Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Get Borderlands 2 Game of the Year [Online Game Code]

Get Borderlands 2 Game of the Year [Online Game Code]




This is actually the second time I've purchased this game. I played through the campaign on my PS3 after the game released and I had a ton of fun playing it. I built a gaming PC recently and wanted to play though some games with mouse and keyboard with the visuals cranked up. I found Borderlands2 for cheap here on Amazon and didn't hesitate to buy it again. Plus, with all the DLCs included it was a no-brainer. Playing on PC is almost an entirely different experience and is obviously the way the game was designed to be played. Everything flows better and the game obviously controls much better. I was able to come really close to maxing the visuals with an AMD6350 and AMD R9-270. I just turned down the AA a touch and decreased the FOV to where I like it and I had good, stable framerates. I never obsess over framerate because as long as the game plays well and doesn't stutter I'm happy.

There are hundreds of reviews out there that talk about everything this game has to offer, so my opinions will just be a drop in the bucket. Overall though, the game is FUN, HILARIOUS and FUN. It takes everything that made Borderlands great and make it... more great. Buy it, play it, laugh and enjoy yourself.