Monday, June 30, 2014

Get PAYDAY 2 [Online Game Code]

Get PAYDAY 2 [Online Game Code]




Payday is a fantasy for those of us gamers that have hankered for the chance to play roles as the anti heroes, and feel good doing it. Who hasn't had that little voice in the back of their head when going through the drive through at the local bank that wants to pull a Heat style heist and escape with the Payday, well this game scratches that itch. Payday 2 is a much improved version of the first game, allowing for customization of the skills, masks, and weapons you want to use to make the ultimate criminal to fit your play style. The missions vary from a simple smash and grab store heist to multiple day events from meth houses to a dark highway.

The gunplay is tight, the weapons are varied, and every mission can either be ninja'd with professional finesse where nobody knows you are there, or you can tank up with shotguns and heavy armor and take the place by storm. The limit to what and how you take down your scores depends soley on your crew and your ability to work together. Overkill has taken great time and effort to work with and implement requests from players and forums to make the game cater to the fans. They generally care about the fans, take pride in making characters that are endearing and fun, and to keep you coming back for more.

You get a safe house to practice your weapons and skills in action before taking them to the field, and it doubles as a personal hangout complete with rooms for showing off your collections and armory, as well as your own vault with cash that stacks up and keeps track on a big screen to flaunt your successes to others. Every mission, while the same in scope, varies and changes each time you play it, and unless playing with the same crew over and over, your approach will too as different heisters join with different skill sets.

The price for the game is half of normal AAA titles out, and is worth every penny. Steam support was and continues to be top notch, and this is a title I will be dumping a lot of time into. If you take Heat, Left 4 Dead, and a Hollywood approach to an interactive first person experience, and think that sounds like a good time, you should have no qualms about picking up this great title.

I played for 4 hours after it went live this morning, and had about 50 hours into the Beta, minus a few hiccups, had a great launch so far. There are some hit box issues with a few weapons, some weird spawns and glitches yet, but nothing anywhere near serious that I encountered, and Overkill is actively finding, balancing, and eliminating things as they come to light. All in all, I think you should glove up, lock and load, and put your mask on. To quote Wolf, "Let's get rich."

Now if you'll excuse me, my escape van is waiting... and it is Payday.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Buy HDMI Cable Category 2, Full 1080P Capable (6 Feet)

Buy HDMI Cable Category 2, Full 1080P Capable (6 Feet)




When I bought my LCD TV, I paid a fortune for an HDMI cable at the retail store. Stupid me, I should have known better about the outrageous markups many retail stores put on video accessories. Recently, I bought several of these cables at a fraction of the price I paid for that first one, and I used them to connect a Blu-ray player, an Xbox360, and an audio/video receiver. Even with the high shipping cost, these cables are much cheaper than I found elsewhere. And they work just fine.

Remember, HDMI cables transfer digital info -- they pass bits, not an analog signal -- so, basically, they either work or they don't work. You'll either see the complete picture and hear the audio, or you won't (if the cable is defective). These are not like analog cables where cheaper, poor-quality cables can result in a poorer picture or sound. So if you get any HDMI cable that works, you won't get any better quality by paying for more expensive HDMI cables. Reviewers that say they see a poorer picture with cheaper HDMI cables are fooling themselves and don't understand digital vs. analog.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Get Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag [Online Game Code]

Get Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag [Online Game Code]




This is probably the best Assassin's creed game that I have ever played. Having been a fan of the series and playing AC 1, 2 and 3, my interest definitely dropped after AC3 but the coverage and previews for AC4 pulled me back in with it's premise of West Indian piracy. Being West Indian myself definitely made me curious to see the franchise's take on this period of history. So far i have played about 10 hours in game and it is very addictive, with the ship combat and huge ocean maps being the the big draw here. The atmosphere is spot on and really immerses you in this world. The present day stuff is clearly the weakest point of the whole game, with Desmond being just a side note, and that is a shame as I did like that story-line; however the in-animus action makes up for this. (IMO, this could have been a great standalone pirate game!) Overall my impression is that this is best AC game yet and I can't wait to see where they go from here.

In terms of Graphics this is the best looking AC game as well. I have two pc's that I game on; one with a EVGA GTX 770 4GB, Intel i5 3570K, 8GB RAM and one with an XFX HD7870 2GB, AMD FX 6300 and 8GB RAM. The game looks absolutely awesome on both, but the edge goes to my GTX 770. With the optimizations put in for the Nvidia cards (game was optimized for Nvidia on PC) the game does look stunning with all its lighting effects and enhanced soft shadowing. (No issue like Boston slowdown in AC3)

I bought the steam version, so there are two DRMs running when playing the game (Uplay and Steam) but it runs seamlessly enough that it is not a huge issue.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Buy 16GB PlayStation Vita Memory Card

Buy 16GB PlayStation Vita Memory Card




Updated 2/13/13: My entire review is not visible unless you look at this in comment form, I apologize for the inconvenience. I also apologize for the massive length of this post, however appreciate everyone's support.

If you plan on using your Playstation Vita for game saves ONLY, then this is what the 4GB card is for. But let's face it, there will be people that want to revisit their PSP library, there will be people taking pictures, or putting their music on their vita to listen to with some games. For $16.99-20 bucks it's affordable, but it's the worst storage to price ratio, as expected.

