Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Get Titanfall [Online Game Code]

Get Titanfall [Online Game Code]




I'll start by saying this is a very very polished game. It looks good, the gameplay is smooth and the balance is superb. For me anyway, the launch has been completely smooth with no server issues or game-breaking bugs.

Weapons: Nothing Earth-shattering here. You have your standard shooter arsenal. Pistols, Shotguns, Machine Guns, Rocket Launchers, etc. Some weapons have cool twists, like the smart pistol. Many people will hear about the smart pistol and immediately roll their eyes. It sounds ridiculously overpowered, a gun that locks on and then doesn't miss. Why would you use anything else?! Well, the developers were careful to keep it balanced. The smart pistol has a short range and takes a while to lock on. So a standard point-and-shoot will be superior in many situations.

Movement: It is very freeing to double-jump around, run along walls, etc. This is a welcome change from other shooters where there are pre-defined ramps and corridors. It wouldn't be easy to camp in this game, because the enemy can come from anywhere. It honestly takes a bit of getting used to. The maps still have the ramps and streets you're accustomed to, so you just slip into the habit of walking around on the ground, which is a decidedly bad idea in this game.

Titans: This is the part that is really different. Mixing mech-based combat with a first person shooter, AND preserving balance. There are three types of titans, basically a fast light one, a heavy tank, and an in-between. As you level up, you can customize abilities to suit your style. You have to be careful, as once your shield is gone, any damage you take is permanent (unlike when you're on foot). I was concerned that they may be something like tanks in battlefield, where the map deploys a certain number of titans and whoever gets there first wins. That's not the case, everybody can summon their titan after a few minute cooldown. They are certainly most effective in packs, and I found myself staying on foot most of the time.

The individual components of this game aren't particularly original. Perfect Dark had a locking pistol back in the day, there have been countless mech games (was always partial to starsiege, but that may reveal my age), parkour was in Mirror's Edge and double jumping has been a scout thing in team fortress 2 for years. However, combining all these things was just executed so well. When on foot, I have no hesitation trying to take out titans by jumping on them (though some abilities will make me more hesitant as people level up). When there's a bunch of enemy titans, I summon mine to bring out the big guns.

Worth noting, however, is the lack of a proper campaign. I know that most people don't care anymore, but I still enjoy a single-player story. Even an atrocious one, like battlefield and CoD are known for, would be welcome. As it is, the game has a multiplayer campaign. So it goes through a story, where the allies and enemies are played by real people. The problem with this, is it makes the story incredibly hard to follow. Single-player campaigns rely on stopping the action at key moments to tell a story. If it's multiplayer, you can't stop the action. There is plot dialog going on while you're fighting, but it's hard to follow because you're distracted. This annoyed me a little, but honestly the game is so strong that I'll forgive the lack of real campaign.

**Update 3/17**

Still loving the game, though I thought it worth mentioning burn cards. They are kind of tedious. Basically, you get cards, which serve as temporary buffs when you use them. They are good for exactly one life, and you can only have 26 in your deck. This means that unless you stay on top of them, your deck will fill and prevent you from getting new ones. I would prefer it if they were implemented more like Mass Effect 3 multiplayer. In that game, you pick a buff for the whole round and you can hold more of them.

Sometimes, someone sneaks up on you and kills you. It happens, but if you just used a burn card, oh well. Your gun may be more powerful, but you never saw that guy and thus never fired. So it would be nice to have a buff for an entire round, which really isn't very long, but at least it guarantees you get a chance to use it.

Get Battlefield 4 Premium Service [Online Game Code]

Get Battlefield 4 Premium Service [Online Game Code]




Let me start off by saying that I literally never place a public review out there on anything other than Club Nintendo. That said, I really have seen way too many people portraying the game in an extremely negative light.

First thing's first: This is for the Premium service. Buying this does NOT INCLUDE THE GAME. With that said, you can ignore any reviews on this product that involve the game itself. It has nothing to do with it.

Second of all: THIS IS NOT THE GAME!! I can't stress enough how many people give this product a poor review because they are unhappy with the GAME. If you want to review that, go to the game page and stay off this one.

Third (and serious): The Premium service offers a large amount of content for the life span of the game. You receive monthly Battlepacks for the next year (which is why it says you receive 12), every expansion pack that comes out for the game (normally priced would be 14.99 each which makes this a great value at about 35% off), plus Double XP events, new customizations, new knives, and more. If you intend on playing the game throughout its life cycle, this purchase is a no brainer. Please do not be mistaken by the false and incorrect reviews.

My overall theme here is to make sure that you READ THE PRODUCT YOU ARE REVIEWING before posting your opinion. These reviews are basically the judge and jury as to whether a product sees a profit or plummets into oblivion. Tread carefully consumers and makes sure you pay attention to what the reviewers are saying to ensure they even know what they are talking about! I love Battlefield, even with its flaws, and the Premium service will keep me playing for the years to come!

Get Command and Conquer The Ultimate Collection [Online Game Code]

Get Command and Conquer The Ultimate Collection [Online Game Code]




First of all, let's just get the value out of the way. 17 games for standard retail price is fantastic. Sure some of the earliest games are available for free online anyway but honestly, those aren't the best reason for buying this package anyway.

