Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Get Kung Fu Strike [Online Game Code]

Get Kung Fu Strike [Online Game Code]




Kung fu Strike is a deceptively simple brawler that hearkens back to the good old days of gaming. The game is difficult, but easy mode toned things way down for me to get through the entire game in about 8 hours with ease. The difficulty was great since the game rewards you for doing the harder difficulties with more in-game money, which can then be used to buy tons of things like new abilities, new gear and moves. Unlocking new moves makes going back to old levels on harder difficulties much easier, earning higher ranks and unlocking more stuff.

The controls are extremely tight and simple, but are very deep once you get the hang of the combo system. This game is all about combat; you can pretty much just gloss over the cliched narrative. The co-op and versus modes are spectacular. One versus match lasted 15 minutes because we kept reflecting back shurikens over and over like a deadly game of ping pong. Each deflection increases their speed and damage, so whoever finally messed up and got hit took a ton of damage.

As of this writing I've logged over 30 hours into the game just trying to raise my score and unlocking everything. The end-game moves and summons you get are really powerful, which help to raise your score. I have S-ranked a few on Hard. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a tight brawler that you can also sink your teeth into. It's a blast to play with friends!