But, let's look at the size of the Vita games:

%Alien Breed: 123MB

AR Play 2012 Holiday Bundle: 1.13GB

Army Corps of Hell: 625 MB

Asphalt: Injection: 765 MB(Demo is the same size)

Assassins Creed III Liberation: 2.6GB(Version 1.02 of physical media takes 30MB)

Ben 10 Galactic Racing: 968 MB

!Bentley's Hackpack: 785MB

Big Sky Infinity PSVita: 329MB

BlazBlue: Continuum Shift EXTEND: 3.33GB(Good luck fitting this game on a 4GB card, and be able to do anything else, Version 1.00 of physical media takes 2912KB)

Burn the Rope: 31.4MB

Call of Duty: Black Ops - Declassified: 2.5GB(Version 1.02 of physical media takes 376MB)

@Chronovolt: 262MB

Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention: 2.05GB(Version 1.00 of physical media takes 4896KB)

DJMAX Technika Tune: 3.1GB

Doctor Who The Eternity Clock: 767MB

Dokuro: 310MB

Dungeon Hunter Alliance: 1.03GB(Cross Platform play with PS3 is not supported, Version 1.00 of physical media takes 1024KB)

Dynasty Warriors NEXT: 1.5GB(Demo is 214MB, Version 1.01 of Physical media with all DLC installed takes 62MB)

EA Sports FIFA Soccer: 3GB(Demo is 1.7GB, Cross platform play is NOT supported)

Earth Defense Force 2017 Portable: 632MB, Version 1.00 of Physical Media with all DLC installed takes 636MB)

*Ecolibrium: 223MB

*Escape Plan(PSN Only): 842MB(Demo is 541MB)

F1 2011: 1.42GB

FIFA Soccer 13: 2.8GB

@!%+*Foosball 2012: 134MB(Demo is the same size, Version 1.00 takes 150MB)

*Frobisher Says: 488MB

Gravity Rush: 1.5GB(Demo is 472MB, Version 1.00 of physical media with all DLC takes 3104KB)

Hot Shots Golf: World Invitationa]: 1.15GB(Demo 280MB, version 1.03 of physical media takes 134MB)

!%+*Hustle Kings PSVita(PSN Only): Demo is 325MB, Version 1.01 with all Add-ons except Time Savers pack takes 481MB

@Jet Set Radio: 1.10GB

Jetpack Joyride: 31.1MB(Free as of 1/1/13, Version 1.02 of Physical media takes 38MB)

Kyntt Underground: 672MB

LEGO Batman 2 Super Heroes: 1.1GB

Lego Harry Potter: Years 5-7: 1.2GB

LEGO Lord of the Rings: 1.8GB

*LittleBigPlanet: 1.1GB(Demo is the same size, all content downloaded is shared with LittleBigPlanet 2 and LittleBigPlanet Karting when it comes out, Version 1.07 of physical media with a few pieces of DLC takes 213MB)

Little Deviants: 940MB(Demo is the same size, Version 1.01 of physical media takes 28MB)

Lumines: Electronic Symphony: 722MB(Demo is the same size, Version of 1.01 of physical media takes 22MB)

Madden NFL 13: 3GB

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection: 3.3GB(Good luck fitting this on a 4GB card, and having room for much else, Version 1.00 of physical media takes 2240KB)

Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty: 1.6GB

Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater: 1.8GB

Michael Jackson The Experience: 1.6GB

MLB 12 The Show: 2.8GB(Version 1.01 of physical media takes 8768KB)

ModNation Racers: Road Trip: 1.5GB(Demo is 486MB, Version 1.01 of physical media takes 91MB)

Mortal Kombat: 3GB(Version 1.00 of Physical media takes 608KB)

+*Motorstorm RC: 647MB(Free if you got the Scion Promotion, Version 1.02 Patch with all cars takes 706MB, Demo has been removed with the release of the Complete Edition)

Need for Speed: Most Wanted: 2.2GB

New Little King's Story: 655MB(PSN Only)

@Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus: 2.3GB(Version 1.00 of physical media takes 1120KB)

Oddworld: Stranger's Wrath: 1.41GB

Orgarhythm: 1.25GB(Demo is 278MB)

Persona 4 Golden: 3.1GB(Version 1.00 of physical media takes 2176KB)

+*Pinball Arcade PSVita: Version 1.08 with eight table expansions takes 668MB installed

Plants vs Zombies PSVita(PSN Only): Version 1.02 takes 82MB

*Playstation Vita Cliff Diving: 400MB(AR Game 1)

Playstation Vita Fireworks: 273MB(AR Game 2)

*Playstation Vita Table Soccer: 183MB(AR Game 3, version 1.01 without DLC takes 249MB)

+&*PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: 1.3GB(Version 1.07 with all DLC installed takes 837MB)

Puddle: 558MB(Demo is the same size)

PulzAR: 134MB

*Pure Chess: Version 1.01 with all Add-ons takes 605MB

Ragnarok Odyssey: 1.1GB(Demo is 259MB, Version 1.00 takes 1536KB)

Rayman Origins: 932MB(Demo is the same size, Version 1.00 of Physical media takes 2048KB)

@!%Retro City Rampage: 31MB(Demo is the same size, Version 1.01 takes 53MB)