In today's world, Real-Time Strategy games are certainly less prominent than they were 10 years ago but the one's we have are phenomenal. In comparison, some of the older Command and Conquer titles feel dated. The single mouse button system, the poor graphics which make it difficult to tell what units you're moving and the lack of any type of tutorial or unit descriptions. All of these are artifacts of a previous age of gaming. Still, since the original Command and Conquer is one of the earliest RTS games, it can be a fantastic reminder at how far the genre has come.

Even though the gameplay for these early games can feel ancient, the storylines are still phenomenal. The Tiberium Wars with their science fiction take on the future of our world, the Red Alert games with a more light-hearted campy look at how our world could have looked and the Generals series with a more modern warfare take on the series. For some, the storylines will make the older games worth playing through even without the nostalgia factor for long-time fans of the series.

The real reason to buy this game is for the newer titles in the Command and Conquer series. Red Alert 3, Generals and Command and Conquer 3 are the stand-out titles in this collection and make the whole thing worth buying. For anyone looking for great RTS games, these three plus their expansions are each easily worth the price of admission.

There are a few downsides to this collection though. The first and most upsetting problem is that none of these games are available on disk. In fact, this is really just a code making the games available through Origin, EA's download service. As far as I can tell, you don't have to remain online once the games are downloaded but I haven't spent much time offline gaming. This could be a serious problem though for those who may not have reliable internet access or aren't fans of Origin. The second problem is that some of the older games took some serious troubleshooting before they would work on my 64-bit Windows 7 OS. Every game from Red Alert 2 on worked without any problems and Tiberium Dawn worked fine but the others took some work and EA's tech support required several emails before they could solve the problem. Still, I did manage to get every game on the collection to work eventually. Last, Command and Conquer 4 is certainly a low point of the series and it can act as a painful reminder as to why they haven't made a C&C game for quite some time since then.

This generation has had some great value packs and this is no exception. If you are a fan of Command and Conquer or RTS games in general, this collection has some great selections. It does have its drawbacks but if you can look past those and are willing to put a little work into making a few of the older games work, it's a wonderful series and this complete collection of all 17 games can provide a lot of fun. As an added bonus, buying this collection will give you early access to the beta of the new Free-to-Play Command and Conquer when it is released.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Get Company of Heroes 2: Ardennes Assault [Online Game Code]

Get Company of Heroes 2: Ardennes Assault [Online Game Code]




Totally cool new addition of COH2. This addition really contains a lot of single player play and is very challenging and would like to see more.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Buy Toon Link amiibo

Buy Toon Link amiibo




I purchased this as a form of home security. After a series of break ins in my neighborhood, I was forced to look into various forms of protection for my home, and I believe this one is the best. I placed Captain Falcon behind my front door, ever watchful, and ever vigilant. Last Friday, I came home to a five dead thieves in my front yard. The coroner stated that it was if they had all been beaten to death with a large, fiery, blunt object.

Note: I leveled him up on Smash Brothers first. A level 1 Captain Falcon may not actually detect danger.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Get SEGA 48-Game Mega Arcade Pack [Download]

Get SEGA 48-Game Mega Arcade Pack [Download]




This bundle (if purchased while on sale) is a great value for some old school fun. The only downside I found with this bundle is that it consists of 12 separate downloads but luckily the largest is only 29MB. Also, none of the games come with a product code/key so they can not be redeemed via Steam.

UPDATE: The 12 downloads all install to the same folder and the individual games are accessible through a single main "SEGA Genesis Classics" menu. Unfortunately the games are not in alphabetical order but rather by the list you see under "Product Description" above. You only get to see one title at a time. This is a little cumbersome, but not terrible. I also found out that at some point I had purchased "SEGA Genesis Classics Series 1" through Steam and now the rest of this pack is playable through Steam since it's all added to the original install folder. Nice.

Get Sega Genesis Classic Game Pack [Download]

Get Sega Genesis Classic Game Pack [Download]




UPDATE 5/17/13: These games plus a few more are on sale for $8.99 through 5/31 in the Sega Awesome Pack [Download]

UPDATE 3/21/13: Pack was on sale for $7.49

Nice Pack for Windows XP/VISTA/7 for retro gamers.

SEGA Genesis Classics Series 1 [Download] $7.50

SEGA Genesis Classics Series 2 [Download] $7.50

SEGA Genesis Classics Series 3 [Download] $7.50

SEGA Genesis Classics Series 4 [Download] $7.50

SEGA Genesis Classics Series 5 [Download] $7.50


The nice thing about how this works through Amazon is that you can choose what Series you want to keep and activate it via Steam. If there's some that you already own on Steam(or Amazon) or you don't especially want a Series you can give the key code(s) to a friend. Once you enter it on Steam it is tied to your account though, so if you want to give it as a gift, just copy the key code from the screen and send it in an e-mail to whoever you want to gift it to. You don't have to rush to activate them, the keys are stored in you Account-->Games & Software Library and won't expire. You can choose to activate them on Steam right away or wait and do it later when you're ready to start playing the games.

Note: To download using Steam you have to first create a Steam account(which is free) and then install their Downloader. The games can also be downloaded through Amazon(using their downloader) and then activated on Steam. (Amazon downloads always take longer for me though) Once activated, Steam will automatically apply games patches/updates(when and if needed).

