Saturday, June 21, 2014

Get PAYDAY The Heist [Download]

Get PAYDAY The Heist [Download]




'Payday' is a FPS computer game from Sony Online Entertainment. This was a 'Steam' download and was priced at less that $20.00. This can be played either as a single player or on-line as 4 player co-op. (with friends or random players)

The Game:

You are one of four bank robbers. You are given instructions by your boss who is in contact with you with an earpiece. The jobs are straight forward...get in, get the loot and get out. Except that things never, ever go as planned, and this is what makes this game so good.

The Pros:

1.) tense, gripping, non-stop action. Hard to explain just how visceral this game is.

2.) enemies (the cops) are randomly inserted for each every game is different (although the maps are the same). Same as L4D2.

3a.) experience you continue to play you gain experience...allowing you better weapons, larger ammo clips, armor, etc. Also your skills as a shooter noticeably improves with experience. But don't be fooled by these apparent RPG-like upgrades...this game is primarily a FPS.

3b.) experience factor...players (in co-op) can easily play together (to a limited degree) even though they may have significant differences in experience levels. Higher level players will have better weapons and access to some advanced items Playing on easy, normal, hard or overkill seems to change the cops' toughness, how often and how many of them will appear on any given map.

4.) mid game joining is now possible since the latest patch...a major improvement.

5.) diamond heist and slaughter house maps now playable on normal, hard and overkill (were previously only playable on hard and overkill).

6) a pulsating, staccato theme played in the background. This music perfectly compliments the sense of urgency that prevails throughout the game.

7.) although playable as single player (and this is a useful format for getting acquainted with the game or map) it is in the 4 player co-op that this game shines. To succeed you MUST play as a team (in some ways even more so than L4D).

8.) initially, the game looks deceptively isn't. There is a learning curve with this game. You must be patient and you must communicate and work as a team. Players that go off on their own or teams that go too fast tend to meet grizzly endings.

9.) you now can push a key to talk!

10..) played through 'Steam'...'steam' sets up your co-op games and keeps your games updated with the latest patches as needed.


1.) when another player is joining a game already in progress, the game being played freezes for 10 to 15 seconds while the new player is getting in.

2.) you cannot open or close doors...didn't realize how much of an advantage this was in L4D2 until couldn't do it in 'Payday'. It would have added a little more realism and at the same time provided some momentary shelter to heal or reload.


A great game...if you like that rush you get in L4D2 when you play co-op with really good players or friends, then you'll absolutely loved this.

It is tense, visceral with a sense of urgency...all enhanced by a pulsating musical background theme.

Since mid-gaming joining has begun, playing with friends is much easier

It is almost as good as L4D2...and all for less than $20.00.

However as it is...4 1/2 Stars

Ray Nicholson (cujo)