Monday, March 9, 2015

Best Skylanders Trap Team: Kaos Trap Pack

Best Skylanders Trap Team: Kaos Trap Pack




Open letter to Activision: I get it. You have become masters at creating a retail relationship with my kids. And I've played along up until now, your game was creative and fun and my kids used the characters for imaginative play on and off the screen. Well done! But I was uncomfortable at the way you applied your creativity to the task of taking our money....a little here, a little there. The Swap Force was brilliantly capitalistic! Then came the Traps, and we kept playing along, watching the way our kids wanted each new thing you produced. It seemed like there were some fun things in there, like the expansion of the minis. But then some over-reaches - like the many variations on the traps themselves. The game is fun enough, the kids played through it quickly...and reached a roadblock. The Kaos Trap. They wanted it, my son in particular was quick to recognize that it was going to be a big deal as far as game play, he started asking about it regularly. So I started looking. And looking. As anyone can tell you, it is generally hard to find. Unless a person wants to pay $75 or more for it on ebay, or make looking for one a part-time job. I have watched a couple of new "release dates" come and go with no improvement to the availability of the Kaos Trap, it seems that you folks at Activision have created a must-have item by restricting availability, leaving it to a rather canabalistic secondary market to provide an expensive answer. After weeks of frustration, I have reached a point of's time to cut the cord, Activision. We are done with Skylanders, we are done running on the hamster wheel of consumption that you put us on, we are done with it all. There are some great, creative, consumer-responsive games and game companies out there, more than ready to replace you. You pushed your demand model too far, and we are opting out.