Here's a summarized list of all the games you get.

Sega Genesis Classic Pack 1: (Partial Controller Support)

Altered Beast

Comix Zone

Crack Down

Ecco the Dolphin

Gain Ground

Golden Axe

Shadow Dancer

Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master


Sega Genesis Classic Pack 2: (Partial Controller Support)

Alex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle

Bonanza Bros.


Ecco Jr.

Eternal Champions

Fatal Labyrinth

Galaxy Force II

Kid Chameleon


Super Thunder Blade

Sega Genesis Classic Pack 3: (Partial Controller Support)

Alien Storm

Bio-Hazard Battle

Columns III

Decap Attack

Ecco: The Tides of Time

ESWAT: City Under Siege


Golden Axe II

Sword of Vermilion

Virtua Fighter 2

Sega Genesis Classic Pack 4: (Partial Controller Support)

Alien Soldier

Gunstar Heroes

Landstalker: The Treasures of King Nole

Light Crusader

Shining Force

Shining Force II

Shining in the Darkness,

Streets of Rage

Streets of Rage 2

Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair

Sega Genesis Classic Pack 5: (Partial Controller Support)

Beyond Oasis

Dynamite Headdy

Golden Axe III

Phantasy Star II

Phantasy Star III: Generations of Doom

Phantasy Star IV: The End of the Millennium

Revenge of the Shinobi

Streets of Rage 3

Vectorman 2

Wonder Boy in Monster World

And yes, it's also missing the Sonic games.

UPDATE 5/17/13: 12 Sonic game combo pack is on sale Sonic Action Pack [Download] for $9.99 (STEAM keys):

(Sale is through 5/31 I believe)

Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing

Sonic 3 & Knuckles

Sonic 3D Blast

Sonic Adventure DX

Sonic CD

Sonic Generations Casino Night DLC

Sonic Generations

Sonic Spinball

Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode 2

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1

Sonic the Hedgehog

Comment: This review does not show up as an Amazon verified purchase because I bought the Amazon version last month.

Get SEGA 48-Game Mega Arcade Pack [Online Game Code]

Get SEGA 48-Game Mega Arcade Pack [Online Game Code]




It was very hard not to give five stars, but the main menu interface leaves quite a bit to be desired.

First of all, this is all going to be managed through Steam. When you buy the pack Amazon will give you a steam code. Enter it and it will download the Sega Interface. It will appear as though it's only given you one game: Toejam and Earl. DON'T PANIC - CHECK YOUR E-MAIL.

In your e-mail you'll have received an order summary from Amazon with all the rest of your Steam codes - twelve total. Some are for individual games (like Toejam and Earl, Sonic 3, etc...) while some are for collections. The nice thing is that Steam packages them all together into "SEGA Genesis & Mega Drive Classics", one entry in your Steam Library, so it's not clogged up with 48 different sega games.

Or it would be nice. You'd better keep track, because going to your Sega entry doesn't give a list of the games you already have. And here's where the interface really takes a dive: you only have to launch one program, the Sega Collection, to access your Sega games. So far so good. But you cannot simply get a list of your games to pick from - you have to scroll through all of them. Every time. And they're not in alphabetical order either... some are, but the rest are in "sega pack" order. The program does give you some basic configurability options - you can configure two controllers, adjust the default resolutions... basic stuff but good enough.

I had a lot of fun playing some old-school games though, when I should have been doing research. Well worth but but it really warrants a warning about the interface. If you buy more Steam-managed Sega Games in the future, they will be folded into your package. For instance, this deal comes with Classics Packs 1 through 4. But if you like, you can go on to buy Classics Pack 5 to get Phantasy Star IV, Dynamite Headdy, and some other gems added to your collection.

A lot of fun and an awesome deal, but one star off for the navigation interface.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Buy PlayStation TV DualShock 3 Bundle

Buy PlayStation TV DualShock 3 Bundle




UPDATE: Out of curiosity I connected the Playstation TV to my computer and found it could do something my PS4 could not (PS3 can but not as well) and it's awesome. With the Content Manager, a supplied program to use your computer as a back up drive as disk space for the Vita, I found that I could stream movies from my computer to my TV in MP4 format (Common format for Itunes Movies), not only that but i could also stream my Photo albums and Music. Just make sure the content you want to access is in the folders labeled as such cause this it has no search feature.

PS: Since the release of this little system it has been getting a lot of flack and a lot of it is rightfully so. Do not buy this if you're looking for a way to remote play your PS4 in another room cause the lag will make you crazy, nor buy it to stream Video content like Netflix, or Hulu cause it doesn't as of now have any Video streaming services worth while. Buy it cause its a great way to get you tiny Vita games on the big screen. Hopefully the latter will be updated sooner then later but until then be warned.

Original Review:

The Vita TV also known as the PlayStation TV in the west. Is it worth it? A lot depends on what your expecting to get from it, and if you already have a Vita. Let's break it down.


It's a small little black box, about the same size and weight as a deck of playing cards. Has only the basics and that's it. HDMI output, Ethernet input, Vita Memory Card slot, Vita game card Slot and a USB port to charge controllers.

