Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Best 1-Year PlayStation Plus Membership - PS3/ PS4/ PS Vita [Digital Code]

Best 1-Year PlayStation Plus Membership - PS3/ PS4/ PS Vita [Digital Code]




Playstation Plus is a paid service that is OPTIONAL for users of the Playstation Network. The service provides users with discounts, free games, online storage and much more that I will outline below. The offered digital Playstation Plus subscription code is a safe alternative for users who do not Own, or wish to give their credit card to Sony, or use Playstation Network Cash cards.


There are currently two models of subscription; 3mo @ $17.99 or ~$6.00/mo and 12mo @ $49.99 or ~4.17/mo. Obviously the best deal is the 12mo offer. **This card gives you a 12mo subscription**


- Every month the Playstation Store will have featured products available for Playstation Plus users. This often amounts to at least one free "featured" game offered per month, as well as various other free titles.

- Playstation plus holders will also receive special discounts on select items, which changes every month. The price reduction can be anywhere from 10% to 75% off an item or package deal.

- Exclusive features! Automatic Download service to keep all your games up-to-date without physically having to launch the title. 150MB of online data storage for your save game files or data files (You can even back up copy-restricted saves)

- FULL GAME TRIALS. That is right folks. On the boarder about that new title that just came out. Playstation Plus members get a "full game trial". It acts as if you physically bought the game and allows you 1 full hour of game play before disabling itself.

- Early access! As a Plus member you will receive early access to game demos and be given priority when it comes to specific Beta invite handouts, Plus members are first to get access.

- Free Plus themes and avatars. Not exactly amazing but who doesn't love free stuff!


- As a playstation plus member you have access and perks from all the above. HOWEVER if you do not renew your subscription things can get a little complicated.

*** Any content received that was *FREE* will become "disabled" upon expiration of your PLUS subscription (Excluding: Avatars and Themes)

**Note: Any Item you had to physically pay for, even if it had a special PLUS discount of 99% will not be disabled upon expiration of your subscription

So what it amounts to mostly is that the GAMES you get for FREE are essentially long term rentals so long as you keep PS+ ... While Free avatars, Free themes, and items purchased at a discount will always be yours.


The playstation plus plan is not for everyone. However it is a plan that rewards its subscribers with plenty of perks and loads of content each month. If you think about it, at $4-$6/mo and a free $10-$15 game each month in theory the subscription pays for itself each month, not even factoring in all the other perks like the free full game demos. At just $4.17/mo you are getting quite a great price for a PLUS subscription; one that could easily pay for itself in just a few months.