Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Get Corsair Raptor M45-5000 DPI Optical Sensor Gaming Mouse (Raptor M45)

Get Corsair Raptor M45-5000 DPI Optical Sensor Gaming Mouse (Raptor M45)




I've owned 3 different gaming mice over the past two years and this one is easily my favorite. I've owned the Mamba 2012 edition from razer, the Sensei mlg edition from steel series, and recently the Zeus from gamdias and this mouse feels higher quality than all of those despite being only half the price. I was looking for a new mouse to pair with my Corsair k70 because the sensei was a bit small for me. I bought the Zeus from gamdias and the strange shape on the right side of the mouse made it uncomfortable for me so I returned it. I picked up the m40 after seeing it at fry's because it fit perfectly in my palm and I wanted red lighting to match my k70.


The sandpaper-like grip on the sides took me two days to get used to, they don't really feel that rough now and as someone who's hands sweat alot while playing games this definitely helps with accuracy.

The high mass scroll wheel feels much better to scroll on than my other mice.

The soft rubbery texture feels much better than the plastic Sensei and Zeus.

Adjustable weights like the zeus, although it feels perfect for me with all of them in.

The placement of the pads on the bottom makes for a much smoother glide than the other mice I have used. Within the first few minutes of using it I knew I found the mouse i've been looking for since I bought the razer back in early 2012.


4000 dpi sensor, as someone who has never needed to go above 3300 dpi I don't see this being that big of an issue.

The two buttons on the sides although customize-able are harder to use for gaming situations than all of the other mice that I have used. You can reach the back button with ease, but trying to reach the front button is a bit difficult, and I have large-ish hands.

The dpi's are set at 800,1600,3200,4000. I've been using 2700/3300 so this was a bit disappointing for me.


This mouse gives off a high quality look/feel for an affordable price. The picture on amazon and even the box itself does not do the mouse justice it looks beautiful next to my k70. I'd recommend this mouse to anyone looking for a high quality gaming mouse.