I have it placed on my TV stand and I barely notice it, and I think that's great. Over the weekend I wanted to show my friend Deception IV: Blood Ties and I could easily pop it into my pocket and take it over to his house to connect to his 55" TV.


So let's first look at the numbers then talk about what that really means to the player. The box projects at 1080i, and 2.0 stereo sound. Personally I think the sound is the biggest loss, but completely understandable, these are Vita or older games being played on this, none of them were made for the home theater surround sound experience.

Many people these days are obsessed that the magic number of 1080p... I wont go into my feeling on this, but say most game including the amazing looking Last of US on PS3 was at 720p. Most games on Xbox 360 and PS3 were and never went above 720p and it was fine. The Vita is a much less powerful device and it does what it needs to fine.

What the Vita TV (PlayStation TV) does is takes the image that's on the Vita, and puts it on your TV. That's it. Nothing Fancy, so if you were ok with the quality of the image of the game on you Vita, then you'll be fine with it on the big screen. The quality that is in the Vita, and the TV version look comparable. I have noticed that older games look more upscaled, games like Persona 4: Golden, while new games like Killzone Mercenaries looks awesome.

Games and Touch Functionality:

So it can play 700 games right now, this includes about 80% of Vita games, all PSP & PlayStation One games that are on the PSN store, and some PS Mobile games like Chaos Rings.

The Vita games that aren't touch oriented exclusively like Persona 4, Killzone, Walking Dead, and so on work fine on the Vita TV, while games like Tearaway, that are all about the Vita specific controls can't be played.

Considering most games that come out on the Vita have alternative controls for the touch functions anyways, that means there are a ton of games to choose from, especially if you're an JRPG fan.

As for Touch Funtionality... so you can use the Dual Shock 3 control, by clicking the L3 or R3 buttons, and it will put these Mickey Mouse looking hands on the screen to poke things. But all the quickness of the touch screen is gone. You can us the Dual Shock 4 Controller, but the touch pad is only a slight improvement from the DS3 option but comes up with the same terrible results.

Honestly this is where the product shows it's rough edges. And must be thought of as what do you want this to play, is it non touchy Vita games, old PSP games or older, cause if so this wont be an issue at all. But a Game like SENRAN KAGURA SHINOVI VERSUS where most of the game has nothing to do with touch screen stuff for it's a brawler, lacks when it comes to touch and will block you from getting a trophy in the changing room cause of it.


You can use both the Dual Shock 3 and Dual Shock 4. I attached both and been switching back and forth as batteries die, and haven't really decided which is better, cause the touch aspect for both as terrible, it really comes down to which do you like better and if your going to be doing things like remote play with it.

I should note that all motion controls for both controllers is lost, and I'm not totally sure why, cuase the Vita itself had motion capabilities.

Remote Play:

As for Remote Play, I have mine connected by Wi-Fi, but I have my Vita TV and PS4 connected to the same TV so I'm not going to use this other then for Testing. The quality is definitely upscaled, but again looks just like it did on the Vita, kind of bad. I will blame my connection, but as with the Vita remote play experience it has a slight input delays and screen tearing, and picutre quality is definitely in the 720p or even 720i area. And still can't Remote play things like the Blu-Ray movies, or Netflix.

Video/Streaming Services and Apps:

So first off at Launch it only has Crunchyroll to speak of or the videos you bought off the PSN. So if you're wanting this to be the PlayStation streaming device for your living room... keep looking. I bet it will get Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime and hopefully HBO Go at some point, but not yet. And again it is in 1080i, which most those services are stream in full HD, so if you have another option I'd recommend using that for your streaming needs instead.

But the cool thing is it still is a Vita, and if you find a Video on the net you want to watch, instead of being like the PS4 and just telling you it can't play them, it will simply download them.

Oh, and it can play your music, which still lacks on the PS4.


It's exactly the same as the Vita, so it's comfortable to use, but being done so by a controller takes a few minutes to get used to but nothing special. But, you can still change each background to whatever image you want, use folders, and themes.

So is it Worth It:

A lot depends on what your buying it for. I bought it cause I rarely play my Vita at home when I have my sexy flat screen to use instead. Also when going hardcore into a game on the Vita, pretty much means my battery will die just when I'm about to get somewhere good, and the Vita TV doesn't have this problem. And finally a lot of the games I play are JRPGs, the monster hunter style games, and visual novel puzzle games like Dangan Ronpa, which all work wonderfully on the Vita TV.

I also think it will be great to bring along on business trips or vacation. It's light, easy to travel, and can get hooked up to any HDMI TV easily. And most importantly doesn't run out of batteries.

If I was looking for a second PS4, or a Video streaming device then I wouldn't have gotten it at launch, and would have waited till the streaming Apps have updated.

Finally, owning a Vita and a Vita TV makes sense, if I only owned this I'd be missing out on some of the aspects of the Vita that really make it a stand out device. And games like Walking Dead would remain to be a frustration experience instead of what it is on the Vita an amazing blend of touch controls and actual controls.

I really wish it didn't use the damn Vita memory cards, instead had some real internal memory, and that the Dual Shock 4 touch pad worked better with it. But a lot of the negative reviews are from people that wanted a Sony Apple TV or a Second PS4, and sadly those reviews are completely correct. It lacks a lot in those areas, and really isn't worth it if thats your only interest in the device, but I bought it to play Vita games on my TV, and works are expects, if not better.

