Monday, March 31, 2014

Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller for Windows

Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller for Windows




I bought this controller because I needed something that was truely plug and play. It works flawlessly on my Windows 7 Professional 64 bit laptop. I chose the "For Windows" version of the XBOX 360 controller simply because I didn't want to take a chance with other controllers not being recognized or working incorrectly. I don't have an XBOX 360 and wanted this specifically for my Windows computer. It is a perfect match! This controller is recognized immediately by Windows which installs the drivers automatically. If you want you can also go to the Microsoft website and download the latest software/drivers too.

The controller itself works as described with no problems whatsoever. I am using this controller along with another XBOX 360 controller to play multiplayer games on a Nintendo 64 emulator (Project 64) on my PC. Assigning the buttons is easy, but the rumble does not work without installing a plugin (not the controllers fault, just letting you know). I don't mind not having rumble at the moment as it does not affect game play and will install the necessary rumble plugin some day. This controller also works with many other PC games.

I highly recommend a Microsoft controller over a third-party controller! The quality is worth the money. I also recommend going with this USB wired controller over a wireless version so you don't have to bother with batteries or charging. Its simply plug and play and I can't really ask for more than that. Great controller for Windows computers, buy this one!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Batman Arkham Origins Season Pass [Online Game Code]

Batman Arkham Origins Season Pass [Online Game Code]




This product is great i got the batman game on discount price so was able to get the season pass with what i saved beat the game in about 13 hours and some i during my play time i had to close and open the game four times due to some glitches that were in the game but great story line. cant wait for the next game to come out

Friday, March 28, 2014

Skylanders SWAP Force Trap Shadow (SWAP-able)

Skylanders SWAP Force Trap Shadow (SWAP-able)




Stink Bomb is perfect for anyone that is a BIG Skylanders fan. It is definitely one of the better swapforce characters. My 6 year old loves it!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Batman: Arkham Origins [Online Game Code]

Batman: Arkham Origins [Online Game Code]




This game is turning me manic depressive as I get ups and downs regarding it. At it's best, this game is superior to the previous 2, building on their legacy and the legacy of the characters themselves. BUT at its worse, it's an ugly glitch mess which should not be bought until a price drop and several more patches.

The good is simple, everything you liked about Arkham City as far as game play goes, is back in full force and no one should be disappointed. How it all gels together though is to be desired.

Now for the bad:


Now, my favourite aspect of a game's story is the level of urgency (hence why Bioshock 1 is my least favourite of the 3 and why I just never got into the Last of Us (and probably wouldn't care much for 2 souls)). I dont feel the initial rush I felt in either Asylum or City. Man, those games were great at the beginning, so immersive. This one left me a bit in the cold (HA! Cause it's winter...). The story seemed hap hazard, which makes sense for a more open world game. This game, more unlike the other two, wants to be an open world game where you are Batman doing whatever Batman has to do, confronting a bunch of villains a night. I prefer stories where the city is actually at stake, rather than my own life (or rather, Batman's life). This game is more personal and more akin to an open world game like Skyrim than a metroid vania type game with a singular story.

I absolutely LOVED it in City, when Hugo Strange executed his protocol and you had no choice but to follow the story line. And of course you (well, I) would, because there is no way Batman would go around beating some thugs up or trying to capture Hush when there are helicopters shooting bombs on everyone. That rush was insane. And yes, it was crafted that way. The game wanted me stop strange at that moment. In Arkham Origins, there is a scene where people are held hostage and batman tells Alfred he has to handle it first before doing anything else. There was great immediacy. But then I realized I didnt have to help right away. I could scan some tagged buildings or take out one of Enigma's networks. Even while on the actual mission, I can just do whatever I want when I want to.

A copy paste of Arkham City with focus on open world becomes tedious

My complaints are on this game having a different intention than the previous where it is trying to be more of a grand theft auto game. HOWEVER, if it is to have different intentions, then why is it a copy paste of the other games? Especially City. This angers me to no end. Yes, I agree, the riddler trophies in City may have been tedious, but I didnt see it that way then. I needed this game to see it, and you know why? Because it's the same thing. Everything has been copy pasted. Instead of Zsaz making you travel to a location, you have Anarky. Instead of riddler trophies, you have data packs (Which make no sense story wise), instead of riddler signs that only get revealed with detective vision (my personal favourite from Azylum), you have Anarcky tags (why would he use invisible ink to tag big buildings to show that he's an activist, isn't that counter intuitive?), instead of Venom containers, you have Black Mask drug containers (I think), DeadShot is still just a sidequest like before (after all that marketing, really?), instead of TIGER Cameras, you have Riddler network servers/modems/antennas and the list goes on. And it's not only that, but the city itself is a copy paste. Arkham City taught us that a section of gotham was closed off to make the prison, but this game tells us that it was all of the upper half. How does that make any sense? Wasn't it boarded up by a giant wall? Wouldnt the upper half of this game's city extend beyond the Arkham City map? I am realizing just how great the island of Arkham Azylum was. There were no invisible walls; you simply could not get beyond the island. It was its own little open world with urgency that could not be avoided and you never felt like you were missing out on a bigger city or other areas, and you never noticed the limitations of having it on that island because everything was made accessible.

Less attention to the city itself

My other big negative point is how this city feels less alive than Arkham City. It made sense to just have thugs around Arkham City, since the city was all prisoners. But Arkham Origins has the same thing and yet, this isn't a prison. The theme made the constancy of thugs and villains make sense, but here is feels shallow and more like a copy paste of what was found in City. Arkham City had amazing details. Remember that Museum? Now contrast that with Penguin's ship. What was "penguin" about it? What made the casino so unique that it could only exist in Batman's world? I remember complaining a bit that Arkham City didnt have much detail in the city (all buildings, stairways, windows looked the same), but the chaos splatterred all over it (like riddler marks on the Church's gargoyles and Two Face wrecking half of the court house and Joker adding clowns all over the steel mill) makes that game jump leaps and bounds over Arkham Origins. It just doesnt feel lived in, by its villains or its people.

I remember promising Freeze to find his wife and finding her, randomly as I was investigating around. She was held captive by the Joker's thugs. I went to see freeze and he got there by creating an ice bridge over the water which you could now use. And then, when you go back to the location, you can see him reunited with her AND scan them to answer a riddle. Sure, that last part makes no sense, but it was just an extra reward for seeing where the game would go with that extra mission (which at first didnt feel like a mission since it was truly optional). Things like this made the gaming experience feel so much more organic instead of by the numbers, which is what this game feels like. It wants to include everything City had, making sure you have enough things to do, and makes it dull. I already played City, 2.5 times, I dont need to play it again. So there you go, this is my true criticism.

