Thursday, March 13, 2014

Super Sanctum TD [Online Game Code]

Super Sanctum TD [Online Game Code]




Sanctum is a franchise known for enhancing the TD (Tower Defense) formula with an FPS (First Person Shooter) twist. Super Sanctum lives in the same universe but with a more traditional TD formula. Appropriately, as they've rolled the mechanics back to simpler times, they've also adopted retro graphics. This is a fairly tough game, not really for the strategically uninitiated, but it is fun and well-designed, so I highly recommend it to any true strategy fan. Especially if you like games like Defense Grid and Tower Raiders, you'll like this.

Out of the gate in the summer of 2013, Super Sanctum TD had a terrible launch. It was ridden with loads of minor bugs, some game breaking memory errors and annoying achievements that wouldn't register. Despite all the trouble, I couldn't resist playing it all the way through. Even at its worst I loved this game. The devs worked to patch it up (and it runs fine now), and I hope they continue to invest in this junior franchise. I'd pay out the nose for more levels.

In addition to the basic Tower Defense mechanics, Super Sanctum TD adds in perks and abilities to make the play a little more rich. Perks affect weapon, ability and economic power, and you get a new perk for every level you pass. Abilities are non-tower weaponry you can deploy in a pinch but have to wait for them to recharge before you can use them again.

Tower and enemy diversity is rich, and some of the enemies are really tough, even before you get to bosses. Watch out for healers, and one enemy that only takes damage when shot from behind. You can adjust your tower targeting priorities (for example, have some towers targeting first enemy, others targeting the strongest, a common strategy to deal with bosses) and there are lots of interesting mazing possibilities on many well-designed levels.