Get Far Cry 4 [Online Game Code]

Get Far Cry 4 [Online Game Code]




I, like many other people, absolutely loved Far Cry 3. It was a breath of fresh air in a sea of boring shooters. I've probably played through that entire game 4 or 5 times (on both PS3 and PC). Naturally, my expectations for FC4 was pretty lofty and for the most part, they've been met.

First things first - it's a gorgeous game, even on medium settings. I was able to capture a few screen shots on "ultra" and if your rig can run it, you're in for a treat. It's simply beautiful. Character models and environments are superb. I'm sure the same holds true for PS4 and XBox1 versions. It's the cream of the crop.

Secondly, this is a VERY familiar game. All the mechanics, as far as I can tell, are exactly the same, as are the skill trees. There are two trees (Tiger and Elephant), but a quick glance through them reveals they're pretty much the same. Other similarities: the guns are identical and you still get a lot of the same side quests. You'll get to liberate bell towers instead of radio towers. Among the new additions: using bait to lure animals and throwing knives (don't require a takedown like in FC3), the gyrocopter and the surprising inclusion of choice in missions. You'll occasionally have to choose between missions (the other mission will cancel out). I'm also glad the hang gliders are still around as that's my favorite, leisurely mode of travel.

As for the story, well, it's just OK. After a brilliant and original set up, including an opening scene that's just wonderful (thanks to Troy Baker's Pagan Min), the story is just kind of so-so, largely because the Ajay, the protagonist, is about as exciting as Jason Brody from FC3. It seems that with Far Cry games, the villains get the best dialogue and are far more interesting characters. Troy Baker is fantastic, as he usually is (he's on quite a run playing the lead characters in The Last of Us, Infamous Second Son, COD: Advanced Warfare, Bioshock Infinite, etc). His Pagan Min is truly unhinged, yet utterly magnetic thanks to Baker's performance.

Now to the technical bits. If you want the full experience, you're going to need a hefty rig. I've had to content myself with my graphics set to medium. My buddy, who also has the game (we were conversing over the phone while playing at the same time), has two video cards and he can't run the game on "ultra" settings. The game also crashed after 15 minutes of the opening cut scenes and I had to watch those 15 minutes of cut scenes a second time. When I tried to set my graphics to "NVidia" settings, I got a 15 minute freeze in which I couldn't do anything. Very frustrating. Ubisoft has said there will be a day one patch, so hopefully that will rectify some of the issues. By the way, it's a 21 gig download and then another 30-40 minutes to "unpack" it.

In short, if you enjoyed FC3, you'll enjoy FC4. Just don't expect any huge leaps forward. What you get is a big beautiful sandbox with lots to do, fantastic gunplay and sneaking bits, and a terrific villain every bit as entertaining as Michael Mando's Vaas from FC3.

I don't know that it's absolute must buy (especially on PC in which it be under $10 in six-nine months) at this point. I'd say definitely wait for a price drop, but it's a game definitely worth playing.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Buy Fox amiibo

Buy Fox amiibo




I purchased this as a form of home security. After a series of break ins in my neighborhood, I was forced to look into various forms of protection for my home, and I believe this one is the best. I placed Captain Falcon behind my front door, ever watchful, and ever vigilant. Last Friday, I came home to a five dead thieves in my front yard. The coroner stated that it was if they had all been beaten to death with a large, fiery, blunt object.

Note: I leveled him up on Smash Brothers first. A level 1 Captain Falcon may not actually detect danger.

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Get Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - PC/Mac

Get Diablo III: Reaper of Souls - PC/Mac




I played through the original Diablo 3 game and just finished the expansion. The original game was riddled with problems and many people were angry about it. Over the last year or so, Blizzard did a great job LISTENING to the people that play Diablo 3 and the game has completely turned around since then!

Things fixed in original Diablo 3 game through patches (you paid for these when you bought the ORIGINAL game, not the expansion):

-No more auction house!

-Items drop for your character (stats you need)

-Improved legendary drop

-Legendary drops have fun attributes

-Increased customization ability (no more being stuck to one build for your class)

-Reduced reliance on magic find to get legendary drops

These changes were all great and the gameplay is vastly improved with them.

However, that is all with the original game.

For the expansion, you get:

-1 new playable class (crusader)

-1 new act for the campaign (act 5) including 3 new boss fights that is roughly 2-3 hours depending on difficulty and how thorough you are

-Adventure mode

-New skills for your character (some of which are very fun)

-New loot

So when you separate the changes for the old game versus the new stuff from the expansion, it looks a little different. In terms of amount of content, the expansion seems more like a small DLC package than an actual expansion.

Story: 2/5

It's good but it is "few and far between." You get fed a tiny piece of story now and then, but most of the time you spend grinding on the gigantic maps trying to get to the next area. What little story there was, it was interesting. But there was not nearly enough to denote a 40 dollar price tag. In short, 3 new boss fights and just a bunch of grinding in between. They threw in some mini side quests but I don't think they add much to the game. They even reused some of the old models for monsters from the original game. The campaign just felt rushed in terms of story and more created for long term grinding playability. Would not recommend for the story.

