Thursday, July 24, 2014

Buy Polk Audio N1 39-Inch Bluetooth Soundbar

Buy Polk Audio N1 39-Inch Bluetooth Soundbar




I bought this to complete my modest home theater set-up. I have a 46" Samsung LED and Xbox One in a fairly small living room. I didn't want to mess with true surround sound, but wanted to step up from the built in speakers in the Sammy.


Initial impressions were good. Set up was simple, it comes with all needed cords. I chose to connect the soundbar the TV optical output rather than directly to the Xbox. It's possible that connecting straight to the Xbox would result in a higher quality audio stream. But, I still have a PS3 hooked up that I also use the soundbar with.

It's a good looking piece of kit and sounds crisp and loud. Set in front of the TV, the soundbar was just slightly taller than the bottom on the TV bezel. I fixed this issue by placing $10 worth of Ikea shelving under the TV stand. It was very easy to program my TV remote (and by extension Xbox Kinect) to control the power, but for some reason the Kinect will not adjust the soundbar volume, even though it works with the built in TV volume.


Soundwise, it's nice, especially if you are sitting directly in front of the speakers and can turn the volume up. It's not exactly as sensational as actual surround sound but it does give the impression of a wider, deeper field of sound than the TV speakers.

At lower volumes, the different sound profiles aren't especially useful - all but music make it difficult to hear dialogue.

It's also easy to use stream music to it directly via Bluetooth or from a Windows PC to the Xbox One and it makes a fine stereo.


Not for hardcore audiophiles, but it's an attractive option for Xbox One owners looks for an enhanced audio experience while gaming and watching your stories.