Gameplay changes

As a technical standpoint, I have no objections now that I fixed my settings (the game keeps going back to default physcs which makes my game so slow, and I didnt know). The framerate is good and the fighitng is better than ever. I like how hard it is now. I have to strange my strategy and be more defensive. I actually gain my first special by just blocking. And I HAVE to figure out how to dodge knives. They always mess me up. In City, I could just jump over the guy, but not anymore. The AI is very agressive and it feels great now that my framerate is good. As far as graphics, it just looks like City, but less lived in. Batman looks great though. I have loved all his costumes so far. And I like Deathstroke's costume too, I like all the costumes. I never minded any of the character interpretations in the batman games.

Now onto the good...

While I complain about the writing, I must admit that the last 2 hours are probably the best in any Batman game. It is very batman like and has that villain interaction we always love. I did not expect it and it makes a nice bow on the series. Hopefully that isnt too much of a spoiler. But man, that urgency finally comes full force, way better than any of the previous ones. I guess it took a while for this game to get to me, but it did.

So, after liking this game in the end, what about New Game Plus?

Well, remember I said this game makes me look like a manic depressive... I was so pumped that I wanted more and since I had not found all the riddler stuff and was slowly getting into it (I did not care to investigate his base till late in the game and then found it interesting), I did the same that I did in City and started new game plus. In Arkham City, I would just replay the game ad when I would see something that I couldnt access before, I would then have the gadgets to access these parts. It didnt matter much in Azylum since the map was smaller but back tracking in City just for riddler trophies would have been a bit much.

BUT GUESS WHAT: new game plus DOES NOT give you all your gadgets. You have all your gadget upgrades but not your gadgets. So you unlock the gadgets just as you did in the original capaign and then you have the upgrades already available as soon as you get the gadgets. But you still start the game the very same way. So now new game plus seems much less inticing, especially since there are some sidequests I dont care to redo (the way the Bane sidequest in City was handled was pretty genius, there is no ingenuit here). So yeah, the story and writing is a plus to this series (the great finale) and so are the better boss fights. But everything else is inferior to Arkham City, too bad. Dammit, now I regret preordering it, especially with all the bugs on PC. That will teach me (still preordering Bioshock games though, the Ken Levine places PC first, awesome).

Hopefully this review was somewhat clear and you gained a bit from it.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Fable: The Lost Chapters [Online Game Code]

Fable: The Lost Chapters [Online Game Code]




This is one of those games that I think even non-gamers should play at least once. The PC version is just like the Xbox version but with the ability to increase resolution to modern levels. While this in of itself doesn't make the game better but it does give it a shiny new look in contrast to the console version. I also find playing with a keyboard and mouse a little less cumbersome.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

South Park: The Stick of Truth [Online Game Code]

South Park: The Stick of Truth [Online Game Code]




It is finally here! And let me tell you, this game is truly what I expected, and what I expected was an extremely fun, humorous, raunchy, Paper Mario battle esque, 20+ hour long, South Park Episode! I chose 5 stars because I expected it to be a 5 star game and, in my eyes, it is. My $60 well spent. I will point out some key things that I think people should be aware of, then I will go into the review.

Bugs: I have not encountered any bugs at all while playing over 5 hours of the PC version. I installed in on Steam so I can play it from any of my PC's, and it's been running smoothly ever since.

Rated Mature: This game has nudity, cussing, and lots and lots of digestive activity. It's awesome, but I wouldn't recommend little kids playing it unless they've seen a bunch of South Park episodes and they are numb to it. It's really harmless unless you get offended easily.

South Park Viewers & Nonviewers: I would recommend this game to people who have watched South Park and are even just a little familiar with itif they like RPG games. Even my girlfriend who prefers Family Guy thought it looked fun.

On to the review-

Gameplay 5/5

The open world is great. I smiled when I first saw the town mapped out. I never knew Cartman lived right next to Butters. The way that you move around is standard for a game like this, and the combat system is pretty cool. The options you get as far as items, abilities, money, and junk seems endless so far. I found some pretty cool stuff in a lot of rooms, especially upstairs in Cartman's house. The biggest reason this is a 5/5 is because I feel like I am in an actual South Park episode doing whatever I please.

Sound 5/5

It doesn't play loudly in the beginning while you're running around; but, the background music is awesome/hilarious. The sound fx are way cool and the voice acting (done by the creators of South Park) is truly exactly like the game. I haven't heard a lot of the Boss music or anything like that yet because I've been exploring, but so far, it's great.

Visuals 5/5

As stated above, I feel like I'm in a South Park episode the entire game. The graphics are truly the best job I've seen at taking a TV show and turning into a game. Each character is spot on and the buildings are too. I am running an i7 and a GeForce graphics card which is overkill for this, but it looks tremendous. I've seen some reviews online saying that some bugs include choppiness and screen tearing, but I have not witnessed anything of that sort.

Fun Factor 5/5

The fun has not ended for me and I don't see it ending for a while. Everything I've done in the game has made me laugh or smile. I'll update this as time goes on.

Replay Value ??

Will update this after I finish the game and will tell you if it's any different. I am a Jew (character class) but I will probably be a Thief next time around. I'm sure it's the same story line but hopefully they add some DLC.

Overall 5/5

This is truly a must-have item if you are a South Park fan like me. This is something that I would even recommend to people who enjoy watching South Park whenever it's on, or even to people who like RPG's and are a little familiar with South Park. If you are easily offended by toilet humor, then this isn't your game. I'll update this review in the future and of course let you all know if I encounter any bugs or things that I don't like about it, because so far, I haven't found anything of the sort.

In the words of Cartman, this game is "sweeeeeet". Am I sure? "I'm not just sure, I'm HIV positive."

The Elder Scrolls Anthology

The Elder Scrolls Anthology




My first Elder Scrolls game started with Oblivion as I never had a system to run the previous ones, but it was pretty easy to get into the previous three and explore the first worlds and lore that has been set for the Elder Scrolls universe. The Anthology does a great job combining all five games with all the expansions in one package, along with the maps and an Elder Scrolls Online sticker.

Still, I miss physical manuals. Oblivion's manual is one of my favorites for any game, and I don't think paying $80 should include a piece of paper that tells me to go online to find them. This is nitpicking, and doesn't warrant removing a star.

