradles your palm perfectly, reducing hand fatigue, and optimizing ergonomic access to your controls.

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Razer Synapse enabled

Razer Synapses is the cutting-edge proprietary software that functions as the brain of the Razer Orbweaver. Save your custom profiles and sync them from anywhere in the world through our cloud system. Automatically download driver updates easily through this unified configurator software.




If you game enough, or otherwise need some ergo comfort for your left hand, this Razer Orbweaver is pretty impressive.

After 4 years of using a Belkin n52te I grew dependent on a game pad.

I find I can game longer and stay more comfortable.

When combined with a 17 button mouse like the Razer Naga, I also find it useful for other mouse-intensive software besides gaming (Gimp, and Blender as examples).

So, with a few gift cards I decided to spoil myself and upgrade my well worn n52te to one of these Orbweavers. Were it not for a backup of gift cards, I probably would not have splurged $110 on this, but I'm glad I did!

Mechanical Switches:

Love the Cherry MX Blue mechanical switches! Currently it's the only mass produced game-pad I know of with all mechanical switches and buttons. I'm not sure if the thumb keys and dpad are by Cherry, but they are definitely mechanical in nature and they do provide a nice tactile click feel and sound. (note: Since I got mine, these are also available in a stealth edition that uses MX Brown switches.)

These things are indeed clicky switches...all of them. You know it when you've punched a key. For some types of games this might be a bit annoying, and for others it's a really good thing. If you play things that you want a definite confirmation that you've clicked, and how many times...this'll be a big help! If you play games where you mostly 'hold keys down' in various combos, it'll take some getting used to, but isn't necessarily 'bad' in my opinion. For the type games I enjoy most (MMORPG PVE), and quite a few console-to-PC ports) the Blue switches are a great match!

The Keypad layout:

20 programmable MX Blues! The keys are nicely angled, each with a nice flat surface suitable for big fat fingers or tiny petite ones. The left most vertical line of keys is lowered for a more comfortable fit to the shorter pinky finger. To me it's a great feeling key layout.

The dPad:

I find it comfortable and easy to use. With the old n52te, I rarely used the just felt awkward and stiff to me, but the Orbweaver set-up is quite nice...a joy to use. Again, you get a nice tactile feel and click. It has an easy touch and more balanced feel to it...pivoting on an axis more like a tiny joy stick. The dPad can be set up in 4 way or 8 way configurations, and each position is fully programmable (axis, awsd, null (empty), key bindings, map-changes, etc).

The thumbkeys:

You get two of them.

One is a nice long clicky button above the dPad, the other is a nice large plate located below the dPad.

Both thumb keys are positioned close to the dPad, and for me it's easy to find my way back and fro from the dPad to the thumb keys. Both of the thumb keys are over-sized and shaped in a way as to accommodate much variety in preferred hand positioning.

Textured Surfaces:

The device itself is very well built. Razer has done a great deal of homework in choosing finishes and textures for the Orbweaver. From the soft rubber pads for the palm, to the texturing of the keys and buttons, using one of these is definitely a step up! The materials were obviously well researched and textured for a truly top-of-the-line look and feel. The best way I can think of to try to explain the improvements in these details would be to imagine you'd traded up from a car with cheap vinyl and plastic upholstery into a top of the line sports/luxury hybrid model with leather and space age polymers. This thing has such a different over all feel to its finishes and textures that I wouldn't be surprised if it hasn't been awarded a number of first time patents. It really is that different.

Smudge Free:

Again...the surfaces on this thing have set a new standard. Unlike any other game-pad or keyboard I've ever owned, this one doesn't look like someone sneezed all over it after it's been handled for several hours. It's the perfect color and texture to keep it looking sleek and clean.

Unlike many of the gaming devices out there in this class, this one could sit on an executive's desk and pass as an ergonomic crutch. It has a sleek futuristic look, but with lighting turned off it doesn't scream 'kid's toy'. In fact, mouse intensive productivity software (3D and Image Processing) is where this pad really shines the most for me!

It's Adjustable for comfort:

For my hand this thing fits really well. I have long slim pianist fingers, so this thing works for me at almost any setting, but I can see plenty of room to tweak it out for large or small hands. Where the old Nostromo line only allowed you a couple of settings for hand length, the Orbweaver provides additional settings for hand width and curvature (the thumb keys can slide outward, while the palm rest can pivot freely or be locked into a favorite position).

