Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Get Logitech G400s Optical Gaming Mouse

Get Logitech G400s Optical Gaming Mouse




The previous G400 was a great mouse. It had a unique shape, great buttons, and a "perfect" sensor. What I mean by a perfect sensor is that it did not have any prediction or acceleration at normal speeds. Prediction is where the mouse decides it knows what you're trying to do, and changes your input to match. Go to MS paint and try to draw perfectly horizontal lines to see what I mean. If you can, then your mouse has prediction. Acceleration happens usually when you move a mouse quickly. For example, if you move some mice quickly across the mouse pad, and then slowly back to the other side, there will be a large difference in where your cursor ends up. The cursor moved faster than your hand when you sped up. But that did not happen on the G400, and it does not happen on the G400s.

Logitech realized that this quality made the G400 a fantastic mouse for FPS gaming, and they have given us this same great feature on the G400s. This is super valuable. It gives you a distinct edge while playing games against people using imperfect sensors. It is also to be noted that most professional gamers never use above 1000dpi. While laser sensors are more "flashy" and can do a lot more DPI than opticals, sadly, laser sensors have acceleration that cannot be disabled, making them inherently inferior for gaming. So as far as tracking quality goes, the G400s is spot on.

A few tweaks since the G400: The mouse now supports up to 4000 dpi instead of 3600 dpi. The buttons are slightly higher grade. These now are rated for 20 million actuations instead of 10 million. Not that I ever had a problem with wearing out the buttons on my old G400.

Things that did NOT change: The cord is still garbage. The G400 was notoriously bad because it would die if its cord was ever pulled on. I can't remember what that thing is called, but most mice have a pressure relief thing where the cord attaches to the mouse to prevent the cord from being a problem if it was pulled on. Unfortunately, same cord on this one. They really missed an opportunity for a meaningful upgrade. There is also still no onboard memory, which is a real shame for a $50 Logitech mouse. Another opportunity to make a fantastic improvement, which they passed up.

Okay, so other than a couple of tweaks, there are just the aesthetics. I think this mouse is a lot uglier than the G400, but that is subjective. You may like this one better.

Bottom line, this mouse tracks flawlessly, and does exactly what its supposed to do. Logitech makes good mice, there is no doubt about it. But if it were me, I'd save my money and buy a G400. Not only do they look a lot better, but they are really the exact same mouse for $15 less. I think Logitech just went for a quick rebrand so they could charge full retail on an older model again.

Anyway, I do hope this review has been helpful. If anyone leaves any other questions or comments below, I will check back and try to respond.