Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Get Logitech G700s Rechargeable Gaming Mouse

Get Logitech G700s Rechargeable Gaming Mouse




[UPDATE] Added G700 + G700s comparison photo links (see below).

I've been using the G700 for home and work - first for home exclusively, then for both home *and* work, and now just for work. I was able to use it for both because of its portability, especially the BUILT-IN MEMORY - a very important feature which I'll discuss below.

I got a Corsair Vengeance M95 for home to replace the G700, and I have to say quite frankly, I missed the G700. The G700 was more ergonomic - most especially with the buttons. After a month of using the Corsair, I thought I'd give the G700s a shot. I still use the G700 at work, for writing codes.

What I Like (G700/G700s):

(+) Hands down, highest button count mouse that is *still* very ergonomic.

(+) Dual mode SCROLLING: free scroll or click-scroll

(+) Dual mode: wired, or wireless

(+) Scroll wheel TILT. It is surprising that this feature is not a standard.

(+) Very polished software (for programming the mouse).

(+) Wireless TRANSCEIVER. Most other wireless mice only offer a receiver (1-way).

(+) Uses standard AA battery - which means user replaceable, and HOT-SWAP able.

(+) Ability of keys to be used as modifier keys (CTRL, ALT, SHIFT)

(+) Multiple simultaneous button presses.

(+) ON-BOARD MEMORY Profiles: This feature is very, very important, for it [1] Reduces lag because [2] there is NO background service running (key binding) and, [3] there is no dependence to software which means, [4] it is usable EVERYWHERE (even on the Windows Lock Screen) and [5] increased portability.

What I don't like:

(-) Thick cable for wired mode - however, this means it is durable. Based on experience, durability is a good thing.

(-) A bit expensive as of this writing (because the product is still new)

(-) Cheesy, non-functional graphics. Personally, I prefer the G700's stealth black look.

(-) No lighting, though understandable to improve battery life.

(-) No weight customization - we can't have it all.

(-) The USB transceiver and USB wire uses separate USB ports (cannot be combined like Razer Mamba).

(-) No real, useable difference with the G700.

(-) Still needs a mouse pad.

Differences between G700 and G700s:

(±) The graphics. I personally like the G700's plainer look.

(±) The top surface. Well, the feel and material looks the same, but now with the said graphics.

(±) The side surface. G700s feels and looks more polished: rougher, looks tougher, and less plasticity (more metal-like)

(±) The click-scroll scroll wheel. G700s has less "click" to it. It seems softer/easier to click-scroll. I personally prefer the G700's stronger, more pronounced clicks.

(±) Scroll wheel tilt. Like the previous difference, this has a softer click for scroll tilt clicking.

(±) Scroll mode selector. When selecting free-scroll, it actually feels like it is letting go of the scroll locking. I personally prefer the G700's same feel on selecting either mode.

(±) Most obviously, the max resolution (DPI). G700s' 8200 dpi vs G700's 5700 dpi.

Why 5 stars? Because no one else comes close. Its shortcomings are very minor when compared to its advantages.

VERDICT: I recommend this product. OR, get the G700 which is cheaper.


UPDATE: [G700 + G700s]

Here are the photo's I have taken (Uploaded to Amazon Product Images).


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