Sunday, June 1, 2014

Get SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow Plus Edition [Online Game Code]

Get SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow Plus Edition [Online Game Code]




First off, I will say this is definitely an improvement from the original. They've patched and fixed many of the glaring issues that made the game so frustrating at times (the utilities and traffic patterns in particular). The game is also infinitely more playable than it used to be, and the single player mode caters to those who were clamoring for it for so long.

That having been said, the game still feels remarkably shallow for a game that claims to be so deep in it's simulation. My personal opinion is that the game still lacks a lot of what made the franchise what it is. The city size still feels incredibly small, even with additional regions for building. There's just a certain level of frustration that comes with not being able to build where you want to.

Overall, I'd recommend passing on the game. It's fun for a little while, you'll get a few days entertainment out of it, but then you'll put it down and forget about it. It just doesn't have the same replay value as those that came before it. In addition, EA really dropped the ball on listening to fans about what features were broken and needed fixing. Some simply can't be fixed. It took an expansion to get the game to what I would call "release-ready" and that says a lot about what you're buying.

*Edit 3/30/14: After putting in a lot more playtime, I've decided to lower my review to one star. I've found this expansion to be just as frustrating as the original game. The "MegaTowers" which are the real focus of the expansion are extremely buggy, with residents complaining about not having things that DO exist inside of the tower. This leads to unhappy residents and completely wasted space. In addition, it completely tanks your city because you'll start bleeding money from the MegaTower. These issues didn't always happen, but they happened frequently enough to kill any desire I had to keep playing. Until those issues are patched, this is yet another unplayable game released by EA before it was thoroughly play-tested. I guess I don't know why I expected any different with the expansion.