Resistance: Burning Skies: 3.1GB(Demo is the same size, retarded for people with 4GB cards, has an Online Pass, Version 1.01 of physical media takes 24MB)

*Reality Fighters: 573MB(Demo is the same size, Version 1.03 of physical media takes 102MB)

Ridge Racer: 816MB(Demo is 70MB)

Rocketbirds Hardboiled Chicken: 510MB

*Shinobido 2: Revenge of Zen: 1.1GB(Demo is 240MB, Version 1.02 of Physical media takes 22MB)

Silent Hill: Book of Memories: 1.6GB(Demo is 565MB, Version 1.00 of Physical media takes 2144KB)

Sine Mora: 667MB(Demo is the same size)

!Sly Cooper Thieves in Time: 3.5GB(Demo is 750MB)

Smart As: 1.4GB(Demo is the same size, Version 1.01 of Physical media takes 435MB)

Sonic and All-Stars Racing Transformed Bonus Edition: 1.5GB(Demo is 566MB, size not shown in the store until downloading)

*!%Sound Shapes: 970MB(Demo is 538MB)

Spy Hunter: 860MB(Version 1.00 of Physical media takes 800KB)

!*StarDrone Extreme: 136MB(Demo is the same size, version 1.01 installed takes 167MB)

*+!Street Fighter X Tekken: 2.1GB(Version 1.08 of Physical media with all DLC takes 77MB)

Sumioni: Demon Arts: 288MB(Demo is the same size)

Sunflowers: 94MB(Demo is the same size)

*Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz: 807MB(Demo is 270MB)

*Super Stardust Delta: Version 1.00 takes 216MB installed

Supremacy MMA: 1.5GB

Table Ice Hockey: 54MB

*Table Top Tanks: 114MB

Tales of Innocence R: Japan Import, Version 1.00 takes 2080KB

@Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack: 127MB

Touch My Katamari: 660MB(Demo is 99MB)

*Treasures of Montezuma Blitz(PSN Only): Free, Version 1.70 installed takes 201MB

*+Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3]]: 1.5GB(With a bunch of add-ons that work for both PS3 and PSVita once purchased, Version 1.02 of physical media with all DLC takes 11MBKB)

*@Uncharted: Golden Abyss: 3.2GB(Demo is 344MB, Treasure Hunter Add-on 100KB, Version 1.02 of physical media takes 78MB)

*Uncharted Fight For Fortune: 280MB(Demo is the same size, Version 1.01 with all DLC takes 305MB, save data from Uncharted Golden Abyss unlocks cards in this game)

Unit 13: 1.2GB(Demo is 845MB, has an online pass, Version 1.01 of physical media takes 12MB)

Virtua Tennis 4: 1.2GB

+*!When Vikings Attack: 690MB(Demo is the same size)

@!$*+wipEout 2048: 1.6GB(Demo 430MB), Fury Bundle Pack 580MB, WipeoutHD 300MB, version 1.04 of Physical media with both add-ons takes 735MB

+*Zen Pinball 2: 245MB(All content downloaded from Zen Pinball, and Marvel Pinball are free, all DLC tables and version 1.03 takes 1171MB)

Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward: 1.3GB(Demo is 132MB)

* Denotes the game has DLC

+ Denotes that buying the DLC, will give you the same content on both the PS3 and PSVita

% Denotes that buying the game on one system, will give you the game on both systems.

$ Denotes the game has an Online Pass

! Denotes Cross Platform Play

& Buying the PS3 Version, will give you the Vita version for free.

@ Denotes the game has been offered free via Playstation Plus.


Assassin's Creed III Game Play Trailer: 71MB

Assassin's Creed III Liberation Accolades Trailer: 85MB

Assassin's Creed III Liberation Announcement Trailer: 50MB

Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention Trailer: 142MB

E3 2012 Playstation Product Showcase - Sizzle Video: 289MB

E3 2012 PSVita Showcase - Sizzle Video: 201MB

E3 2012 PS3 Showcase - Sizzle Video: 542MB

Escape Plan Launch Trailer: 133MB

escapeVektor Trailer: 58MB

God of War: Ascension Announce Trailer: 92MB

Hot Shots Golf World Invitational Game: 82MB

LittleBigPlanet Karting E3 Trailer: 117.3MB

LittleBigPlanet PSVita E3 Trailer: 118MB

ModNation Racers Road Trip Features: 103.2MB

Motorstorm RC Carnival Expansion Pack Trailer: 81MB

Motorstorm RC Launch Trailer: 115MB

Motorstorm RC Pro-Am Expansion Pack Trailer: 104MB

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale Announce Trailer: 210MB

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale Cole MacGrath Trailer: 78MB

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale Dante Trailer: 100MB

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale Evil Cole Trailer: 101MB

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale EVO 2012 Trailer: 75MB

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale E3 Trailer: 121MB

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale Fat Princess Strategy Vid: 224MB

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale GamesCon Trailer: 111MB

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale Heihachi Trailer: 80MB

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale Jak and Daxter Trailer: 78MB

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale Kratos Strategy Video: 243MB

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale PaRappa Strategy Video: 274MB

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale Radec Strategy Video: 285MB

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale Ratchet and Clank Trailer: 118MB

