Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Best Watch Dogs - PlayStation 4

Best Watch Dogs - PlayStation 4




I finished the game 2 days ago and spent some time with side missions & multiplayer, so now it's time to write what I think about this game.

Game Play: It's a fun game ! you get around 14-16 hours of gameplay by just playing the campaign. I really enjoyed the campaign. There are total of 5 acts, 6-15 missions in each act. Smooth movement and hacking gives this game a nice & refreshing feeling.9/10

Driving: Not the strongest point of the game! 70% of the game is mainly focused on the hacking & stealth. Driving takes time to get use to, but after you learn how to drift cars, you can't stop driving. However, the damage to the cars are terrible. You go full speed to an incoming car, and just bounce back with little to no damage. Each car handles differently, and even sounds different, I like that! Biggest down side, there is no way to store cars or repair them, not even a simple color change :-( Big mistake 6/10

Voice acting/music/sounds/ characters: Perfect 10/10 voice acting of aiden pearce reminds me of Sam Fisher and Max Payne + jack bauer

Side missions: After I was done with the game, I kinda lost interest. Simply because there is nothing for you to explore. Every side mission and hidden things are shown on the map. You just choose one and the GPS will get you there. There are tons of side missions to do, but they get really boring and repetitive after a while. For example, Criminal Convoy missions are just simply following a car and taking it out, or Gang hideout is just taking bunch of gangs and taking down the main objective.... they all get really boring after the 10th time. Other hidden things that you can do involve hacking cameras and spying on people. 8/10

Multiplayer: It's fun and broken! So far I hacked 10-12 people/ got hacked 6-7 times and was able to find 1 Race and 3 decryption matches. Finding a game takes a long time, and when you find 1 it's really lagy. 1 Vs 1 hacking is fun & nicely done, but Race & decryption are really lagy and messy. Modes: 1VS1 Hacking, 1VS1 Trailing, decryption( deathmach/Team deathmach ), Race. Again, they are fun, but I spent more time trying to find a game than actually playing one. Players are not from U.S. You go against players from China and U.K. so expect huge lag. 7/10

Stop comparing this game to GTA. it's not even close to GTA. I would say, Assassin's Creed + True Crime Or Splinter Cell + Sleeping dogs. Not GTA

Buy this game, you will enjoy it. Stop comparing it to other games. Campaign worth 60$ itself + other things you can do. Don't buy the season pass !

I'm taking one star off just because there is absolutely nothing to do in the game after you are done with the side missions. Only thing you can do is to take care of criminals. That's it... no more shooting. If you shoot one bullet, people call cops. It's not acceptable. I finished the main missions in 12 hours. Side missions gave me another 7-8 hours, now there is nothing I can do.

Update: June 23

Online Hacking: it's getting annoying so I have to mention this here. Some people disconnect their internet when you are about 90% hacking them, so you get zero points. Also, some people get bounty on themselves by hacking NPCs and wait for you in car to show up. They know you are coming; so they just shoot you before even starting the hack.

(Personal Opinion): Don't buy this game over PS-network because it gets really repetitive. I really want to trade this game, but I got it on Ps-store.