Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Get Battlefield Hardline [Online Game Code]

Get Battlefield Hardline [Online Game Code]




Gotta be the worst battlefield ever, I pre ordered it on Origin. I got the Ultimate Edition for $119.98, because I have always been a fan of the battlefield franchise. The battlefield we all love are from DICE, since EA decided to put what so ever developers we never heard of into the game development, now we get this weird mix. Is it like CS or is it Battlefield? They seemed to take the bad graphic of CS and the lagging issue of Battlefield together and see what happens. "Oh its gonna be big." they said, "Its the fastest Battlefield game yet." they said.

If we want to play a fast pace FPS, we have COD. They do well at what they do, why does Battlefield have to copy the style of Call of Duty fast pace experience? Also if you have played the game you will notice that everything is so stiff, from player movement to aiming. Battlefield are known for their first person military shooter experience, but this time all those things that built their success are stripped from the game. Many people like to play conquest mode with Jets, tanks and helicopters, but almost none of those experience exist in Hardline anymore. So for people who like to play vehicles, ooops. There are so few weapon selections in the game, also if you decide to work on a single gun, you better wish its for both cop and robber. Because most guns are only available when you are on certain side of the team. Also, hackers. What ruins every good FPS game, any experienced FPS player would agree skill cannot be faster and better than computer script in most situations. If you play the PC version of the game right now, you are in for a treat of modern technology. Aimbot, ESP for starters, if you want something more ridiculous you will get it. Or maybe its just me because 50/0 K/D ratio seem legit. "Oh I just play a lot." he said, since the game just officially came out today I don't see a problem in this at all. Maybe he practiced during Beta. Anyways, buy the game if you got the extra cash. But don't get your hopes up, its one of the worst Battlefield yet.