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale Sackboy Trailer: 104MB

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale SDCC 2012 Trailer: 107MB

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale Sly Cooper Strategy Video: 254MB

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale Spike Trailer: 98MB

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale Sweet Tooth Strategy Video: 225MB

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale Toro Trailer: 89MB

Playstation Vita Cross Platform Play: 68MB

Playstation Vita Launch Video: 174MB

Pulse 2/28: 439MB

Pulse 3/13: 478MB

Pulse 3/27: 203MB

Pulse 4/10: 50MB

Pulse 4/24: 48MB

Pulse 5/8: 68MB

Pulse 5/22: 43MB

Pulse 7/3: 47MB

Resistance Burning Skies Launch Trailer: 136MB

Resistance Burning Skies Memorial Trailer: 147MB

Resistance Burning Skies Multiplayer Trailer: 81MB

Resistance Burning Skies Story Trailer: 132MB

Rocketbirds Hardboiled Chicken Trailer: 17.1MB

Sly Cooper Thieves In Time Augmented Reality: 177MB

Sly Cooper Thieves In Time Costume Trailer: 107.5MB

Sly Cooper Thieves In Time Gamescom Trailer: 129MB

Sly Cooper Thieves In Time Pulling the Heist: 187MB

Sly Cooper Thieves In Time Vita Announce Trailer: 102MB

Sound Shapes Introduces Beck & Pyramid Attack: 164MB

Sound Shapes Launch Trailer: 153MB

Sound Shapes Meets Jim Guthrie Video: 267MB

Sound Shapes PSVita DLC #1 Trailer: 53MB

Sound Shapes PSVita Level Editor Trailer: 550MB

StarDrone Extreme Launch Trailer: 127MB

Super Monkey Ball Banana Splitz CGI Trailer: 77MB

Super Stardust Delta Features Trailer: 152MB

Tales From Space Mutant Blobs Attack: 8.6MB

The Tester Season 3 Episode 1: 2.5GB

The Tester Season 3 Episode 2: 2.5GB

The Tester Season 3 Episode 3: 2.5GB

The Tester Season 3 Episode 4: 2.34GB

The Tester Season 3 Episode 5: 2.5GB

The Tester Season 3 Episode 6: 2.5GB

The Tester Season 3 Episode 7: 2.5GB

The Tester Season 3 Episode 8: 2.2GB

The Tester Season 3 Episode 9: 2.2GB

Unit 13 Briefing 1: How to Play(409MB)

Unit 13 Briefing 2: Game Types(459MB)

Unit 13 Briefing 3: Sharing and Competing(238MB)

Unit 13 Launch Trailer: 136MB

Unit 13 Reveal Trailer: 141MB

Wipeout 2048 Game Trailer: 106MB

Playstation Mobile Apps:

@Beats Trellis($0.79): 20MB

Playstation Mobile Games(All games require more space for install, this is the default values)

Alien Breed($3.99): 56MB

Arctic Adventures Brain Freeze($1.99): 97MB

Aqua Kitty Milk Mine Defender($3.49): 149MB

@Beats Slider($0.79): 83MB

Blue Skies($6.99): 39MB

Bullion Blitz(Free?): 35MB

Chimpact($3.99): 86MB

Cosmic Clean-Up($1.29): 33MB

Cubixx($2.99) 21MB

Crash Planets($0.99): 24MB

Dead End Valentine($1.79): 23MB

Dungeon Bandit($4.29): 37MB

EcoFish($1.79): 53MB

*Everybody's Arcade: 157MB(Just for the app, you have to buy the other 5 card games separately)

Flick Hockey($2.29): 26MB

Frederic - Resurrection Of Music($3.99): 554MB

Fuel Tiracas($0.49): 39MB

Gun Commando($2.79): 59MB

Haunt the House Terrortown($3.49): 48MB

Hungry Giraffe($2.99): 28MB

iFishing($4.99): 34MB

Incurvio($7.49): 35MB

Lemmings(Free): 136MB

Life of Pixel($1.99): 18MB

Loot The Land($3.99): 77MB

Magic Arrows($4.99): 20MB

Meltdown Moon($0.79): 11MB

Numblast($2.99): 48MB

Nyoqix($5.49): 7869KB

OMG-Zombies!($2.99): 52MB

Panic!($1.99): 83MB

Pinky Spots Leg Massage($1.99): 19MB

Puzziball($0.99): 69MB

QuizQuizQuiz($3.49): 25MB

Radiant Flux($3.29): 9370KB

Rebel($1.99): 28MB

Rock Boshers DX($2.79): 39MB

@Samurai Beatdown($0.99): 63MB

Shiro-kuro hakkiri tsukeru kuma($3.79): 19MB

Sixty Second Shooter Deluxe($2.79): 4477KB

Still Life($0.49): 6360KB

Super Crate Box($3.49): 5402KB

Super Skull Smash GO!($3.29): 5870KB

Surge($3.29): 41MB

Tractor Trails($3.29): 37MB

Twist Pilot($3.49): 29MB

Underline($2.79): 14MB

Wipe($1.49): 16MB

Word Blocked($1.99): 22MB

You Are The Ref($3.49): 37MB

You Are The Umpire($3.49): 24MB

ZooZooGo!($3.29): 29MB

@=Denotes being offered free for a limited time.