So, what comes in the box?

DVDs for:

Elder Scrolls: Arena and a DOS emulator (this game came out in 1994)

Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall, also with a DOS emulator (1996)

Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind with Bloodmoon and Tribunal expansions (2002)

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion with Shivering Isles and Knights of the Nine and other minor expansions

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim with Hearthfire, Dragonborn, and Dawnguard expansions

Also included, 5 maps for the different areas of each game, but no Shivering Isles map:

Skyrim (Skyrim)

Cyrodil (Oblivion)

Vardenfell (Morrowind)

Hammerfell (Arena and Daggerfall)

Tamriel (all games)

A Steam account is required to activate Skyrim, even if installing from the DVD; this is not required for the other 4 games. If you've never used Steam, it does NOT require a 100% always-on Internet connection, only an initial one to create an account, then activate and download the game. A Steam Key is included, and will also add Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim to your Steam account, but you can install all the games (excluding Skyrim) without Steam if desired.

Since Arena and Daggerfall are available for download for free from the official Elder Scrolls website, you're only paying for Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim and all the associated expansions. On Steam (as of 9/10/2013), Elder Scrolls 3-5 costs $104 with all the expansions included, so $80 is a nice deal for anyone looking to jump right into the series. If you already have Skyrim with all the DLC, then the Anthology isn't worth the money unless you like nice looking boxes on your shelf and all your games in disc form.

The overall quality is good. The box feels solid and has that Elder Scrolls look. The maps are glossy photo-type paper, but are also folded which means they come with creases. It might be asinine to expect them to ship the maps in a tube instead of finding a way of putting them into the game box itself, but it would still be nice to be able to put them on the wall without having a tic-tac-toe box on them.

You also get a few glamour shots and a short synopsis of each game printed on the disk "booklet" that contains all the DVDs. This is good for knowing what you're getting into, and reminding you what the particular game is all about.

Overall, would I suggest the Elder Scrolls Anthology to someone? The answer is yes, but only if you're a die-hard fan or don't own any (or at least most) of the games. It has solid quality, nice maps, and a cheaper price, so it's a great combination and as time goes on will be an even better deal than it is today. However, if you already own Skyrim with all its expansions, it's probably cheaper to buy the GOTY editions of Morrowind/Oblivion and find the different maps online.

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Collector's Edition

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Collector's Edition




The Original Release of Diablo 3 in 2012 was Blizzard's first major blunder in a history of sterling game releases.

While the gameplay was fun and exciting and the game looked great and had a great story, the driving factor behind these games is a sense of progression and continually being rewarded for playing on harder difficulties. The introduction of the Auction House ensured that you would always find better items on the auction house than you could in game. In game loot that dropped had a very small chance of even having stats useful for your character and an even smaller chance to be better than what you already possessed.

I spent hours continually clicking the refresh button on the auction house listings, looking for an under-priced item that I could resell at a profit so I could buy an item I could use, instead of actually playing the game. After a few weeks of "playing" the auction house I pretty much had the best items in the game with the nearly best stats possible making the actual exorcise of playing the game pointless.

Fast-Forward to 2014 and Loot "2.0" and Reaper of Souls.

Blizzard Has taken Everything that was good about Diablo 3 and discarded the rest. Items now drop with a much higher chance of being useful to the character you're playing than before and there are much better chances to get one of the improved legendary items.

Additionally there is now an unlimited number of "Paragon Levels" which give you useful stats for each level you get that will always ensure that even if you don't find an item you want during a play session you're at least contributing to your character in a meaningful way by collecting experience that will ultimately make your character more powerful. Probably the greatest addition to the game outside of the improved loot system IMO.

With Reaper of Souls you get an extra Bank Tab, another character class and a whole new act as well as level progression up to level 70 which puts everyone who didn't spend a fortune in time or money on the auction house back on an even playing field.

The Addition of the Mystic further increases the odds of getting an item you'll want. Ever find an item with only 1 stat missing that you'd need? Now the Mystic gives you a chance to reroll any stat into another stat of your choice!

This is what Diablo 3 should have been all along!

Collector's Edition Features:

Digital Extras: Haven't played with Transmogrification yet but the Spectral Hounds is pretty hilarious and is amusing to watch. Not particularly useful but enjoyable much like the wings (I still like the Starcraft II CE wings the most).

The Mouse pad is exactly the same mousepad that Blizzard has used in their collector's edition's since WoW:Cataclysm (Which I'm still using as my mouse pad). Very high quality mouse pad but ultimately probably not the reason you buy the CE

Soundtrack: After listening to the entire sound track and watching the behind the scenes video on the making of the music I definitely appreciate the amount of thought and creative genius put into the music. That said, it isn't particularly what I'd term "Easy listening" or uplifting. Has a definite dark edge to it and outside of a few choral orchestral moments it fits the dark theme of this expansion quite well. I can't say it will make it into my play list but I may break it out again if I'm feeling some D3 Nostalgia at some point years down the road.

Keys to other games: The Game comes with several "Friend" key invites for Diablo 3, Starcraft II, World of Warcraft, and Hearthstone. The only nice thing here are three HearthStone "Card Pack" keys which give you 5 free cards each (A $9 total in game value).

Behind the Scenes case: Includes both a Blu-Ray and a Dvd. Finally! A way to watch those amazing cinematics and these look better than ever on Blu-Ray with an HDTV! They also have the Story boards that show the building of each of these cinematics which is pretty interesting as well for those who love watching how these epic cutscenes are made. The Behind the scenes footage is all very interesting for Blizzard fans (only halfway through it all).

The Art Book: Standard Blizzard Collector's Edition fare. Gorgeous artwork used in the making of the game, will look great on my shelf next to the other Blizzard CE books.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn [Download]

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn [Download]




=== Revised for 2.1 patch ===

Updated to 5/5 stars from 4/5 after 2.1 patch on December 17th. Original review mostly in place, slightly revised with additional notes at bottom:

FFXIV:ARR is certainly a ton better than the original FFXIV 1.0. The game itself is fun, and added a lot of elements that make it enjoyable. For example, using the dungeon finder to continue on in the game's storyline. If only FFXI had that during the CoP days... It basically will find you a Tank, Healer, and 2 DPS automatically so that you can progress in the story.

