Thursday, May 8, 2014

Get Nyko Power Grip for PS Vita (PCH-2000)

Get Nyko Power Grip for PS Vita (PCH-2000)




First off, I may have misread the part about this grip having an extra battery to fuel the new vita-2000, BUT IT'S NO SKIN OFF OF MY BACK.

This thing is awesome! Feels great in the hands without cramping up my fingers. The vita slim is a little harder to hold, so the assistance of this grip is fantastic. It feels just like a controller.

Did I mention it has a battery built in?! You don't even have to charge the grip separately from the vita slim. It has it's own lockable usb micro port that plugs in perfectly to the bottom of the vita slim. Once locked, an extra micro usb port is provided on the exterior of the grip for easy charging. The Nyko prioritizes the charges to charge the vita slim first, THEN charges the battery in the grip.

The instruction manual states ~3 to 5 charges in order to reach full capacity for the Nyko battery, but this is typical for new electronic devices.


-The finish seems like the typical notorious "flat" finish that will eventually peel over time. Not anytime soon, but probably in about 1.5-3 years.

-The triggers seem harder to get to, but this is also the case when the grip is off. I might just have small hands, so maybe you large-handers will have a better time.

-The grip makes the vita slim feel quite a bit heftier. Being a powerful portable machine, I would have expected something easier to carry around with me.

-The grip covers up the game slot. Need to remove the grip in order to access vita games.


I ordered this grip to go along with my new vita slim borderlands 2 bundle and it is definitely a great accessory to add to the collection. Get one! I highly recommend it.