Apps/Augmented Reality:

Colors: 11.5MB(Demo is 11MB)

Facebook: 19MB(Version 1.01 takes 24MB)

Flickr: 8864KB(Version 1.10 takes 18MB)

Foursquare: 6976KB

Livetweet: 4992KB

Music Unlimited: 18MB(Version 1.02 takes 34MB)

Netflix: 16MB(Version 1.02 takes 29MB)

Niconico: 14MB(Version 1.00 takes 17MB)

Paint Park: 36.9MB(Version 1.00 takes 42MB)

Playstation Home Arcade: 103MB

Resistance Burning Skies Augmented Reality Monument Viewer: 75MB

Skype: 9.2MB(Version 1.00 takes 12MB)

Treasure Park: 12.1MB(Version 1.02 takes 19MB)

Youtube: 5MB(Version 1.00 takes 7040KB)

There are only a few games you could afford to download with a 16GB card, and with videos, you will find yourself deleting them after you download them. Good luck downloading Uncharted on one game card, or BlazBlue, it's not worth paying $60 and $55(With the $46.84 price point) to be able to avoid physical media. And the Tester videos, just watch them on your PS3 or get a 32GB card.

They really need to release higher capacity cards, 32GB is plenty for a lot of downloaded content, but thank god for physical media so you can get more for your Memory Cards. However I am not a fan of wasting bandwith and having to delete/download constantly and I hate buying multiple cards to get around this, 16GB should be plenty for most casual gamers that do not plan on putting many games from the PSP, especially if you are going the physical route for Vita games. However, if you are going digital, 4-8 games at a time seems like a fair amount since most people do not touch a game once they beat it, however you have the option to re-download the games at any time.

Star Rating:

1 for the Price, once this is around 29.99 this will be more reasonable.

2 for the Storage Capacity, it's a decent amount

Updated: February 13, 2013, all games, movies, patch/dlc data and PlaystationMobile games updated

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Get Borderlands 2 Game of the Year [Online Game Code]

Get Borderlands 2 Game of the Year [Online Game Code]




This game of the year edition is one the best I have ever played. The DLC'S are creative and in depth, plus all the add-ons and extra characters are exciting. Was very excited for this and it for sure lived up to the hype. Great value too, much cheaper than buying each dlc by itself. All in all a great buy and a great price!

Get EA SPORTS FIFA World [Online Game Code]

Get EA SPORTS FIFA World [Online Game Code]




It really sounds like an interesting idea, but I'll pass until they include WORLD players. Maybe they can fix this with an update, if they don't pull a Ubisoft.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Get The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Legendary Edition [Online Game Code]

Get The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Legendary Edition [Online Game Code]




I have the legendary edition through Steam. I am 60 years old retired and my Wife has passed.

I have played this game over 1200 hours there are some that are approaching the 5000 hour mark. I have though about buying this game through Amazon just to have the disks. I start over constantly because there are things I have missed and the twist and turns of the story are amazing.

I cannot say enough about this game without reveaing spoilers but I will say it is the finest game I have ever played. The mods add so much so buy the PC version.

Steam can be a problem sometimes so save your game around every 30 minutes. Or it could be mod compatibality which can cause problems.

I would tell you add one mod at a time and see how it works. Also do not forget Nexus a great source of Mods that have no size limit.

If you never buy another game and even with Steam who lacks a phone number to call for support buy this game. You will not be sorry.

Take your time and make you first mod 100 times your carry weight. Or as it is called Picked up a spoon.

Get Ubisoft Rocksmith Real Tone Cable

Get Ubisoft Rocksmith Real Tone Cable




This review is actually for the USB Rocksmith Real Tone cable, not the game.

I recently purchased this game and decided to try the cable directly into Garageband on a Mac, since I had tried the 'Alesis Guitarlink' USB cable and found it unworkable in Garageband because of a low volume but persistent high-pitched pulsing/beeping coming from what I assume is the USB circuitry in the Alesis cable. Maybe my Alesis cable is defective - either way it was unusable.

I am happy to comment that this Rocksmith Real Tone cable works perfectly with Garageband for me and is absolutely free of any unwanted noises. The cable is quite sturdy and seems almost indestructible in normal use. There is even a strain release mechanism in the USB tail where an inline plug will disconnect without yanking any of your computer (or game console if you are using it with the Rocksmith game) onto the floor.

Highly recommended. I ordered a spare before everyone figures this out and the cables end up on backorder!

Get PAYDAY The Heist [Download]

Get PAYDAY The Heist [Download]




'Payday' is a FPS computer game from Sony Online Entertainment. This was a 'Steam' download and was priced at less that $20.00. This can be played either as a single player or on-line as 4 player co-op. (with friends or random players)

The Game:

You are one of four bank robbers. You are given instructions by your boss who is in contact with you with an earpiece. The jobs are straight forward...get in, get the loot and get out. Except that things never, ever go as planned, and this is what makes this game so good.

The Pros:

1.) tense, gripping, non-stop action. Hard to explain just how visceral this game is.

2.) enemies (the cops) are randomly inserted for each every game is different (although the maps are the same). Same as L4D2.