One thing I would like to make mention that is really impressive is how they do the classes. You can level all of the jobs on a single character, and change them just by changing weapons, but the interesting spin on it is that your main job doesn't get some abilities until you've leveled the other classes. (You only get a few 'additional traits' at first, and it increases every 5 levels.)

For example, if you level a guardian, you'll only get a handful of abilities specifically for guardian. Change your weapon and level Conjurer to level 2 and your Guardian will now be able to "equip" the Cure spell (if you want.) Level it to level 8 and you can "equip" the Protect spell. You can mix and match any number of classes "additional abilities" so long as Guardian main can use it. So I could mix 2 Conjurer spells, a Marauder spell, and a spell from Archer if I wanted.

Once you get to level 30, you can even further specialize into advanced jobs such as Paladin (30 Glad/15 Conjurer) to enable a different set of abilities. By specializing into a job, you get less "additional abilities" slots, however, you gain job specific abilities to make up for it. Jobs are limited to cross-classing with specific classes. For example, Paladin only has access to Marauder and Conjurer spells, whereas Gladiator can equip from all classes. Also for this example, Paladin will gain useful abilities (such as auto attack damage up, or a "reduce damage taken" ability) that Gladiator can't use. (Nov 30th update: This actually isn't nearly as impressive as I originally thought, as once you reach level 30, you'll almost always be stuck on your advanced jobs as the stat bonuses outweigh the additional cross class abilities even while solo. One example is that WAR does more damage than MRD because of access to more base stats + Relic weapon / AF2 stats. So basically you'll have access to two different jobs of cross class abilities, and they may or may not be useful abilities. Definitely not as customizable as I originally thought and leans more toward cookie-cutter builds.)

The battle components to the game are indeed a bit slow at first. However, it does pick up a bit when you do your first dungeon w/ a group. I will also say that the 3 second global cool down seems a bit excessive initially, but as you get more abilities to juggle, the overall battle sequences grow on you and are quite enjoyable.

Quests are plentiful for your first class, and you can squeeze out a little bit of quests for your 2nd, but soon you will run into a quest bottle neck, in that you'll have to resort to doing the levequests, FATEs, and guildleves / dungeon finder to level up. The quests are not very in-depth, and a lot of them are: Start quest, pick this up, deliver this, etc. It is a lot of running around but it's not bad, as there are multiple ways to get around. All characters have the ability to Teleport (for a gil cost) to areas in which you have touched the main Aethernet points. There are no flying mounts in the game, for those that are wondering, and all of the mounts travel at the same speed. They did add some Daily Quests as of 2.1, but they do not resolve the quest bottle neck that you'll run into for a 2nd job.

One thing that will be pleasing people who have came from FFXI is that the game doesn't really focus around gil (except for crafting and buying food) which is pretty common for modern MMOs. Another nice thing is that so far I haven't seen any "grinding" of mobs while doing the quests looking for a specific drop. If it says to go farm four bat wings from bats, it only takes 4 bats to get all the drops. Also, there is some threshold that people can assist even if they are not in your party (in addition you can help others and get credit.) There is a threshold though, as you can't just barely tag a monster and get XP or a drop, but you have to do a pretty decent amount of activity to a mob.

The FATE system is similar to the world events from Rift. They usually involve a group of monsters being killed, escorting an NPC, or killing a single boss or Notorious Monster. The FATE system is rewarding, giving a very good amount of EXP, and a potential way to level up is through a "FATE party." These are parties in which people will contribute to the FATE's success as a group as opposed to solo. However, after the 2.1 update, dungeons are now an alternative way to level up experience wise including daily one-time bonuses from the daily duty roulette feature. The hunting log is also very rewarding, giving you EXP for killing certain types of monsters (not many, usually 2-4). There is also different "tiers" of the hunting log that you unlock by doing the previous log. It's a fun addition, and it is probably the quickest way to level from 1-15 until you unlock dungeons for 2nd classes/jobs.

The environment in the game is appealing and pleasing to the eye, as it was in 1.0. The difference is now the game play has actually caught up to the aesthetics. I believe the producers said that the challenges are supposed to be geared towards end game, and that leveling up was designed to be relatively easy as you're expected to level multiple classes. You don't really have to worry about aggro from monsters, as all classes have a "sprint" ability, and monsters lose interest very quickly. Monsters losing interest and returning to their starting position is actually a nuisance for kiting jobs, (Archer, Conj, etc) as if you step too far away from it, it'll just go back to where you pulled it.

Playing with a group is also fun here. As you get more abilities you have to strategically choose which ability to use as they are all affected by the 3 second cool down. There is a built in threat/hate meter to let you (as a tank or a melee) see if you're about to lose or pull aggro on a specific monster (it shows your hate on all monsters that you have some amount of enmity on).

I was definitely worried about the game being difficult to differentiate between skilled players and unskilled players, but the higher I go, the less I worry about that. Overall, the game is very polished and pretty addicting. I would definitely recommend it for the price.

=== Update 9/4 ===

As of November, I have not had any log in issues for several months. Occasionally a small queue when logging in, but it's always less than a minute to get back on the server. A non-issue for me nowadays.

===Update 12/17===

Couple of things to add now that a few months have passed:

Originally, I had a problem in that using the Duty Finder forces you to always have two tanks, two healers, and four DPS for the 8-man dungeons and you are unable to change classes once you are in the Duty. This presented a problem for party optimization, for example in Titan hard mode having two tanks is detrimental (as opposed to just not being optimized) and parties would be better suited with an extra healer or DPS. The game advertises flexibility by "just changing your weapon to switch jobs" but in reality, this does not happen 'when you need it.' You also cannot queue as multiple jobs. This is actually something that World of Warcraft has done well, in that you can change specs and still be in the same "role." Not the case with FFXIV. However, after the 2.1 update in December, they introduced an alternative way to build parties outside of the duty finder that can be accessed from any part of the world. Update: The Party Finder feature does in fact solve a lot of issues with regarding party make up for specific fights. It is a highly used function that is used to recruit members based on similar goals. No shouting for a group is required, just look at recruiting parties, or start your own and wait for members to join. Really a fantastic feature.

A lot of the battles that you have to do end game are not in the Duty Finder at all (eg: Hydra, Chimera, Bahamut's Coil); however, you used to have to shout for groups or rely on your Free Company, but the Party Finder has mostly addressed this issue. Would still be nice to see them join the Duty Finder system however. (Update 2/21/14: They have added Hydra, and Chimera to the duty finder, with intent on adding Bahamut's Coil 1-5 as well in a future update.)