If you found the n52te a bit too big even at its smallest settings, this thing will downsize even more, and should give even tiny hands easy reach to the bottom 15 buttons. The thumb rest can definitely be pulled in to a more comfortable fit than the old n52te. Keep in mind the Orbweaver does add an extra row of buttons up top, so if you have really small hands you might have to lift or slide the palm to reach the top most 5 buttons. Even for those with really tiny hands, this should offer faster/easier access to a large number of left hand keys, and allow your hand to rest in its cradle for the vast majority of rapid-key clicking needs.

There's a nice out-dent in the 13 key to let you know where your home keys are by feel.

The Software:

Synapse 2.0 makes it easy to set up your preferred layouts and macros. There's 8 swappable keymaps per profile, and unlimited profiles are at your fingertips. You get at least 7 different ways to swap profiles and maps (including using a different Synapse device for the shift if you have one, as Synapse 2.0 even allows you to bind buttons across other Razer devices like the Naga or Black Widow). Of course you can tweak Synapse to auto-load your profiles when applications are brought to the foreground in your OS. Cloud storage is also a nice extra feature for easy collaboration, and using the device on multiple systems. Power macros are easy to build...from launching your own scripts and programs to building long or short time intensive lists or commands, the UI is clean, functional, and easy to understand.


It's green...looks nice. There are 6 levels of adjustment from off, several levels of brightness, and pulsing. As far as I can tell Synapse is needed to change the lighting options.


It's a little expensive at this time, but if you spend much time at a computer, most of the time your right hand is on a mouse, and you could use some extra comfort for you left hand it's money well spent. While it may seem a bit expensive for half a keyboard, that's just how things are when it comes to niche devices using a Cherry MX architecture. Case in point...a simple stand alone ten-key pad using Cherry keys is also pretty pricey! If you tried to gather the parts and tools to build something like this'd easily cost WAY more than Razer's MSRP for the Orbweaver.

Get Corsair Raptor M45-5000 DPI Optical Sensor Gaming Mouse (Raptor M45)

Get Corsair Raptor M45-5000 DPI Optical Sensor Gaming Mouse (Raptor M45)




I've owned 3 different gaming mice over the past two years and this one is easily my favorite. I've owned the Mamba 2012 edition from razer, the Sensei mlg edition from steel series, and recently the Zeus from gamdias and this mouse feels higher quality than all of those despite being only half the price. I was looking for a new mouse to pair with my Corsair k70 because the sensei was a bit small for me. I bought the Zeus from gamdias and the strange shape on the right side of the mouse made it uncomfortable for me so I returned it. I picked up the m40 after seeing it at fry's because it fit perfectly in my palm and I wanted red lighting to match my k70.


The sandpaper-like grip on the sides took me two days to get used to, they don't really feel that rough now and as someone who's hands sweat alot while playing games this definitely helps with accuracy.

The high mass scroll wheel feels much better to scroll on than my other mice.

The soft rubbery texture feels much better than the plastic Sensei and Zeus.

Adjustable weights like the zeus, although it feels perfect for me with all of them in.

The placement of the pads on the bottom makes for a much smoother glide than the other mice I have used. Within the first few minutes of using it I knew I found the mouse i've been looking for since I bought the razer back in early 2012.


4000 dpi sensor, as someone who has never needed to go above 3300 dpi I don't see this being that big of an issue.

The two buttons on the sides although customize-able are harder to use for gaming situations than all of the other mice that I have used. You can reach the back button with ease, but trying to reach the front button is a bit difficult, and I have large-ish hands.

The dpi's are set at 800,1600,3200,4000. I've been using 2700/3300 so this was a bit disappointing for me.


This mouse gives off a high quality look/feel for an affordable price. The picture on amazon and even the box itself does not do the mouse justice it looks beautiful next to my k70. I'd recommend this mouse to anyone looking for a high quality gaming mouse.