Gameplay: 4/5

It's much better, but once again, it was better in the original game too after all the updates! The new act is full of big levels and lots of monsters, so if you love running around, killing things, and finding loot, it's perfect. It can be too big and a bit monotonous at times though for the average gamer.

Adventure mode is just trying to give you a carrot on a stick to replay old quests and give you a goal while you grind. It is nothing special. You just might get a prize for doing the same thing you were going to do anyways.

TL;DR - A 20 dollar game with a 40 dollar price tag. The new content is minimal, considering you get 1/4 of the story content of the original game for 2/3 the price of it. This expansion is definitely set up for the hardcore fans who just like to run around killing things aimlessly and hoping for loot. If you are playing it for any other reason than that (STORY), you can skip this title until it's cheaper.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Get Anker® Gaming Mouse, 7 Programmable Buttons, up to 4000 DPI, 5 User Profiles (bound to specific games), Omron Micro Switches

Get Anker® Gaming Mouse, 7 Programmable Buttons, up to 4000 DPI, 5 User Profiles (bound to specific games), Omron Micro Switches

Product Description

Become the next gaming legend. The Anker® 2000 DPI Precision Gaming Mouse puts unrivaled control of the battlefield in the palm of your hand.

Fits like a glove

Engineered for maximum fit and comfort, the Anker® 2000 DPI Gaming Mouse conforms snugly to the contours of your hand. Smooth over-body grooves keep your fingers comfortably poised for action. With such a fitting ergonomic design, half the battle is already won.

Enhanced control

What do rates of 2000 DPI, 6600 FPS and 1000 Hz give you? The sensitivity and speed to execute your every movement with a sharpness far beyond that of your competitors. The Anker® 2000 DPI Gaming Mouse puts you in full control when you need it most - when your (virtual) life is on the line.

Arsenal of options

Stacked with an arsenal of customizable features such as 7 programmable buttons, macros, 4 default DPI levels and 5 separate profiles (bound to specific games), the Anker® Gaming Mouse allows you to perform every command with super-efficiency through an easy-to-use control panel. Light up the mouse's over-body with 4 color options, or turn it off to get down to epic battle.

Weapon of choice

Not sure if 2000 DPI is enough to conquer your world? Check out Anker's line of gaming mice to find your perfect fit.

System Requirements

Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows XP

USB port

Internect connection for software (reference to the manual for more information)




First off, I will let you know that I received this mouse from Anker in exchange for my honest opinion about the product.

When I received the product, I was very impressed with the packaging to start off. It is very well presented in the box and it contained a lot of information about the product. After unboxing, I was kind of surprised that there was no software for the mouse included. The reason it surprised me was the the packaging was showing it off. So I started doing some searching, read the instruction manual. Ah-ok, it seems that I can download the software from the ianker.com site. Cool, save money on media costs, good idea! I go to the Anker site, search around, finally found the mouse, but nothing that says mouse software (Options for Manual and Driver). So off to youtube I go to see if someone else can point me in the right direction. Newer product, so I don't find the exact model up for review, but it says to get the driver link, in the description, to get the software. BANG! Got it!

Plug the mouse in, plug and play kicks in and installs. I run the driver download and the software installs. Ok, now I start looking at it, trying to figure out the whole thing. The software seemed very easy to use at first, but ended up with me having a lot of questions. First, I knew that the mouse was 2000DPI at its highest, but the software was showing a possible 4000DPI and an active setting of 2500DPI. What's up? So I went in based on my knowledge of the 2000DPI. I attempted to setup a profile (Out of 5 possible) for the mouse using BF3 settings that I like. I switch up the buttons, set the different DPI ranges (2000, 1500, 1000, 500 Top to bottom), link it to the .exe for the game, and saved it. Minimized the software, loaded up BF3.

I hopped into an empty server at first (My personal one "Taco Barn" (side note, any help to populate it would be nice!). I decided to run through the buttons to make sure they were functioning correctly. I had them set like this for trial:

Wheel click: Main Weapon

Back Thumb: Melee

Front Thumb: Pistol

I went through a normal progression, full clip main weapon, burst main weapon, switch to pistol, fire of a few rounds, switch to main weapon, fire full auto, melee. At least that is what I expected to do (my normal routine after setting up any mouse settings for the game). None of the buttons responded. :( I messed with the settings a little more in the Anker app, still no dice. So to get my review on the road, I adjusted the settings in BF3. Ran through the progression again, mouse worked flawlessly.

During my test I was set to the highest DPI (based on the colors that the box showed for each setting). Which brings me to something I LOVE about this mouse. I come from using a Logitech G5, which also has changeable DPI settings. It is awesome to take peripheral look at the mouse and know what DPI I am set on. If I am sniping, a change in DPI helps with getting that precision shot, but when I am running and gunning, the precision is not needed as much (full auto bursts help a lot more). But the problem again comes in that I can't set the DPI changes up and have them function like I want with the software.

So back to the mouse. It is very lightweight. It does not have a weight system, Anker does have an option that does though. I ran my G5 with no weights so the weight of this one was roughly the same. This mouse looks WAY COOLER than my G5. It fit in my hand very well, a lot like my G5, but I feel like this one has a lower profile, I don't feel it on my palm very much. The buttons are quick to respond and are easy to get to. There is no hesitation that I noticed in the movement of the mouse. The braided cord was just like my G5, so that nice as I didn't need to worry so much about snagging. The design and lights of the mouse add to the coolness factor and I love the cut out design between the two main buttons.


