Thursday, July 17, 2014

Buy Borderlands 2 - Limited Edition - PlayStation Vita Bundle

Buy Borderlands 2 - Limited Edition - PlayStation Vita Bundle




I'm coming at this review from a person who bought an original Vita on day one, and who's been using it nearly every day since. I have over 100 Vita games on my download list and I own about twenty physical titles; it's the system I've used nearly more than any other, mainly thanks to daily public transportation.

The main reasons I wanted the new Vita was because I heard it was lighter and had better battery life, and I was interested in something new. I was also interested in Borderlands 2, which just sweetened the deal.

Overall it's a fantastic upgrade, way better in certain aspects than I was expecting, and the one downside isn't quite as bad as I feared.

The Good

* The Weight. Seriously, this can't be overstated enough, the new Vita is light. Like, almost alarmingly so when compared to the original. I picked up this Vita seconds after setting the older one down, and my first thought was I grabbed an empty shell.

* The Thinness. The slimmed down depth, along with the weight, makes the new Vita way more comfortable to hold for long periods of time.

* The Materials. It's more plastic, but still feels high-end and solid with zero give if you try to bend it. There's also a great, slight matte coating around the back and sides, which helps the grip.

* The Buttons. The new start and select buttons are a godsend (you no longer have to dig the edge of your finger in to press them) and the updated PS, face and shoulder buttons are all refined with a better feel.

* The Little Things. Having the indicator lights on top of the system now makes them useful rather than annoying / distracting, a universal micro-USB input for power and data means it's easier to charge, and the smaller back touch pad means I've already have had way fewer accidental hits.

The Bad

* The Screen (Initially). Going from OLED to LCD (and seeing comparison screen shots), I was ready for the worst. And, for a few seconds, it was horrible. I turned this new system on right after turning the old one off and was hit with a visual downgrade. Colors no longer popped, everything seemed more warm and mellow, and I had instant buyer's remorse.

The Mixed

* The Screen (An Hour Later). After letting Borderlands download I started the system back up and suddenly my opinion (and fears) started to waver. It looked good. No, wait, it looked great. Going back to a few older games still made it seem like it was slightly washed out, and there was still a lack of blinding colors here and there, but it didn't look bad. Just different. And the more I've played, the less it bothers me. Overall the screen isn't as good as the original, but it's more of a shift to the side, rather than a downgrade.

Overall I'm highly pleased with my purchase. The new weight and feel far outweigh the screen alteration, but be warned if you come from the original Vita it might be a huge hit at first.

If you're new to the platform, though, JUMP ON. There are dozens of great games, and it's a fantastic portable experience (and I've been using Remote Play quite a bit as well, which is FANTASTIC for bringing your PS4 gaming into any room in your house).