Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Buy HDMI Cable Category 2, Full 1080P Capable (6 Feet)

Buy HDMI Cable Category 2, Full 1080P Capable (6 Feet)




When I bought my LCD TV, I paid a fortune for an HDMI cable at the retail store. Stupid me, I should have known better about the outrageous markups many retail stores put on video accessories. Recently, I bought several of these cables at a fraction of the price I paid for that first one, and I used them to connect a Blu-ray player, an Xbox360, and an audio/video receiver. Even with the high shipping cost, these cables are much cheaper than I found elsewhere. And they work just fine.

Remember, HDMI cables transfer digital info -- they pass bits, not an analog signal -- so, basically, they either work or they don't work. You'll either see the complete picture and hear the audio, or you won't (if the cable is defective). These are not like analog cables where cheaper, poor-quality cables can result in a poorer picture or sound. So if you get any HDMI cable that works, you won't get any better quality by paying for more expensive HDMI cables. Reviewers that say they see a poorer picture with cheaper HDMI cables are fooling themselves and don't understand digital vs. analog.