Previously, I had a problem with the 300/week tombstone system and the multiple job system, however, since the 2.1 patch, it has been raised to 450/week, in addition to adding more ways to gear out alternate jobs. So it will still take a while to min/max a character, as it should, but ultimately they have added a bridge between initial end game, and final best in slot gear. Since the 2.1 patch, I can say that end game is turning out to be very satisfying.

One problem that remains, is that you can only complete coil turns once per week before getting locked out of the dungeon which prevents you from helping others out. Once a week is fine, but if I am free to do the dungeon on Monday with a pick up group, I should not be excluded from helping my Free Company out who often goes at a random time through the week (in which I may or may not be able to attend.) In addition, if my Free Company does turns 1-3 that I was unable to attend, but I was able to help out for turns 4 and 5, I am not able to go back and complete (and get potential loot) for the first turns. This creates an environment that can cause tension amongst Free Company members and penalizes "subbing" someone in a turn. In addition, if I want to attempt turn 4 without my Free Company with a pick up group because a lot of the times people aren't available through the week, then (if successful), should my free company want to attempt it in the week (as in enough people are available) then I won't be able to help them. They were able to introduce a "lot once per week" loot system in the Crystal Tower (2.1 update), in which you can run the dungeon as much as you want and still help others. Perhaps this is for the better with the introduction of a bridge between initial end game gear and final end game gear to keep people playing for longer and keep final end game loot more rare for those that put in the effort.

===Quality of life adjustments in 2.1 that resolved previous complaints===

Introduction of Party finder for content outside of Duty Finder.

Bridge between mid-game and end game equipment and content for gearing alternate jobs.

Fate Grinding as main method of leveling up is no longer the case with dungeon experience points being buffed. It is now simply an alternative way.

Introduction of Duty Roulette, which allows for shorter queue times as you can queue for multiple dungeons and get a significant daily bonuses (4 categories to complete), in addition to adding additional ways to obtain Tombstones for end game equipment.

Adjustment of mythology tombstones from 300->450 effectively lowers gearing out a job from 5.5 months to 3.5 months using tombstones only (very important considering the multiple class system.) In addition to the alternate (slightly lower level gear) makes getting an "effective" job up to speed much faster.

Additional Duties makes finding things to do less of an issue including Extreme versions of Primals fights, and the first 24 man dungeon.

PvP has been added, and it is okay. It is only a single instance of one small area for now, but being in it's infancy it is already running into the problem of characters being geared in PvP gear vs those freshly starting out. The overall mechanics are okay, and it's fun, but it's largely simplistic.

Final Notes:

Due to a lot of my previous complaints being resolved, I am now raising my rating from a previous 4 star review to a 5 star review. This is a solid revamp and now truly worthy of a Final Fantasy name brand.

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

Diablo III: Reaper of Souls




After the fiasco with D3 release, I can't see how this game can be fixed. It's dead for me. The expansion might add fun for the newer generation but for me the Diablo 3 is such a failure it deserves a monument. Nothing like Diablo 1 and 2. Kill it with fire!

Monday, March 24, 2014

SimCity - Standard Edition [Download]

SimCity - Standard Edition [Download]

Product Description

Platform: PC Download - Standard Edition From the Manufacturer The defining city simulation is back! Create the city you desire and make the choices that shape your city and power the Sims within it. Every decision, big or small, has real consequences. Invest in heavy industry and your economy will soar - but at the expense of your Sims' health as pollution spreads. Implement green technology and improve your Sims’ lives while risking higher taxes and unemployment. Team up with your friends to solve global challenges: launch a space shuttle, reduce carbon emissions, or build magnificent wonders. Constructible Worlds - Creative and customizable world that offers unique gameplay benefits, all with a fun tactile interface. Sims Matter - The Sims in your city speak to you directly and it's up to you to respond to their needs. Will you listen and be the toast of the town? Or abuse your power for fame and fortune? Specialize in What You Love - Mold your city as a casino resort, manufacturing hub, educational enclave, and more, and then watch as a unique look and feel spread throughout your city. Multiplayer - Build a region with friends for the first time! Collaborate or compete in regional and global challenges and make decisions that impact the greater SimCity World. GlassBox Engine - SimCity introduces GlassBox, the revolutionary simulation technology that gives you the power to impact individual Sims lives, manage city level simulation, and balance multiple city simulations at once Requires Origin Client to activate. System Requirements Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-Core 4000+ or better or Intel Core 2 Duo Processor 2.0GHz or betterOperating System: Windows XP/Vista/7RAM: 2GB RAMHard Drive: 10GB HD SpaceGraphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 2x00 or better*, nVidia 7800 or better*, Intel Series 4 integrated graphics or better*Broadband Internet: Minimum 256 kbps download, 64 kbps upload *Minimum of 256MB of on-board RAM and Shader 3.0 or better support.




Guess what? If you'd love to experience the nonstop thrills and excitement of SimCity, then please remove $60 from your bank and promptly pay someone to kick you repeatedly in the friggin' mouth.

I find it incredibly mind boggling that I spent $60 on something that I can't even log into to play. My first city that I spent some time on was lost forever due to server issues at EA. Oh, and forget trying to get a quick game in when your server (where your save resides) is either full or busy. I only wanted to play a quick game, completely solo, and am forced to wait and wait and wait and wait. And don't believe the 20-30 min timer. Sometimes even that is incorrect.

Shame on you EA. For the last ten years I have watched you slowly turn this industry into a wasteland. And now in your latest attempt in trying to stick to your corporate policy of crushing anything that closely resembles the human spirit, you have turned SimCity into a $60 thirty minute countdown and server status app. Awesome.

I spent this money because I still wanted to support Maxis. After all, I grew up with a lot of Maxis games that I absolutely loved. Still do. But this? This is probably one of the dumbest things EA and Maxis could have ever done. If it's possible for me to even get a refund, I want it. We're only really paying for a product key that lets us use completely unusable servers. Invalidate the key and refund money. So, EA. Do you plan on letting any of us honest people actually play this game?

Avoid this game. Until EA either removes the DRM completely or allows offline play and saves, this game is nothing more than an example on how a company can both rip off AND alienate its fanbase.

UPDATE: For those here who purchased the game through Amazon, I contacted them and they refunded the cost of the game and removed it from my library for me. This is why I will always be loyal to companies like Amazon, which CARES about its customers, and no longer to companies like EA, who would rather make people jump through hoops than actually go out of their way for a customer. I suggest anyone else here contact Amazon and get your money back as well, so that EA can begin to take notice when they're suddenly having to pay a lot of their ill gotten money back to their customers.