Get Corsair Vengeance MM200 Standard Edition Gaming Mouse Mat (CH-9000013-WW)

Get Corsair Vengeance MM200 Standard Edition Gaming Mouse Mat (CH-9000013-WW)




Love it, need to get one for work. This is larger than I expected and has a nice, tactile nylon cover. I've used it for 4 months now and the edges are still in good shape and the rubber still gives enough traction to stick to my formica desk.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Get The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim [Online Game Code]

Get The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim [Online Game Code]




So I'm wandering down a valley feeling pretty good about myself. I've just single-handedly wiped out a horde of monsters in a dungeon and walked off with a shiny pile of loot when I see an ugly giant sauntering along up ahead. Like any brave and noble adventurer I decide to behead him and loot his corpse. Big mistake! This guy is way more than I can handle. I've used most of my potions in the dungeon and this guy hits hard. My health is almost gone and my thoughts start to drift towards my last save when out of nowhere a dragon swoops in and scoops him up! My savior! I make a mad dash out of there and start healing with the shred of magicka I have left, hoping to make good my escape. Not so lucky I'm afraid, the dragon finishes off the giant and drops me like a sack of potatoes. Oh well, next time I'll know better, or will I?

This is the kind of random activity you'll see all over the world of Skyrim. Exciting, unscripted events unfold everywhere you turn. You can run to the same spot from the same save and it will be different every time. The world is vast and it is very much alive.

This is an Elder Scrolls game through and through. All our favorite activities are back, from brewing potions to smithing armor. Some of the familiar aspects have been streamlined however. Gone are attributes (STR, AGL etc.) and to be honest I didn't miss them. Agonizing over character creation is a thing of the past, you pick your race (each has their own bonus) and off you go. You develop your character by playing the way you want, not by conforming to a specific class. Want to be a sneaky thief who happens to wield a two-handed battle axe? Do it! Want to be a heavy armor wearing, club wielding brute who can also chuck fireballs with the finest mages in the land? Yup, that's doable too! You get good at what you like doing the most and you'll never have to worry much about an incorrect spec. It all works! The new two-hand system is great as well. You can cast spells with one hand while swinging a weapon with the other! Or you can combine spells with both hands, the level of customization in terms of gameplay is staggering.

One of the biggest departures of past titles is the overall feel of the game. Where Morrowind and Oblivion, while being serious, had a somewhat whimsical feel to them, Skyrim is dark and gritty. Random dragon attacks, poverty and the strife of civil war grip the land with an iron fist and misery and paranoia infest it's citizens. Skyrim is not a happy place. After you witness the opening scene you will realize: this is a game for grown ups.

The graphics are great, not cutting edge (can you console companies please upgrade so developers can make games geared towards equipment that's younger than six years old please?!) but the world, animations and spell effects all look really good. I can max the game out on my mid-range system so you won't need a supercomputer to enjoy it to it's fullest. The audio on the other hand is absolutely stunning.

My complaints are minor but I do have a few. The menus suffer from a bad case of consolitis, they are obviously designed to be used with a controller. Mouse and keyboard users will find they have to scroll through long lists of spells and items unnecessarily, it's really quite cumbersome. Not a big deal really, just a minor annoyance when you know how much easier it could be. There's a bug here and there, collision detection issues and things like that but you kinda have to expect those things in a game as massive as this. I've yet to encounter anything game breaking though. The game requires Steam activation which I don't care for at all. I'm not down on those who do, I understand it's appeal, it's just not for me (yet I'm required to use it! -1 star).

This game will suck you in and keep you there! If you have some vacation or sick time you'll start to entertain the idea of cashing them in for more playing time. Your family will miss you and your caffeine tolerance will get a big boost after a few days in the world of Skyrim. You don't just play in that world, you live in it.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Get The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Game of the Year [Online Game Code]

Get The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Game of the Year [Online Game Code]




This game will redefine the computer role-playing game genre forever. If you have any interest in CRPGs then this is the game for you. I picked up the original two years ago and still play it to this day. The replay value is astounding. What Morrowind has that no other CRPG comes close to is open-endedness. You literally can wander anywhere your heart desires on the island (which is massive to say the least). The graphics are fantastic, the experience system is very realistic - you learn by doing - the more you do something (successfully), the better you get. The world created is so atmospherically saturating and immersive that you literally feel like you are walking through a swamp (or wherever). Almost every single shortcoming of this game has been overcome through the massive modding community that supports Morrowind. Thus the potential universe for you to explore is quite literally limitless. The original game promises over 200+ hours of gameplay to cover each and every possible quest (I honestly think this is conservative given that you cannot possibly do a all the quests with any particular PC). Each expansion adds at least 100+ hours of gameplay each. Then there is the mod community. Morrowind ships with a construction set that allows even the most novice of us to learn to create whatever worlds one desires. Some more clever people in the modding community have gone well beyond the initial scope of the construction set to enhance various aspects of the gameplay experience. Quite frankly, as you are playing the game, if their is something you think that should be improved, it has probably already been thought of and their probably is a mod out there that can do it. If not, pull up the construction set and go onto the chat bullentin boards to get some help. The mod community for Morrowind is second to none and supports people at all levels.

