Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Get Football Manager 2014 [Online Game Code]

Get Football Manager 2014 [Online Game Code]




Im a HUGE fan of this series, Ive been playing it since 99. I have seen how the game has changed throughout the years. There have been editions were the game stayed practically the same; this is one of them. The greatest problem FM has right now, is the lack of real competition. The franchise needs that to progress and become a better game.


- Better training and tactic tool than its predecessor.

- Better pitch graphics.

- The inclusion of an in-game editor, which can be bought via steam for 5$.

- Better player-manager interaction.


- Weird gameplay on the pitch, same goals repeated over and over again. Glitches on the way players pass the ball. Most of the shooting ends up being interrupted by a player in between yours and the goal.

- Not many changes from FM13, its basically the same game, just a little fancier. It gets boring after a while to play the same game.

- Few things the fans craved for have been fixed.

Its not a bad game, but I feel it has stuck (like the Fifa franchise). Very few improvements have been added, and for the price, I think you should stick with FM13 and google a save game where they update the transfer movements.

SI you are an amazing company and I'm going to keep buying the games, but as a long time buyer I feel I can ask for a little more work on updates and improvements for the next FM.