Monday, December 1, 2014

Best Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - PlayStation 4

Best Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - PlayStation 4




As a 55 yr old gamer, I can tell you that not all of us have the reaction speed to do well in super fast paced online multiplayer gaming. But up until this game I have been able to play well enough to have fun. This game is extremely frustrating for me and after going to level 44 I don't see myself even hanging on long enough to stick it out to level 50. Unless you master the exo suit movements in this game and become excellent at pogo sticking all over the map and shooting people from the air, you are going to be creamed. There is no audio warning for opponent location except shots fired. People can run right up behind you and you will never ever hear them. Expensive audio surround sound headsets are a total waste of money in this game. I don't need to be able to sound whore, but I would at least like some idea of immediate surrounding opponents before dying. If my own footsteps are extremely loud, I should be able to hear someone running up behind me. The game is pretty enough and the exo suit abilities are cool too. But if you're going to play online in this game you better learn to master them and be able to shoot from the air. This is an in your face no holds barred run and gun game. The sniper guns have been severely crippled. When I do play, I will be sticking to bots in this latest COD game. Too frustrating for this old timer. As far as switching to classic gameplay - IMO the maps are totally designed with the vertical element in mind for the exo suits. This causes the maps to feel small and cluttered for classic gameplay. I have loved the COD series, but I probably won't be buying them in the future if this is the new direction they're going. It just seems to me that they're really courting the run and gun players and ignoring the rest of us.If COD follows this trend from now on, I won't be buying future versions.