Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Get SEGA 48-Game Mega Arcade Pack [Download]

Get SEGA 48-Game Mega Arcade Pack [Download]




This bundle (if purchased while on sale) is a great value for some old school fun. The only downside I found with this bundle is that it consists of 12 separate downloads but luckily the largest is only 29MB. Also, none of the games come with a product code/key so they can not be redeemed via Steam.

UPDATE: The 12 downloads all install to the same folder and the individual games are accessible through a single main "SEGA Genesis Classics" menu. Unfortunately the games are not in alphabetical order but rather by the list you see under "Product Description" above. You only get to see one title at a time. This is a little cumbersome, but not terrible. I also found out that at some point I had purchased "SEGA Genesis Classics Series 1" through Steam and now the rest of this pack is playable through Steam since it's all added to the original install folder. Nice.