Lighting allows for peripheral view of DPI setting

Lightweight and ergonomic (fits really good in your hand)

Buttons are easily accessible and responsive

Braided cord

Gold Plated USB connector


The software (it could just be something I'm doing, but there is not really anything that explains it). All my illness about this product is for this software. I know it could be good if I could get it to work right.

I think it would be cool to be able to switch to profiles, on the fly, without having to have them bound to a game. For example, I could setup a different profile for each kit in BF3, maybe I want my thumb button to drop a medic pack vs melee? Just a thought.

Macros. I tried to set one up in the software that would pull the pistol, fire 3 bursts, then melee, but I could not use the mouse button in the macro? I found that kinda weird.

Overall, I would say this is a great mouse. The DPI levels are pretty average with some of the more expensive mice out there. The ability to switch DPI on the fly is good, but again available in almost all gaming mice these days. The color difference on the settings is the key to this feature on this mouse. I have switched off of my G5 and will be using this mouse going forward. If I can get the software to work like I was hoping, I may come back and adjust the review.

ANKER: Change the link on the site to include the work Software so that we know it is the drivers and software please. Thanks!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Get Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse with 250 Hour Battery Life

Get Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse with 250 Hour Battery Life




I have this mouse. I love it. I write this after switching to the G602 from a wired G500. I was worried about the weight, responsiveness and constant battery charging, but Logitech nailed all three.

If you're looking for specs, read the product description and marketing material. This review is purely my experience as an enthusiast user.


- Overview



* World-class battery life (**I've tested 160 hours on a single battery**)

* Wireless works!

* Good build quality

* Textured grip on both sides

* Weight: If you run one battery, lighter than G700s, comparable to Naga Epic / Mamba

* Six thumb buttons, just enough to feel pampered

* No accidental thumb button presses


* Top three thumb buttons are high, slightly reduces control

What I miss from my G500:

* Free-scroll / hyper-scroll

* Lighter weight


- Build


Fine build quality. Textured grip as on other Logitech mice, with a rather short thumb rest. Mouse moves around smoothly on its pads.

Mousewheel is tactile but quiet. I still sometimes run into issues where the trigger-point for the mousewheel click gets off-center, but it eventually jiggers itself back into place. I encounter this with plenty of other mice as well, so this is not an explicit negative. Just like how omitting my beloved free-scroll is not a full negative either.

Wireless works fine, though you may need a line of sight to the receiver. It includes a USB extender.


- Buttons


Love the thumb buttons. They're right above where your thumb rests (easy access, no accidental tripping with a tight grip). The top three buttons are a higher than you'd expect, but I got used to it. The thumb buttons have rather pointy edges that dig in to your fingers and need a reasonable amount of force to press. This actually increases the control you have with your thumb on the buttons.

I like that because I can distinctly feel the buttons and there is no chance of accidental clicking, but it may be uncomfortable for some people or difficult to access/trigger while whipping the mouse around.

Very useful having two sets of three buttons. Mine are set up like this:

Back - Middle Click (open in a new tab) - Forward

Previous Tab - Close Tab (Ctrl-W) - Next tab

As much as I like using Vimium for no-mouse browsing, this allows super-fluid one-handed browsing. I need not explain why this is a benefit. You'll understand when you grow up.


- Battery


Battery life is phenomenal. It lets you run with only one AA battery for reduced weight, which is my preference coming from a wired G500. I got used to the weight, but still run one battery because...

My experience with G602, one plain battery, performance mode, **lasted 45 days**. (It gives you a 5% warning on your computer, and lasted 3 days past that.) Estimating a conservative 25 hours a week, that's **over 160 hours of use off a single battery**.

For comparison:

* Razer Naga Epic: 12h

* Razer Mamba: 16h

* Logitech G700s: 10h

* Logitech G602, one battery, Performance mode: over 160h

You can get much better numbers by inserting two batteries, using a high-capacity Eneloop and switching to endurance mode, but I am perfectly okay switching out a single battery every 1.5 months. When the low battery alert surprises you that your mouse even has a battery that needs swapping, charge time is a non-issue.

A+, would buy again.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Get Logitech G502 Proteus Core Tunable Gaming Mouse with Fully Customizable Surface, Weight and Balance Tuning (910-004074)

Get Logitech G502 Proteus Core Tunable Gaming Mouse with Fully Customizable Surface, Weight and Balance Tuning (910-004074)




TL;DR at bottom of review.


I have been an owner of the Logitech G9 mouse since 2009. I love that mouse so much that I bought a backup G9X when I found out they were no longer being made and panicked that I wouldn't be able to find a similar replacement when my G9 died (it still works great btw). I found this mouse after seeing some people mention it on the Logitech forums when it came out just a week or two ago.

I use a hybrid fingertip/clawgrip style which for all intents and purposes can be thought of as just a clawgrip. I have small hands for a man or medium size hands for a woman. The G9 was great for me as it was a small low profile mouse perfect for clawgrip. I used the "precision" grip as it was slightly more narrow and had a more grippy texture.

