Friday, February 13, 2015

Get Far Cry 4 [Online Game Code]

Get Far Cry 4 [Online Game Code]




I, like many other people, absolutely loved Far Cry 3. It was a breath of fresh air in a sea of boring shooters. I've probably played through that entire game 4 or 5 times (on both PS3 and PC). Naturally, my expectations for FC4 was pretty lofty and for the most part, they've been met.

First things first - it's a gorgeous game, even on medium settings. I was able to capture a few screen shots on "ultra" and if your rig can run it, you're in for a treat. It's simply beautiful. Character models and environments are superb. I'm sure the same holds true for PS4 and XBox1 versions. It's the cream of the crop.

Secondly, this is a VERY familiar game. All the mechanics, as far as I can tell, are exactly the same, as are the skill trees. There are two trees (Tiger and Elephant), but a quick glance through them reveals they're pretty much the same. Other similarities: the guns are identical and you still get a lot of the same side quests. You'll get to liberate bell towers instead of radio towers. Among the new additions: using bait to lure animals and throwing knives (don't require a takedown like in FC3), the gyrocopter and the surprising inclusion of choice in missions. You'll occasionally have to choose between missions (the other mission will cancel out). I'm also glad the hang gliders are still around as that's my favorite, leisurely mode of travel.

As for the story, well, it's just OK. After a brilliant and original set up, including an opening scene that's just wonderful (thanks to Troy Baker's Pagan Min), the story is just kind of so-so, largely because the Ajay, the protagonist, is about as exciting as Jason Brody from FC3. It seems that with Far Cry games, the villains get the best dialogue and are far more interesting characters. Troy Baker is fantastic, as he usually is (he's on quite a run playing the lead characters in The Last of Us, Infamous Second Son, COD: Advanced Warfare, Bioshock Infinite, etc). His Pagan Min is truly unhinged, yet utterly magnetic thanks to Baker's performance.

Now to the technical bits. If you want the full experience, you're going to need a hefty rig. I've had to content myself with my graphics set to medium. My buddy, who also has the game (we were conversing over the phone while playing at the same time), has two video cards and he can't run the game on "ultra" settings. The game also crashed after 15 minutes of the opening cut scenes and I had to watch those 15 minutes of cut scenes a second time. When I tried to set my graphics to "NVidia" settings, I got a 15 minute freeze in which I couldn't do anything. Very frustrating. Ubisoft has said there will be a day one patch, so hopefully that will rectify some of the issues. By the way, it's a 21 gig download and then another 30-40 minutes to "unpack" it.

In short, if you enjoyed FC3, you'll enjoy FC4. Just don't expect any huge leaps forward. What you get is a big beautiful sandbox with lots to do, fantastic gunplay and sneaking bits, and a terrific villain every bit as entertaining as Michael Mando's Vaas from FC3.

I don't know that it's absolute must buy (especially on PC in which it be under $10 in six-nine months) at this point. I'd say definitely wait for a price drop, but it's a game definitely worth playing.