Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Buy PlayStation 4 Destiny Bundle

Buy PlayStation 4 Destiny Bundle




Gorgeous system. The white casing is a nice step away from the black system at launch. It's pretty sleek and chiseled. White with contrasting black in all the right places. I'm glad that I waited until now for this bundle(it took a huge amount of restraint). The number of ports remain the same as well as the hard drive. One thing that I really like about this system is that you can always replace the hard drive with a larger one.

The system's hardware is top notch and it's really a great console to have. The PS4 has a nice amount of apps ranging from Netflix to NFL Sunday ticket for all of you football fans subscribed to Direct TV's service. I'll admit that the gaming library is pretty thin compared to Xbox One (good system but I'm not really a fan) but the library will definitely begin filling up in the next few months.

The streaming capabilities seem pretty cool but I haven't really ventured into that area as of yet. The controller is very comfortable to play with and they seem to have fixed the issue with the rubber wearing off the analog sticks with some higher quality material. I've only played 2 games so far and the graphics were stunning. Madden looked as if I was actually at an NFL football game.

I played Destiny a few months ago as a part of the alpha and beta and it definitely seems more polished than it was a few months ago. They've tweaked the difficulty in the few areas I've been through (some easier and some more challenging). Destiny has some great graphics and the replay value is extremely high. The developers have said that the game honestly doesn't start until you reach the max level which is level 20. I can't comment on that yet as I've only reached level 4 so far.

I'll be updating my experience as frequently as possible. I hope everyone enjoys their gaming platform as much as I have so far. Good day.