Sunday, October 19, 2014

Get PAYDAY 2 [Online Game Code]

Get PAYDAY 2 [Online Game Code]




Payday is a fantasy for those of us gamers that have hankered for the chance to play roles as the anti heroes, and feel good doing it. Who hasn't had that little voice in the back of their head when going through the drive through at the local bank that wants to pull a Heat style heist and escape with the Payday, well this game scratches that itch. Payday 2 is a much improved version of the first game, allowing for customization of the skills, masks, and weapons you want to use to make the ultimate criminal to fit your play style. The missions vary from a simple smash and grab store heist to multiple day events from meth houses to a dark highway.

The gunplay is tight, the weapons are varied, and every mission can either be ninja'd with professional finesse where nobody knows you are there, or you can tank up with shotguns and heavy armor and take the place by storm. The limit to what and how you take down your scores depends soley on your crew and your ability to work together. Overkill has taken great time and effort to work with and implement requests from players and forums to make the game cater to the fans. They generally care about the fans, take pride in making characters that are endearing and fun, and to keep you coming back for more.

You get a safe house to practice your weapons and skills in action before taking them to the field, and it doubles as a personal hangout complete with rooms for showing off your collections and armory, as well as your own vault with cash that stacks up and keeps track on a big screen to flaunt your successes to others. Every mission, while the same in scope, varies and changes each time you play it, and unless playing with the same crew over and over, your approach will too as different heisters join with different skill sets.

The price for the game is half of normal AAA titles out, and is worth every penny. Steam support was and continues to be top notch, and this is a title I will be dumping a lot of time into. If you take Heat, Left 4 Dead, and a Hollywood approach to an interactive first person experience, and think that sounds like a good time, you should have no qualms about picking up this great title.

I played for 4 hours after it went live this morning, and had about 50 hours into the Beta, minus a few hiccups, had a great launch so far. There are some hit box issues with a few weapons, some weird spawns and glitches yet, but nothing anywhere near serious that I encountered, and Overkill is actively finding, balancing, and eliminating things as they come to light. All in all, I think you should glove up, lock and load, and put your mask on. To quote Wolf, "Let's get rich."

Now if you'll excuse me, my escape van is waiting... and it is Payday.