Thursday, May 22, 2014

Get Syndicate/ Saboteur Bundle [Online Game Code]

Get Syndicate/ Saboteur Bundle [Online Game Code]




NOTE: My review is two stars because of Syndicate. That game is relatively fun, and has some nice Deus Ex elements in it, but that doesn't save it from bad movement controls, terrible AI, and a completely out of control Bloom effect that permeates the entire game. It is seriously atrocious, and I can't play it for more than 30 minutes to an hour because of how annoying it is. I gave it two stars because even though it can be fun, the bad far outweighs the good.

That being said, I gave the two stars to Syndicate. If I could I would give The Saboteur a -5, or a zero at the very least. Please read on for the reasons.

The Saboteur simply will not run on any of my Windows PCs. I posted in the EA help forums regarding this issue, and a TON of other people have the same exact problem.... or worse. The game seems to be littered with bugs. And the "support" staff at the EA help-desk forums was not only clueless, but condescending and rude in most cases. They repeatedly used the excuse that it was an old game meant to run on old hardware, and we shouldn't expect it to work with modern operating systems. One of them suggested that we build an entire PC out of old parts in order to run this old game! There is a well known and documented bug that was never fixed that made the game crash (or not load at all) on PCs with 4 or more cores, including Hyper-Threading. Again, it was "this game is old, blah blah blah", and they suggested that you turn off all but one core on your CPU, and then go into your BIOS and turn off Hyper-Threading. That is just a ridiculous "fix" to a problem that a lot of people have. I have a 6-core i7 CPU, so I would essentially have to turn off 11 cores just to play the game.

Here's the kicker....

In the official suggested system configuration:

Processor: Quad Core running at 2.8 GHz or equivalent

Memory : 2 GB RAM (Windows XP) or 3 GB RAM (Windows Vista/7)

So for one, they say specifically to use a quad-core CPU. They say specifically to use 2 GB ram if you are on on Windows 7. Yet the two biggest bugs are people who have a quad-core CPU, and that have Windows 7 (or 8).

Another funny thing is, this game was released in December of 2009. Windows 7 was released retail in July of 2009. So tell me again, why doesn't this game work on Windows 7? Even in compatibility mode it won't work, even though that is the instructions I got from the "official" reply I got from the customer support email I sent.

So the "old game" is barely years old, which makes the suggestion to "build an old PC" to run this "old" game even more preposterous. Yes, I said preposterous. Deal with it. :-P

I guess if you are running Windows XP on a Core2Duo or an i3 or something, go for it. The game got good reviews, looks awesome, and I bet it is really fun.

I wouldn't know.