That being said, what kind of game is Morrowind? As I said before, it is extremely immersive, extremely detailed, extremely open-ended. What are the weak points?

Although it is possible to gun through the primary quests in much less time than the entire game encompasses, but why? If you want a game that can give you a fast fix (say 30 minutes of action) then this is NOT the game for you. The biggest hurdle most people face is getting familiar with the game. When I first played the game, I initially became quickly frustrated at the lethargic pace of progress my character was making. For people who like fast action-oriented games, they will likely abandon this game after 30 minutes because the pace is too slow and their character is too weak to even handle a rat. It will likely take hours of gameplay before your character has enough fortitude to wander through the wilderness at night and not get killed by even the most benign of critters. However, once you get past this initial hurdle, you will most likely be hooked for life.

The other limitation of the game is combat. Despite whatever weapon used, there are really only three different moves a character can make: chop, slash, and thrust. For fighter oriented characters, this gets quite boring after a couple of hundreds of hours. However, this also offers up a new opportunity. If you max out your fighting skills (say 100% with long swords) then why not take up a little bit of magic with the same character? Unlike other games, you are not restricted in any way in which skills you can pursue. Another limitation this game has is the repetitiveness of dialogue, voice acting and character graphics (I must remind you that what becomes boringly repetitive for Morrowind is not on the same scale of most other games as you will likely play the game several orders of magnitude longer, as a result even the most creative aspects of the game will seem a bit boring after, say 500+ hours of gameplay). However, as I mentioned before, there are mods out there that add a great deal of diversity to all of these constantly keeping the game fresh.

The other significant limitation to the game is a lack of multiplayer. The game was never designed with multiplayer in mind. Although some people have tried modding it to be multiplayer, none have been successfull. What makes Morrowind great: a completely immersive single-player experience, is what keeps it from becoming multiplayer.

All in all, a fantastic, unparalleled, single-player CRPG. A game that will redefine the genre. For people who are willing to become immersed in a limitless, unique world for hundreds of hours at a time. Not a game for people looking for quick, fast action. This game truly takes time and dedication to enjoy. It is addictive at some level, but you can also leave it for months, come back to it and enjoy it anew. Any when you finally think you have seen everything there is to see or would like to change something to your liking, just hop onto the bulletin boards and start downloading some mods. Quite limitless gameplay and probably the most entertainment bang for your buck in gaming. Morrowind will likely have replay value for years to come, since the mod community is still growing strong.

On a side note: picking up the strategy guide is a must for most fans of this game. If for nothing else than the maps that show exactly where certain quest tidbits can be found. It is far too easy to spend hours looking for the precise location of something in several acres of terrain. After spending 6 gameplay hours looking for a specific person in the vast city of Vivec, I gave up and bought the strategy guide and found them in 10 minutes. Plus the fact that there is SO much detail in the game that you can quite easily miss 90% of it just by rushing through certain areas. I have revisited some areas 10 times and found something completely new (to me) each time.

Get The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Game of the Year Deluxe [Online Game Code]

Get The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Game of the Year Deluxe [Online Game Code]




TES is one of my faves! This is an older game but if you check on Nexus you can mod the hell out of it [search for enb and oblivion character overhaul for starters].It is the Fourth in the TES Series and has a great little story line. Good way to pass time waiting for ESO to launch! You can use the key on Steam and download it there, saves a lot of hassle.

Get SteelSeries QcK Gaming Mouse Pad (Black)

Get SteelSeries QcK Gaming Mouse Pad (Black)




For the person(s) complaining about not getting this mouse pad to unroll flat, be smarter than the mouse pad, roll it up the opposite way it was rolled and stick it back in the box for a while, pull it out and it will lay flat, that easy, thank me later