Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Get Battlefield 4 Premium Service [Online Game Code]

Get Battlefield 4 Premium Service [Online Game Code]




Let me start off by saying that I literally never place a public review out there on anything other than Club Nintendo. That said, I really have seen way too many people portraying the game in an extremely negative light.

First thing's first: This is for the Premium service. Buying this does NOT INCLUDE THE GAME. With that said, you can ignore any reviews on this product that involve the game itself. It has nothing to do with it.

Second of all: THIS IS NOT THE GAME!! I can't stress enough how many people give this product a poor review because they are unhappy with the GAME. If you want to review that, go to the game page and stay off this one.

Third (and serious): The Premium service offers a large amount of content for the life span of the game. You receive monthly Battlepacks for the next year (which is why it says you receive 12), every expansion pack that comes out for the game (normally priced would be 14.99 each which makes this a great value at about 35% off), plus Double XP events, new customizations, new knives, and more. If you intend on playing the game throughout its life cycle, this purchase is a no brainer. Please do not be mistaken by the false and incorrect reviews.

My overall theme here is to make sure that you READ THE PRODUCT YOU ARE REVIEWING before posting your opinion. These reviews are basically the judge and jury as to whether a product sees a profit or plummets into oblivion. Tread carefully consumers and makes sure you pay attention to what the reviewers are saying to ensure they even know what they are talking about! I love Battlefield, even with its flaws, and the Premium service will keep me playing for the years to come!