Monday, December 8, 2014

Best PowerA DualShock 4 Controller Charging Station for PlayStation 4

Best PowerA DualShock 4 Controller Charging Station for PlayStation 4




Best playstation controller charger ever!

The old style that holds the controller horizontally is junk, they would inevitably short out because of the stress placed on the connector. This is a far superior design and I'll explain a couple of features that some people have taken away stars in their rating for because they didn't understand the brilliance in the design.

1. The spring loaded cradle. This is a benefit not a con. I own and operate a cellphone repair center, we have people in daily that have problems with their charge port connectors. I always tell them to prolong life you have to ensure that you gently push the connector straight in and when you remove it you have to gently pull it straight out otherwise you are putting stress on the soldered pins and will short them out eventually. This spring loaded cradle enables you to do just that - place the controller on the craddle and push down for the controllers charge port to be guided straight to the charging connector on the cradle perfectly everytime. When you want to take the controller off the dock press again and the controller is lifted off the charging connector with even preassure and straight everytime. I have no doubt that because of this feature alone this craddle will outlast my last Energizer PS3 craddle.

2. Some reviewers have expressed concern about there not being a charging indicator light. This is not a problem because there is no need for one. The PS4 controller has a built in light that turns yellow when the controller is charging so you always know whether you have a good connection with power or not.

This cradle doesn't take up too much space and the quality of the assembly exceeded my expectations, I've been using mine since day after launch and haven't had any issues with it. Quite frankly the only thing I could think of to improve the design would be to invert the angle at which the craddle holds the controller so that pressing down with the controller in place would be a little less awkward. Since the PS4 controller has a touchpad/button that wraps slightly around to the front of the controller it is a little awkward to press down on the front of the controller in order to get the spring loaded holder to engage or disengage. Don't get me wrong it works, its just a little awkward.