Vote with your wallets, people. We have the power to change companies or bring them down if they refuse to change. We have that power.

Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter

Xbox One Stereo Headset Adapter




NOTE: EDITED STEPS UNDER FUNCTION 1 - ADDED STEPS 6 & 7 to resolve common issues.

I purchased this product to allow me to use my Turtle Beach DX12 microphone for in-game chat (instead of the Kinect mic). It works flawlessly. But for those of you out there considering purchasing this product you should know it basically serves TWO purposes, and based on what you're using it for depends on how the volume control buttons on the Stereo Headset Adapter will work.

FUNCTION 1: Using the adapter to allow your old gaming headset that had OPTICAL AUDIO inputs (Turtle Beaches, Astros, etc) to work with the Xbox One the same way it did with the Xbox 360 (you plug the 2.5mm "chat audio cord" into the Stereo Headset Adapter so your 3rd party headset's microphone works and you can hear and control chat volume via you're 3rd party headset and/or the buttons on the adapter).

When using the adapter this way, in order to get the functionality that you're looking for (using the 3rd party headset's microphone for chat while getting game audio ONLY from the optical out of the Xbox One) you will need to do the following:

1) Turn your system on

2) Update the controller

3) Connect the 2.5mm cord from your 3rd party headset to the adapter

4) Push the bottom left button on the adapter (looks like a person with a "+" sign on their body) until you hear a beep - This will set the volume output ratios coming from the Adapter to 0% Game Volume & 100% Chat. *NOTE*: If you don't have them set this way you will here a slight "Echo" in game because the adapter will output game volume as well as chat volume, and you don't need any game volume from the adapter since you're getting it from the Optical Output from the Xbox One.

5) Now you can use the 2 right buttons (the "Master Volume" buttons) to control the in-game chat volume.

6)* IF YOU HEAR A CRACKLING SOUND and you have your Xbox One's Dolby Digital Surround ENABLED VIA OPTICAL OUT you must HARD RESET YOUR CONSOLE after completing the above steps (Hold Power Button for 10 secs, let system power off, wait 10 seconds and turn the system back on). This will fix the occasional "crackling" problem.

7)* For some reason this adapter makes the MICROPHONES SUPER SENSITIVE. If you're in a party and YOUR FRIENDS ARE COMPLAINING THAT YOUR MIC SOUNDS BAD/LOUD you simply need to move the mic farther from your mouth (6" worked for me) and talk in a normal volume. This stops the "poor" quality microphone sound from occurring. I was told this issue may be getting fixed in an upcoming firmware update.


FUNCTION 2: Using this adapter to allow ANY HEADSET to provide you in game audio and chat functionality (if the headset already has a built in microphone)

When you use the adapter for this purpose the GAME and CHAT audios are derived from the controller (comes out of the Stereo Headset Adapter that you plug the headphones into). Since both forms of audio are coming from the adapter, the volume adjustment buttons serve the purposes shown in the instruction manual:

Left of the mute button ==> Changes the Game/Chat volume ratios (For example you're at 50% Game and 50% Chat, then the game and chat volumes will be at the same level... if you're at 70% Game and 30% Chat, then you're game volume will be louder than the chat volume, but you can still hear both... if you're at 100% Game and 0% Chat, then you have full game volume and you won't be able to hear chat - it's effectively "muted")

Right of the mute button ==> This is the "Master Volume" control. Once you have you're game/chat ratios where you like them... you can then increase the OVERALL AUDIO OUTPUT using this button.

Hope this helps you out!

PlayStation 4 Console

PlayStation 4 Console




I purchased the launch version at 12:15 Friday night of the 15th. I'm glad I did. Got up the next morning and looked online and they were already sold out.

With prime shipping it arrived Monday afternoon. I was worried that I was going to get a bad unit like a lot of other reviewers on here. Got everything hooked up and hit the power button... It flashed blue... I was worried for a second, then the light turn white and the PS logo appeared on the screen. Sigh of relief. First thing I did was run the latest firmware update. It updated without any issues.

Once you're at the home screen you're welcomed by soothing music and a clean feeling menu. After a couple of days I got tired of the menu background music so all I had to do was go to the settings and turn that off. Everything seems very snappy. My first real impression was how fast the PS store opened. On the PS3 it seemed to take forever, but on the PS4 it was almost instant.

Installed my first game (Battlefield 4) and once I inserted the disc the game immediately started to install itself. Within seconds it was ready to play. When I first entered the game I was told that to access the games network features I would have to install an update for the game. But for offline campaign mode I could immediately jump into it. I played the campaign for a few minutes then backed out so I could run the update and use the network stuff. The PS4 alerted me that it had started the download of the update and once complete that it was ready to install. It installed without a hitch and I was able to get into the game and access the multiplayer features.

Went ahead and installed the other two games I had purchased (COD Ghost and Need for Speed) both installed without issue. Got notified that they too needed updates so I went ahead and ran them. This being a launch system and as new as the games are I wasn't too surprised with all the updates.

It was getting late so I didn't get to get into much game play that night. Fast forward to now and I must say i'm quite impressed so far. I've been playing battlefield mostly and the graphics are phenomenal. Compared to the PS3 its a great improvement. I would have to say it give the PC a run for its money.

One thing I was really impressed was this. A friend was watching a movie on netflix. I came into the room and he wanted to show me something on COD. In a matter of seconds he went from netflix to game play. You hit the PS button and your back a the main menu... He had already played the game earlier so it was on standby. He selects the game, hits enter and the game came up almost immediately and he was back to where he left off. After watching him play a bit I was impressed with the quality of this game as well. Found a few glitches in the game, but I expect those will be fixed over time. I know Battlefield was having issues with some of its multiplayer maps. I guess thats what you get when you buy launch day consols.

Overall I'm liking it so far. But knowing Sony and the PS3 more is to come. I was disappointed in them not including the DLNA features because that was one of the main things I used on the PS3. I have a feeling that Sony will add this soon.

Those of you who are thinking about buying one this holiday. Wait till amazon or the stores get them back in stock. Don't buy one for $600-$1000 its not worth that cost. Plus by the time there back in stock the should have more of the bugs worked out.

I hope my review was helpful. To those who got bad units and are hating on Sony: Don't disqualify the PS4 yet. Get your replacement and give it another shot. I think you'll be glad you did.