3a.) experience you continue to play you gain experience...allowing you better weapons, larger ammo clips, armor, etc. Also your skills as a shooter noticeably improves with experience. But don't be fooled by these apparent RPG-like upgrades...this game is primarily a FPS.

3b.) experience factor...players (in co-op) can easily play together (to a limited degree) even though they may have significant differences in experience levels. Higher level players will have better weapons and access to some advanced items Playing on easy, normal, hard or overkill seems to change the cops' toughness, how often and how many of them will appear on any given map.

4.) mid game joining is now possible since the latest patch...a major improvement.

5.) diamond heist and slaughter house maps now playable on normal, hard and overkill (were previously only playable on hard and overkill).

6) a pulsating, staccato theme played in the background. This music perfectly compliments the sense of urgency that prevails throughout the game.

7.) although playable as single player (and this is a useful format for getting acquainted with the game or map) it is in the 4 player co-op that this game shines. To succeed you MUST play as a team (in some ways even more so than L4D).

8.) initially, the game looks deceptively isn't. There is a learning curve with this game. You must be patient and you must communicate and work as a team. Players that go off on their own or teams that go too fast tend to meet grizzly endings.

9.) you now can push a key to talk!

10..) played through 'Steam'...'steam' sets up your co-op games and keeps your games updated with the latest patches as needed.


1.) when another player is joining a game already in progress, the game being played freezes for 10 to 15 seconds while the new player is getting in.

2.) you cannot open or close doors...didn't realize how much of an advantage this was in L4D2 until couldn't do it in 'Payday'. It would have added a little more realism and at the same time provided some momentary shelter to heal or reload.


A great game...if you like that rush you get in L4D2 when you play co-op with really good players or friends, then you'll absolutely loved this.

It is tense, visceral with a sense of urgency...all enhanced by a pulsating musical background theme.

Since mid-gaming joining has begun, playing with friends is much easier

It is almost as good as L4D2...and all for less than $20.00.

However as it is...4 1/2 Stars

Ray Nicholson (cujo)

Get Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller for Windows

Get Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller for Windows




I bought this controller because I needed something that was truely plug and play. It works flawlessly on my Windows 7 Professional 64 bit laptop. I chose the "For Windows" version of the XBOX 360 controller simply because I didn't want to take a chance with other controllers not being recognized or working incorrectly. I don't have an XBOX 360 and wanted this specifically for my Windows computer. It is a perfect match! This controller is recognized immediately by Windows which installs the drivers automatically. If you want you can also go to the Microsoft website and download the latest software/drivers too.

The controller itself works as described with no problems whatsoever. I am using this controller along with another XBOX 360 controller to play multiplayer games on a Nintendo 64 emulator (Project 64) on my PC. Assigning the buttons is easy, but the rumble does not work without installing a plugin (not the controllers fault, just letting you know). I don't mind not having rumble at the moment as it does not affect game play and will install the necessary rumble plugin some day. This controller also works with many other PC games.

I highly recommend a Microsoft controller over a third-party controller! The quality is worth the money. I also recommend going with this USB wired controller over a wireless version so you don't have to bother with batteries or charging. Its simply plug and play and I can't really ask for more than that. Great controller for Windows computers, buy this one!

Get State of Decay [Online Game Code]

Get State of Decay [Online Game Code]




Have you ever met a gamer who tries to apply logic to glitches? Taking a previous reviewer's criticism of zombies spawning on top of you, they'd say, "well that's meant to reflect the impossibility of constant DON'T have eyes in the back of your head." To which you reply, "Oh yeah? Well why did I crash to desktop?" And they retort, "Well THAT is meant to reflect..." and you don't hear the rest, because you've written them off. This game will draw that particular demographic. You are on notice.

State of Decay is brilliant. It's the closest thing to the Walking Dead game you want, but likely will never be made. It has all the best of the resource management, ammo conservation, survival horror games. If you run from A to B and arrive exhausted, you'll be too tired to attack effectively. If you return to base half dead, but opt to go back into the fray without food or meds, you stand a good chance of dying. You learn to think ahead, come prepared, and take your environment seriously.

So why the average rating, you ask? I've owned this game for three days. I've started it over four time: Once because I did something I shouldn't have (this game has a learning curve and no formal tutorial) and three times because a character died due to lag, a crash, or the aforementioned ninja spawning. The game has a truly annoying autosave system. The save is not there to aid you in the event of a crash, merely preserve "realism" and punish you if a character dies or you "fail" a mission. Aside from MMOs, I've never seen lag where the NPCs don't lag with you. They don't lag with you here. So a spike of any kind stands a good chance of wiping you out. Autosave. End of story.

A word on failing missions and characters dying:

Missions: Before long, you will get bombarded with missions. This game boasts an impressive cast of helpless AI. You can switch to these characters and thrown down, but without you at the helm, they're useless. You will be inundated with requests to come and save/assist various people. Without your aid, there is a chance that they will die. This on top of storyline quests that take you all over a map. You can relocate your community to ease this burden, but it remains a burden nonetheless. You have one main "base" and several "outposts" that you can build. How glorious it would be if you could strategically place characters around the city in these outposts. But you can't. Once you shift from character to character, the former character begins returning home, which results in a lot of unnecessary travel and covering the same terrain over and over and over again.