I do the typical everyday typical web browsing and Microsoft Office stuff. In addition to that, I play some FPS games and WoW.


(G9 & G9X are the same mice with a better sensor on the G9X for those who don't know)

- Size/Form Factor - Slightly more narrow than the G9. Side grip points are rubbery and feels great to grab on to. It is taller than the G9, but not enough to make a difference for my grip style. It is also technically longer than the G9, but most the extra length is due to the longer main 2 left/right mouse buttons. This ends up also making no difference on my clawgrip style because I am still able to click those 2 main mouse buttons closer to the palmrest side of the mouse. Larger hands can click them farther away from the palmrest. I feel like I can grab on to the mouse with my grip style and really have control over it. Overall, I actually like the ergonomics of the G502 better than the G9 (never thought I'd be saying that!)

- Weight - I played around with the G502's included weights and ended up liking the weight of the g502 naked. Logitech's website lists G502 at 168g, and the G9 at 153g with precision grip. With the G9, I had 4x4g in the tray for a total weight of 169g. So I ended up liking about the same weight 168 vs. 169g. Ha!...who knew we could discern mouse weights so well? The G502 comes with an additional 5 x 3.6g weights, so the range is 168-186g. G9's range is 153-181g with the precision grip. If you like to use G9 without weights (or less than 4x4g put in), you will find the G502 a little heavier.

- Buttons - You get 11 programmable buttons with the G502 vs 9 programmable buttons with the G9. The 2 additional buttons are defaulted to "DPI shift" located at the tip of where your thumb lies, and the "profile switch" button located south of the mouse wheel. 2 standard thumb buttons feel better in that they are "clickier" and located more naturally for my thumb to hit when compared to the G9. The 2 DPI up/down buttons are moved to left of the left mouse button. DPI up ends up farther away north on the mouse which may make it more difficult to get to for clawgrippers.

- Mousewheel - Bigger and made of a sort of metal. I prefer the rubbery texture of the G9's mouse wheel better. The metal texture of the G502 almost makes it feel slippery at times, but the groves on the wheel itself, and the reassuring clicking make me feel confident while scrolling. Switch to go free scrolling is now located on the front of the mouse just south of the mousewheel which is much better (and makes it used more) as I don't have to look down and turn over the mouse to switch modes. 3 mousewheel buttons easier to click than the G9. Middle mouse button still stiffer than I'd like but much improved over the G9. This makes the G502's middle mouse button actually usable for me.

- Sensor - Obviously mouse sensor technology has gone beyond what 99.99% of people will ever use. G502's sensor is amazing. DPI goes up to 12,000, but I only use 2500. The sensor does feel precise and I don't notice any acceleration. Other people have tested this and note zero acceleration. I use a Steelseries cloth mousepad, and you can tune the g502 to different surfaces with the software...don't know how much of a difference "tuning" really makes in real world application.

- Miscellaneous/Software - Uses standard Logitech Gaming Software which works well, and nothing new to learn. Tried to use and tune it on my glass table which didn't work (Logitech does not claim that it will work on glass). Blue G light on palmrest can be turned off if too bright for user as mentioned in another review, but I personally like it and don't find it distracting.


Logitech has made, in my eyes, a successor to the G9/G9X...not only that, but the G502 is a WORTHY successor to the G9/G9X. Logitech does not market the G502 as the successor to the G9/G9X, but the form factor, weight tuning, buttons, mousewheel, and sensor all certainly have the feel of the G9/G9X. The thing I wanted most with my G9 were a few extra buttons for gaming. I get 3 extra buttons with the G502 (counting the middle mouse as an extra button as I could never use the G9's because it was so stiff). The form factor of the g502 is great for my small hands, and fingertip/clawgrip style. Again, I think it would be great for larger hands as well due to the longer main left/right mouse buttons accommodating a range of hand sizes, but I'll defer that to other reviewers with larger hands. I am now officially using the G502 as my main mouse, and putting the G9 (and an unused backup G9X) in storage. Sort of sad to put away 2 excellent and working mice like that, but the G502 is an upgrade.

I tried to be thorough in my comparison, but I'm sure I forgot to mention things people are interested in hearing about so feel free to ask comment and ask questions.

TL;DR - Form factor great for range of hand sizes and claw grip. Shares many design principles (with many improvements, although some not as good ideas) with the old G9/G9X. I am replacing my G9 with the G502 and consider the G502 a worthy successor/upgrade to the G9/G9X.

Monday, February 2, 2015

Get Saints Row IV - Thank You Pack [Online Game Code]

Get Saints Row IV - Thank You Pack [Online Game Code]




They gave everybody free new outfits and things for Saints Row IV. I also need to ramp up the rating on this a little because this idiot guy above me apparently doesn't know what DLC means. YES you need the game to download downloadable content for the game. They're not going to give you a great newish game like Saints Row 4 for free. If you dont have it, buy it now.

Get Saints Row IV - Reverse Cosplay Pack [Online Game Code]

Get Saints Row IV - Reverse Cosplay Pack [Online Game Code]




Wonderfull addon and a must have for Saints Row 4. This addon added some nice stuff to the game and for free it is great. Thank you Deep Silver.