Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Get The Sims 4 Limited Edition [Online Game Code]

Get The Sims 4 Limited Edition [Online Game Code]




For what it is right now, I'd rate this game somewhere around 3 stars. The high price for minimal starting content is where I was a little disappointed and it loses a star. I'm hoping once expansion packs start coming out, it will be a better game and rated more between 4 and 5 stars. The price for what you get right now is steep.

I've been playing Sims since Sims 1 (The Sims). Sims 2 was outstanding. I played the Sims Online when it was up and running, and while I didn't love the Sims 3 at first, over time it grew on me and I learned to love it. There was just so much content for Sims 3 with all the expansion packs, you could play for days and barely get into everything available for the game. There were plenty of bugs along the way, but to me the game was so much fun I fought through them anyway.

I knew going into Sims 4 the game would be at bare bones again. No stuff packs, expansions, no new worlds, pets, vacations or college. No Sim horses to ride, salons to work in or pyramids to explore. However I didn't expect the Sims 4 towns to be as small as they are and with as few lots on them as there is. After the large open worlds of Sims 3, going to a small town in the Sims 4 is hard to adjust to. And the towns are even smaller than expected.

So since there isn't a lot of places to go yet in the game, you are left with the focus being on learning all the new aspects of how your Sims work and how to use all the game's new features.

There are 2 neighborhoods in which you can play in right now, Willow Creek and Oasis Springs. These two towns follow the same kind of set-up as Sims 3 towns, a main park for Sims to go to as a social lot, surrounded by homes and a few shops. One big difference between Sims 3 and Sims 4 is the open world style of game is no longer used. Instead it's divided up more so into small groups of lots. You no longer travel across town by walking, driving or flying on a broomstick. You just put in the command to go to a location and you switch to a load screen, like the versions of Sims prior to Sims 3.

The positive thing I can see about going back to this non-open-world-design is the game should run somewhat better for those with computers with more minimal specs. The game doesn't need to have every home and every Sim in the entire neighborhood running at the same time. The town is broken down into small sections, and it's running just that section that your Sims is in. So those with less powerful graphics cards should be able to enjoy the game's graphics without having to turn them down to prevent crashing to their desktop.

Sims can now multi-task in a new way. Before, a Sim's version of multi-tasking might be gaining social with another Sim by playing chess with them. Now, you can play chess with one Sim and be holding a conversation with another Sim sitting somewhere else, like on a near by bench. It's more realistic in that a Sim can do more than one thing at once. Without thinking about it, I queued up for my Sim to go read a book after stopping in to use the bathroom, and instead my Sim went and picked up the book and took it to the bathroom as restroom reading material.

The traditional menus are still there, just rearranged a bit. You still have your Sims needs bars and skill bars. You can still adjust the speed of the game and can see your Sim's current mood. A nice tweak made in the game is that now Sims sleep MUCH faster. The game speeds up while Sims are sleeping to a speed far faster than in any other previous game. You no longer have to sit forever waiting for your Sim to sleep, even while at the fastest game speed. A whole night of sleep goes by in just a few seconds. More time playing, less time sleeping. A good thing!

I do like how the new Create a Sim system works. I can make small detailed changes to my Sim much more easily than before. There is a decent amount of clothing and hair options available right now to get you started.

The Sims themselves look better, I think, in the Sims 4 than in Sims 3. The features are smoother and the clothing details are nicer. You can change additional features in this Sims, like how they walk. However I found that even if you set a walk preference, your Sims mood will also change how they walk or stand. You can set your Sims to walk with swagger, but if their mood turns to sad, they will walk around with head hung.

The moods of your Sim are one of the biggest changes in Sims 4. Your Sims current mood gives you various different interactions, it changes your ability to increase skill level and your Sims posture, facial expressions and reaction to other Sims. And your mood can be changed by the smallest things, like watching TV. When my Sims sat down to watch a romance on TV, her mood turned into "flirty".

Just like the Create a Sim has some interesting new tools , so does the build menu for creating your home. There are new pre-styled rooms options offered in the build menu. You can search through a catalog of already designed and decorated rooms, buy the one you like and then stretch it to fit an empty room in your home. This makes putting together a nicely decorated house quite fast, and you know exactly how much you need to spend to get it looking the way you want.

I did find a few glitches within the first few hours of game-play. Nothing major yet, but small things like my pregnant Sim was not able to complete the task of using the bathroom, taking a shower or making a meal, no matter what I tried. They would start the process, then leave it right away uncompleted. as if it was canceled out.So there are a few things that will need patched.

I do like that the load screens are a lot faster. It use to seem like any time you saw a load screen in the Sims, it would be a while before you were back to playing again. Now the time between screen loads seems quite a bit quicker.

With time, patches and new expansion packs, I hope the game will have a lot more to offer. First impressions are that the game's current content is pretty minimal for the hefty price. I think they should have offered more content or charged less for what this game is so far. If you pick the Sims 4 up after it's dropped in price some, or after an expansion pack or two has come out, you will probably enjoy the game quite a bit more. It's not a bad Sims game, but it will probably be a better one in the future when there's more to do in game. I'm hoping it ends up being for me like the Sims 3 was, a slow start but with added content, a fun game in the end.