More problematically, merely driving NEAR a mission will throw you into it, even if you were preoccupied with some other informal task (e.g. collecting resources). Leaving the "mission area" will cause you to fail that mission. The game will autosave. You will never have an opportunity to do that mission on the current play through.

Character death: It's permanent. No surprise. That 'permdeath' does a lot to set the tone. You can go over your way to save a deathly ill character, have them recover, then die at a routine outing/on patrol. Few things set the tone of helplessness and futility than that. But dying due to bugs, glitches, and a mediocre spawning system make these death cheap. Maybe you're better at rationalizing than I am, but I have a hard time embracing an exacting system that does not account for glitches and game errors. You pay for your mistakes and Microsoft's -- which you Windows users will feel to be nothing new, but like no more here. There IS independent software that allows you to manage backup saves. I neither endorse nor criticize. If you can use it responsibly, to account for game errors, but eat the tragic death when you legitimately screwed up? I say do it.

Nitpicking: The game tries character development with various contextual dialogue after you've chosen a waypoint on your map (which is essentially "accepting a mission") that dialogue is typically cutoff by an announcement of some routine mission. You never hear the rest of it.

Your fellow survivors lose "trust" in you when you do things like shoot them or burn them with a molotov (sensible enough), or hit them with a car. The hitbox for the cars is massive. Merely driving NEAR them will cause this loss of trust, even if you came nowhere near hitting them -- and don't expect them to do engage in any defense inside the car, either.

Full Disclosure: I got this game for free with store credit. I do not understand people who say "this game would be more fun if I bought it on sale." Fun is fun at any price. However, getting for free tempered my expectations. Take that for what you will.

Bottom line: A terrific game if you can survive the drawbacks. I haven't tried the backup save manager, but that may significant improve this game for me. If so, I will not come back and change my review. I am reviewing a game, not independent software.

I hope this review has been useful. Happy gaming.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Get Don't Starve [Online Game Code]

Get Don't Starve [Online Game Code]




Don't Starve is a unique journey through a really terrifying nightmare. Survival is at the heart of the game play where construction, research, and luck are factors in your survival. Graphics are simple but very stylized and interesting.

My Steam library says I've played for 52 hours and that was even before the game's official release! My only complaint is that there isn't more to do and build and discover...I can easily imagine spending another 52 hours.

Get Far Cry 3 [Online Game Code]

Get Far Cry 3 [Online Game Code]




Bought this game on Steam Winter sale at 25% off, and played it almost daily for about 2 weeks. Amazing experience! This game is pretty lengthy on the campaign side: Took me 23.6 hours to beat the campaign, and already I wanted to play again because it's so absorbing, and no spoilers, but it has two endings. SAVE YOUR GAME BEFORE LAST MISSION! I didn't, so now I have to backtrack from a much earlier auto save to continue and witness first hand the other ending.

This game, especially on the PC is THE new standard in gaming benchmark for DX11. Playing this game at 2560 x 1440 on a single display, and a single GTX 680 on VERY HIGH settings (not Ultra) I get about 40-55 frames. I didn't Fraps benchmark, but casually looked at EVGA Precision X's OSD and noticed in wider area, a solid 50-55, and about 30-40 in denser area with more trees and branches. Absolute power beast and the new game to show off your PC build-- You can finally put away Battlefield 3 and Crysis 2 as the standard.

The game play is nothing new, but very effective. You can shoot your way through in MOST cases (some mission require no alerting), or take a stealth like approach by marking your enemies, and picking them off one by one, with a very intricate skill tree system that unlocks Tatau (Not sure the spelling, but it's basically their way of unlocking tattoos) that give you special perks like being able to take down multiple enemies at once form above or below, or drag bodies as you takedown to hide them as to not alert others. This balance of your choice to attack makes the game stay fresh and exciting, with never a dull moment.

Far from a cookie-cutter FPS, this game has an AMAZING script. The plot is pretty generic, yes, but it's the character development your character, Jason Brody, goes through that is really, really intriguing, and is more interactive than watchign a character arc on a show, as you're witnessing it first person... literally. Also great is really an Oscar worthy turn from the villain Vaas (the guy on the cover). The voice work and animation are done to perfection, and his mannerisms are truly intimidating, as you don't know when he will explode. His script is really fun and smart, with many story-type dialog as he chases you, or finds you when you chase him. Absolutely brilliant work from the voice actor, and the Ubisoft team for doing great motion capture to compliment this villain who I would say is the best video game villain I've seen in years.

Oh, wait... did I mention you can literally bulls*** around and just get a crossbow and hunt animals? I probably spent a total 3 hours doing this, as skinning and collecting their skins lets you craft bigger wallets, loot rutsacks or ammo pouches. You can also sell them at stores for money, along with other loot to get more guns, although I recommend activating as many radio towers as you can of a total of 18, as unlocking 1 will make some weapons free in stores, and with all 18 activated over time, you can have all unlocked without even paying for them, minus attachments like laser sight, extended mags or silencers. It's not that fast, as the island is ENORMOUS and dense.

I could continue talking about this game, or you can stop reading and buy it. It's absolutely worth the price of admission, and I am absolutely stoked for either some new DLC or the next installment. This game gets my vote for best game of 2012, hands down.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Get Don't Move [Download]

Get Don't Move [Download]




I wouldn't even call this a game...