--- Update 12-24-2013 --

Haven't got to play as many games as I would like to recently. I have been using apps and features though and thought I'd share what I think.

- Playstation Store.

I hated the PS store on the PS3. It was slow to load and annoying to get around. The PS4 has improved it some... To access the store all you have to do is go to the top row menu, then far left. It takes about 3-8ish seconds to load. Once you access it once it loads faster the next time.

Once you in the store it is familiar to the same layout as the PS3. I'm not really a fan of how you have to bypass all the current popular titles to get to the "all" button that all the way to the right. Once you get the hang of where everything is it makes it easier. I would say the only thing that I like better is that fact that it loads quicker.

- DualShock 4 Controller

LOVE IT. I'm a guy with big hands. I like the longer grips. I don't feel like im going to lose the controller while in a heated battle in BF4.

The sticks are smoother and more accurate, really helps when trying to be a sniper were precision is key.

Some games have changed how the buttons are mapped. This took some getting used to but I'm liking it still.

The front light can become annoying at times, as well as I wounder how much battery life I'm losing with it. I hoping they release a patch that allows you to turn it off if you're not in a game that requires it.

Battery life could be better. One awesome thing is that the DS4's use micro-usb now. That means most your android smartphone chargers and cables can charge the controller. I have an old motorola USB wall-wart and a standard micro-usb cable and can charge the controller next to my chair instead of having to get up and plug it into the PS4.

Earpiece port. The PS4 comes with a mono earpiece/mic. All you have to do is plug in in the DS4 controller. It will work with any headset that has that size jack.

Haven't found a game or app that uses the touch pad yet. But the pad also works as a button, which has a clean easy feel when pressed.

- Netflix, Amazon Instant

Netflix. not much different here. I Haven't been using it as much because I'm on comcast and between comcast and netflix I can't get a stream thats better than 240 SD. I can stream HD just fine in amazon. This isn't a PS4 problem cause my PS3 was doing this as well. For those of you who like to see what quality you're getting on the PS3 you'd hit the 'Select' button, well the DS4 no longer has that button so it is now mapped to the right stick button.

Amazon. Also not much different. It works well, had no crashes. Plays in HD and full surround.

- Twitch, Ustream

This is a cool feature. On the main row go over to "Live from Playstation". Here you can hop in a watch other people play games, even games you don't own or have installed. A typical stream will have the person hosting the stream on a webcam or just audio. You can interact with comments and if you have the game installed you can start that games from the stream. You also have the ability to stream your own games. Just hit the share button while playing a game.

- Gameplay

Battlefield 4: After many patches the online play is getting better, fewer crashes, pretty awesome. As for the offline campaign mode. IT SUCKS. Not sure if the lastest patch fixed anything but you would get half way through the campaign and it crash. And if you weren't so lucky it corrupted the profile and when you restarted that game it started you back at the beginning. I've given up on the campaign and just play online multiplayer (Which BF4 was made for anyways)

COD Ghosts: Few campaign glitches, few crashes. I've seen some updates pop up recently so most of those should be getting fixed.

Need for Speed: Just a fun racing game. I like it better than the hot pursuit version on the PS3. Graphics are good. Smooth game play. Never cared for the in game menu structure of need for speed.

Resogun: Got it for free via PS Plus membership. Cool 3D side shooter. First games I've played that uses the built in controller speaker.

- Extra Stuff

I am using a logitech wireless keyboard w/touchpad. Keyboard is detected by the PS4. I can use it in most applications for typing.

Thats all for now. I'll post any updates if I find anything new or cool.

Pulse Elite Edition Wireless Stereo Headset

Pulse Elite Edition Wireless Stereo Headset




Customer review from the Amazon Vine Program (What's this?) These are really incredibly nice headphones. They have a feeling of quality that reflects their price.

I take off part of a start however for two things:

1) It's not possible to charge the headphones out of the box as a mini-USB cable is required and none is included. Grated, these are sold primarily as a PS3 peripheral and so you should be able to use the same cables you charge the regular controllers with, but as the headphones are advertised as working with Windows and Vita platforms, it is very disappointing to find that, for the price, they can't actually include the cable you need to charge them up and use them.

2) Documentation is terrible. It's a typical folded up sheet of cheap paper with tiny type that gives only a vague description of how all the controls work. Yes, this is on par for other game console accessories, but these headphones have so many controls and so many usage scenarios, that a little more in-box description would actually be useful here.

Ok, with those minor things out of the way, let's talk about what's great about these things.

Wireless. It's not standard Bluetooth unfortunately but it works well and is bi-directional. The headset DOES include a mic (something not obvious from the photos since it's built into one of the ear cups and there is no "boom" etc.

Can be used wired as well. A 3.5mm standard mini four-conductor cable (straight plug on one end, right angle on the other) is included which will plug into an iPhone or similar device and into a similar jack on the headphones. The headphones will work passively without power in this mode (in case the batteries are flat), but power is required to get the rest of the features to work (volume control, impact etc.)

There's interesting stuff going on with an iPhone in wired-mode. When you power them on, the iPhone changes to a different volume level (which seems to be remembered), and then goes back when you power them off. I'm not sure if this is the headphones or the iPhone being clever. The headphones seem to want the phone to be putting out full volume which can then be attenuated using the volume control on the headphones (and they seem to work best this way).

Note that while there is a mini-USB jack, it is only used for charging as far as I can tell (the documentation of course says nothing).

They feel good on my head. They fit reasonably tightly providing pretty good isolation from the surrounding environment, and while definitely not light, they have good balance and comfort (no goofy suspension system for the headband etc. like some). In warm environments over the course of a few hours they can get a bit sweaty though.

There are controls for everything. You have three large sliders for Volume, Bass Impact, and a fader for Sound to Voice balance (PS3 only). Slide switch for power (with a blue led on indicator) and momentary push-buttons for Mic Mute, Mode, VSS On/Off (PS3 only).

The ear-cups pivot a bit to fit your head, and the headband has a conventional pull-out size adjustment. They do not otherwise fold, rotate, etc.

The audio sounds first-rate, and even when used for music with an iPod, the Bass Impact slider lets you adjust from no effect to full cranium-thumping impacts. Will add a whole new dimension to gaming experiences (at the possible risk of your hearing and/or sanity.

They're fully closed ear cups which, again, provide pretty good isolation between the listener and the surrounding environment (in both directions). Don't expect to hear the phone, your parents/kids, the dog, or that oncoming train while wearing them. But on the other hand they probably won't be able to hear your tunes (or nuclear explosions) either.

