Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Get SEGA 48-Game Mega Arcade Pack [Online Game Code]

Get SEGA 48-Game Mega Arcade Pack [Online Game Code]




It was very hard not to give five stars, but the main menu interface leaves quite a bit to be desired.

First of all, this is all going to be managed through Steam. When you buy the pack Amazon will give you a steam code. Enter it and it will download the Sega Interface. It will appear as though it's only given you one game: Toejam and Earl. DON'T PANIC - CHECK YOUR E-MAIL.

In your e-mail you'll have received an order summary from Amazon with all the rest of your Steam codes - twelve total. Some are for individual games (like Toejam and Earl, Sonic 3, etc...) while some are for collections. The nice thing is that Steam packages them all together into "SEGA Genesis & Mega Drive Classics", one entry in your Steam Library, so it's not clogged up with 48 different sega games.

Or it would be nice. You'd better keep track, because going to your Sega entry doesn't give a list of the games you already have. And here's where the interface really takes a dive: you only have to launch one program, the Sega Collection, to access your Sega games. So far so good. But you cannot simply get a list of your games to pick from - you have to scroll through all of them. Every time. And they're not in alphabetical order either... some are, but the rest are in "sega pack" order. The program does give you some basic configurability options - you can configure two controllers, adjust the default resolutions... basic stuff but good enough.

I had a lot of fun playing some old-school games though, when I should have been doing research. Well worth but but it really warrants a warning about the interface. If you buy more Steam-managed Sega Games in the future, they will be folded into your package. For instance, this deal comes with Classics Packs 1 through 4. But if you like, you can go on to buy Classics Pack 5 to get Phantasy Star IV, Dynamite Headdy, and some other gems added to your collection.

A lot of fun and an awesome deal, but one star off for the navigation interface.