Thursday, October 16, 2014

The New Philips DVP3355V/F7 DVD/VCR Player (Black)

The New Philips DVP3355V/F7 DVD/VCR Player (Black)




If you receive your TV signal from an antenna then you need to know this product WILL NOT RECORD TV PROGRAMS without the additional purchase/connection of a tuner. (AKA: that old analog converter box) The VCR in this devise is only configured to work with an analog signal and will not record the digital signal coming in to the antenna. This was infuriating to discover AFTER I had built and mounted a shelf above my wall TV and then spent all the time to connect this thing. It took hours of experimenting/researching to figure out the reason the VCR would not record from the TV when I tried. In fact, before I bought this I even asked for input from people who had purchased this SPECIFICALLY ABOUT whether or not this devise needed any additional pieces or parts to make it work. Everyone who responded said nothing about this tuner issue. So, for all the other people out there who are not electronically inclined, like I am NOT, please be aware of this analog/digital glitch with the VCR. As technologically advanced as we are I'm astonished there are products being sold that still need an analog converter box to work!