The Mode button cycles through the following sequence, each of which is announced by a female voice: Game, Music, Movie, Shooter, Fighting, Racing. While listening to music I can't tell the difference between the different modes, so there's a chance this is also PS3 only, but of course the documentation is silent on what the MODE button does.

For wireless use, either with the PS3 or Windows, a two inch long USB dongle is included. It worked on Windows without any drivers. The dongle has a mini-plug input to allow TV audio to be fed in allowing you to listen to other (non-PS3) audio (so, TV audio out / headphone mini jack -> cable -> jack on wireless adapter which is itself plugged into the PS3 (or maybe Windows, haven't tested it).

My main Windows system has a USB Wireless Lan adapter which prevents me from using any USB audio devices (constant dropouts of audio) and these headphones are no different. On another Windows system they worked great, and the experience is wonderful.

So the overall experience is really five-stars, but the terrible documentation and the lack of a cable to charge them means I can only justify giving them four on this review.

The fact that they can be used in so many ways with so many different devices, ranging from quality music listening to full-impact enhanced skull-shaking gaming is going to make these hugely popular I think.


UPDATES: per one of the commenter's suggestions, I tested and discovered that you can use the wireless dongle as a standalone wireless transmitter to use the headphones without a computer. THIS IS VERY COOL!

As long as the wireless adapter has power, it will link to the headphones and you can plug a cable into the audio jack on the adapter and it will broadcast that to the headphones. I just plugged the adapter into a USB power outlet that's part of a wall-mount power strip, and used the included mini-plug cable to go from my iPhone to the wireless adapter, and the iPod signal from the phone was broadcast to the headphones and sounded great! The range was excellent, working 40' away through walls, etc.

So that's yet another cool way to use these anywhere you have USB power available.


I'm getting approximately 4-5 hours on a charge, which means they frequently bit the dust in the middle of a gaming session. You get five loud beeps as a low battery warning, and then only a couple minutes later five beeps followed by a long beep and they flat power off and will not come back on until you plug in the mini-USB cable with power.

This isn't the end of the world on a PC, where you can easily have a cable long enough to reach from the computer to the headpnones (though now the "wireless" advantage is out the window), but with the PS3 you may have a harder time arranging for power on the couch. If you do have power to plug in you can immediately turn them on and continue using them. I think they're charging while in use, but have not confirmed that yet.

The sudden (announced) power cut out suggests the headphones have a fairly active and conservative battery management controller which is probably good for long term reliability of the batteries, but the around four hours between charges is pretty annoying.


Sunday, March 23, 2014

AC Adapter Power Wall Home Charger for PSP 1000 2000 3000

AC Adapter Power Wall Home Charger for PSP 1000 2000 3000

Product Description

Home AC Power Adaptor. Compatible with PSP 1000 PSP 2000 PSP 3000. Easy to use at home in a hotel on a trip. The innovative travel charger automatically adjusts to all voltages and frequencies. Gives you plenty of reach to access a nearby wall outlet. Input:100V-240V 0.2A 50-60Hz. Output:5V 1500mA.CONTENT1 x AC Adaptor for PSP 1000 2000 3000. 1 x Power cord for PSP 1000 2000 3000.




This charger is simply amazing. The supple curves of the wires have a smooth, rich texture to them, and electricity passes through the charger in a spectacular fashion. The PSP is charged incredibly smoothly, with battery power increasing at a gradual, positive, consistent rate. I've had nothing short of an incredible experience with this charger.

PAYDAY 2 4-Pack [Online Game Code]

PAYDAY 2 4-Pack [Online Game Code]




So I have to make this review quick.

Payday is a fantasy for those of us gamers that have hankered for the chance to play roles as the anti heroes, and feel good doing it. Who hasn't had that little voice in the back of their head when going through the drive through at the local bank that wants to pull a Heat style heist and escape with the Payday, well this game scratches that itch. Payday 2 is a much improved version of the first game, allowing for customization of the skills, masks, and weapons you want to use to make the ultimate criminal to fit your play style. The missions vary from a simple smash and grab store heist to multiple day events from meth houses to a dark highway.

The gunplay is tight, the weapons are varied, and every mission can either be ninja'd with professional finesse where nobody knows you are there, or you can tank up with shotguns and heavy armor and take the place by storm. The limit to what and how you take down your scores depends soley on your crew and your ability to work together. Overkill has taken great time and effort to work with and implement requests from players and forums to make the game cater to the fans. They generally care about the fans, take pride in making characters that are endearing and fun, and to keep you coming back for more.

You get a safe house to practice your weapons and skills in action before taking them to the field, and it doubles as a personal hangout complete with rooms for showing off your collections and armory, as well as your own vault with cash that stacks up and keeps track on a big screen to flaunt your successes to others. Every mission, while the same in scope, varies and changes each time you play it, and unless playing with the same crew over and over, your approach will too as different heisters join with different skill sets.

The price for the game is half of normal AAA titles out, and is worth every penny. Steam support was and continues to be top notch, and this is a title I will be dumping a lot of time into. If you take Heat, Left 4 Dead, and a Hollywood approach to an interactive first person experience, and think that sounds like a good time, you should have no qualms about picking up this great title.

I played for 4 hours after it went live this morning, and had about 50 hours into the Beta, minus a few hiccups, had a great launch so far. There are some hit box issues with a few weapons, some weird spawns and glitches yet, but nothing anywhere near serious that I encountered, and Overkill is actively finding, balancing, and eliminating things as they come to light. All in all, I think you should glove up, lock and load, and put your mask on. To quote Wolf, "Let's get rich."

Now if you'll excuse me, my escape van is waiting... and it is Payday.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Xbox Live 3 Month Gold Membership [Online Game Code]

Xbox Live 3 Month Gold Membership [Online Game Code]




I decided to purchase one of these when my current subscription expired. It took a matter of minutes, and I was logged back on to my Live account. It was also about $10-12 cheaper than it would've been if I went to my local big box store (not to mention gas and time). Here are the steps that I took:

1. Purchased it on

2. Checked my e-mail to retrieve my Xbox Live Code immediately after purchase.

3. Logged onto my account on, and put the Xbox Live Code in. (Or enter the code on the Xbox 360 dashboard.)

4. Turned on my 360 and viola! Instantaneous access.

I plan on purchasing this again when my current subscription is up. It's a total no brainer.