Friday, June 20, 2014

Get Far Cry 3 [Online Game Code]

Get Far Cry 3 [Online Game Code]




Bought this game on Steam Winter sale at 25% off, and played it almost daily for about 2 weeks. Amazing experience! This game is pretty lengthy on the campaign side: Took me 23.6 hours to beat the campaign, and already I wanted to play again because it's so absorbing, and no spoilers, but it has two endings. SAVE YOUR GAME BEFORE LAST MISSION! I didn't, so now I have to backtrack from a much earlier auto save to continue and witness first hand the other ending.

This game, especially on the PC is THE new standard in gaming benchmark for DX11. Playing this game at 2560 x 1440 on a single display, and a single GTX 680 on VERY HIGH settings (not Ultra) I get about 40-55 frames. I didn't Fraps benchmark, but casually looked at EVGA Precision X's OSD and noticed in wider area, a solid 50-55, and about 30-40 in denser area with more trees and branches. Absolute power beast and the new game to show off your PC build-- You can finally put away Battlefield 3 and Crysis 2 as the standard.

The game play is nothing new, but very effective. You can shoot your way through in MOST cases (some mission require no alerting), or take a stealth like approach by marking your enemies, and picking them off one by one, with a very intricate skill tree system that unlocks Tatau (Not sure the spelling, but it's basically their way of unlocking tattoos) that give you special perks like being able to take down multiple enemies at once form above or below, or drag bodies as you takedown to hide them as to not alert others. This balance of your choice to attack makes the game stay fresh and exciting, with never a dull moment.

Far from a cookie-cutter FPS, this game has an AMAZING script. The plot is pretty generic, yes, but it's the character development your character, Jason Brody, goes through that is really, really intriguing, and is more interactive than watchign a character arc on a show, as you're witnessing it first person... literally. Also great is really an Oscar worthy turn from the villain Vaas (the guy on the cover). The voice work and animation are done to perfection, and his mannerisms are truly intimidating, as you don't know when he will explode. His script is really fun and smart, with many story-type dialog as he chases you, or finds you when you chase him. Absolutely brilliant work from the voice actor, and the Ubisoft team for doing great motion capture to compliment this villain who I would say is the best video game villain I've seen in years.

Oh, wait... did I mention you can literally bulls*** around and just get a crossbow and hunt animals? I probably spent a total 3 hours doing this, as skinning and collecting their skins lets you craft bigger wallets, loot rutsacks or ammo pouches. You can also sell them at stores for money, along with other loot to get more guns, although I recommend activating as many radio towers as you can of a total of 18, as unlocking 1 will make some weapons free in stores, and with all 18 activated over time, you can have all unlocked without even paying for them, minus attachments like laser sight, extended mags or silencers. It's not that fast, as the island is ENORMOUS and dense.

I could continue talking about this game, or you can stop reading and buy it. It's absolutely worth the price of admission, and I am absolutely stoked for either some new DLC or the next installment. This game gets my vote for best game of 2012, hands down.