Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Get CM Storm Devastator - LED Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo Bundle (Blue Edition)

Get CM Storm Devastator - LED Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo Bundle (Blue Edition)




AMAZING ill break it down

Keyboard: 9/10

the keys are really nice to type on and the backlit is a undergolow back lit instead of on the key backlit. it give a really rich blue glow. and the price is just amazing on how good these keyboard are. it has some quick access keys for play, pause. skip.and volume. the down side of this keyboard is that it use plastic even tho its a nice plastic it kinda cheap feeling, and they somehow design the back lit to be open/close by the scro lock key which i didnt like but nothing that bad. i hv a G15 AND G19S these CMs are really good compare to those 100-200 keyboards. and for the price its selling at man loving it. overall i would tell anybody that need a new keyboard to get these kit cause they are amazing

Mouse9/10 the mouse is really amazing, the 6 grill in the front looked badass and the mouse has a really nice click to it.. it feels like those 100 dollar mouse and scrolling wheel is nice and soild the whole mouse feel soild and not cheap. its fast enough for most gamer out there. i hv compare this mouse to my G9X . the storm feels great on my hand and has a quick click to it. one of the downside of this mouse the right click is too senstive im use to resting my middle finger on my right click on the G9X but this mouse if u rest it a bit too much it click the mouse that i didnt like but u can always control ur fingers. it has on the fly DPI change which is good, it has a back and forward button. overall its nice great combo love it