You can move left or right. After you move a few steps you die and spawn in the middle of the screen. There are no other mechanics, nothing else really happens.

If you keep moving in a direction and dying repetitively you'll eventually rack up points, and you randomly level up and complete meaningless objectives which add new things on the screen.

These types of games do nothing but waste your time. Should not be on Amazon.

(It is a good game to troll your friends with though)

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Get FIFA 14 [Online Game Code]

Get FIFA 14 [Online Game Code]




Awesome, this is basically what you expect from FIFA, fun experience with a soccer game, it is worth getting the game.

Get Just Cause 2 [Download]

Get Just Cause 2 [Download]




Just Cause 2 is about the most fun that I have had with a PC game in a while. The graphics are absolutely amazing, view distance, dynamic environments. The look of this game is everything of Far Cry 2, with even more gasps of awesome.

You play the part of Rico Rodriguez, a CIA agent who is about the most physics breaking mass of testosterone I have ever seen. You are dropped into a large, open country to drop an evil dictator out of power by working with several different factions. To do this you have mass amounts of vehicles at your disposal, a multitude of guns and explosives and most importantly, a grappling hook and parachute.

This last part is the best part of the game. Using the hook, you can climb objects, access flying vehicles from the ground, pull people out of air and even tie object together. Tie someone to a barrel and blast the thing into space to see some real fun.

Initially, the game did not impress me. The story and mission parts of the game reminded me of Far Cry 2. Lots of repetition and little development. Then I hit a point where I slammed my car into another car and flew them both off a cliff. Seeing myself falling I decided to use my grappling hook to escape, but only managed to snare another bystander. In the end I opened a parachute and glided to safety all while watching one of the most insane wrecks ever. The game is full of stuff like this. Tie a motorcycle to a car and use it as a wrecking ball. Rope a plane and ride it around just because you can. So many times I found myself asking "Man wouldn't it be cool if I could to this?" Moments later, I did.

At this point I found that the point of the plot and game is actually secondary to the extreme sandbox fun in there. At points of my new found enjoyment, my wife actually thought I lost my mind due to the non-stop laughter and childlike joy radiating out of me. The fun factor of this game is higher than anything I can imagine playing lately. Honestly, this game is pure sandbox first, and an actual game third. Also, your destructive acts are rewarded with guns and vehicles. How many games honestly reward your childlike explosive needs?

As for the lack of XP support, well we saw this coming. Not many people cried that Halo didn't work on windows 3.1, so we really just need to move on here. DirectX 10 will simply not work on XP, and the look and feel of this game is something so amazing that you just need the best to make it happen.

If you are on the fence about getting yet another FPS in a time where they are roaming the earth, get off on this side now. This is not yet another modern day shooter remake, nor are you wandering yet another WW2 battlefield, this is something truly special.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Best 1-Year PlayStation Plus Membership - PS3/ PS4/ PS Vita [Digital Code]

Best 1-Year PlayStation Plus Membership - PS3/ PS4/ PS Vita [Digital Code]




Playstation Plus is a paid service that is OPTIONAL for users of the Playstation Network. The service provides users with discounts, free games, online storage and much more that I will outline below. The offered digital Playstation Plus subscription code is a safe alternative for users who do not Own, or wish to give their credit card to Sony, or use Playstation Network Cash cards.


There are currently two models of subscription; 3mo @ $17.99 or ~$6.00/mo and 12mo @ $49.99 or ~4.17/mo. Obviously the best deal is the 12mo offer. **This card gives you a 12mo subscription**


- Every month the Playstation Store will have featured products available for Playstation Plus users. This often amounts to at least one free "featured" game offered per month, as well as various other free titles.

- Playstation plus holders will also receive special discounts on select items, which changes every month. The price reduction can be anywhere from 10% to 75% off an item or package deal.

- Exclusive features! Automatic Download service to keep all your games up-to-date without physically having to launch the title. 150MB of online data storage for your save game files or data files (You can even back up copy-restricted saves)

- FULL GAME TRIALS. That is right folks. On the boarder about that new title that just came out. Playstation Plus members get a "full game trial". It acts as if you physically bought the game and allows you 1 full hour of game play before disabling itself.

- Early access! As a Plus member you will receive early access to game demos and be given priority when it comes to specific Beta invite handouts, Plus members are first to get access.

- Free Plus themes and avatars. Not exactly amazing but who doesn't love free stuff!


- As a playstation plus member you have access and perks from all the above. HOWEVER if you do not renew your subscription things can get a little complicated.

*** Any content received that was *FREE* will become "disabled" upon expiration of your PLUS subscription (Excluding: Avatars and Themes)

**Note: Any Item you had to physically pay for, even if it had a special PLUS discount of 99% will not be disabled upon expiration of your subscription

So what it amounts to mostly is that the GAMES you get for FREE are essentially long term rentals so long as you keep PS+ ... While Free avatars, Free themes, and items purchased at a discount will always be yours.


The playstation plus plan is not for everyone. However it is a plan that rewards its subscribers with plenty of perks and loads of content each month. If you think about it, at $4-$6/mo and a free $10-$15 game each month in theory the subscription pays for itself each month, not even factoring in all the other perks like the free full game demos. At just $4.17/mo you are getting quite a great price for a PLUS subscription; one that could easily pay for itself in just a few months.