Monday, December 8, 2014

Best The Last of Us Remastered - PlayStation 4

Best The Last of Us Remastered - PlayStation 4




I have been an Xbox gamer for the past 8 years, I decided to make the switch to PlayStation. I am not going to lie at first I was bummed when I made the switch...No more gamerscore, none of my friends played Platstation and truthfully I do not care for the user interface on PSN. I really thought I made a horrible decision....THEN CAME THIS GAME!!!

This game alone has made me a true believer in the Playstation.

Graphics - This is the best graphics I have ever seen. The Wife even stopped what she was doing and watched me play this game for 30 mins. straight. She thought at first I was watching a cutscene, after I told her I was actually playing the game her jaw dropped (literally). The color saturation is beautiful, it is colorful with daytime scenes but in darker scenes it emerses you with a feeling of loneliness.

Naughty Dog, the developer, paid a lot of attention to the lighting and physics of the game. Just to give you an example the flashlight when lit up actually has the rainbow color hue at the brightest spot of the light. The light also bends and reflects off of objects, extremely realistic.

This game runs at 60 frames per second. This is the standard that every developer should strive for. Running at this framerate everything is silky smooth. There is no glitching or lag, evening turning 360 as fast as I could I could not see any ghosting or motion blur. Character movements are spot on.

Audio - I have a more than adequate setup, my home theater is actually tailored for gaming more than anything else. The audio is just as well made as the visuals. I can clearly hear people conversing, from what direction they were talking and could still make out the full dialogue on top of my conversations. The background noise is amazing. You can hear the emptiness in sewers, the wind coming through the windows and the footsteps and movement from the zombies. The sound is refined, you do not just hear it but the depth is astonishing. You can guess how far something is.

This experience is based on your home theater system. The only other game that I felt was better as far as audio goes was the Dead Space Series.

Bonuses - Do not look at this game as $49.99 but rather $19.99. This is due to the fact that you are getting $30.00 worth of additional content with the Remastered version. One of which is another game with the prequel to Ellie's story.

Story - The graphics are what drew my Wife in but the story and character connection is what my Wife watch it. SMALL SPOILER AHEAD...She actually teared when Joel's daughter dies in the begining. This may be a zombie game on paper but it is so well recieved because the characters pull you in. You will relate to the characters, they are not super heroes, just average Joes with which people can relate to.

There are few games out there that are better as far as individual aspects go. Bioshock has a slightly better scripted story. Dead Space makes you feel terrified just a hiccup more, especially with the audio. The shooting mechanics are not as tight as a First Person Shooter but...You will not find a game that has all these aspects wrapped up into one package and is as polished and refined as this game here.