Saturday, December 27, 2014

Get Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons [Online Game Code]

Get Brothers - A Tale of Two Sons [Online Game Code]




BUY THIS GAME! There, I said it. Now on to why....

Let me start by saying that I am an avid PC gamer. I build gaming rigs specifically for games like Battlefield 3 & 4. So I am used to playing high demanding / graphics intense games. I also like FPS shooters in general (Counterstrike/COD etc).

This game is nothing like what I am used to playing. It's got a playfully fun, exciting, scary, and sad story all rolled up in to one. Graphics are cartoonish sure, but it really goes along with the game and (The Never Ending Story) style scifi adventure... Sure it's set in a totally made up language (that I know of) but you don't need to understand what they are saying. The story and actions happening at the moment explains everything.

I purchased this game off STEAM today for the same price as here. I had read that it's best played with an Xbox 360 style controller hooked up to your PC. I didn't bother and was used to the default keyboard controls within 15 minutes of playing. The game starts off mellow so it gives you a chance to get acquainted to the movements and controlling two people at once. Yes, you control two people (brothers) simultaneously... it's actually pretty ingenious and nothing like I have ever played before.

Graphics are not high demanding so a basic rig with a decent card will run this just fine.

Without spoiling the game, let me say that I'm a 37r old male and the ending is a tear-jerker.

Nothing but great reviews from me for this game. The ONLY con is it wasn't long enough and I was able to finish it in 6 hours (which felt like 30 minutes). A game hasn't sucked me in like this.... ever

The graphics, level of detail, and cinematic style game play will keep your whole family entertained while they watch you navigate this mysterious world.

You cannot go wrong with this game and for around $10.... come on.