Friday, August 22, 2014

Get HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset - Black (KHX-H3CL/WR)

Get HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset - Black (KHX-H3CL/WR)




I read so many reviews based on specs and stats and blah blah. For me as a live streamer on I need two things for long gaming sessions headset wise: Comfort and Quality.

These are by far the most comfortable headset I have ever worn. The design is sleek and it is WELL made. Most headsets nowadays come with leatherette ear cups and I CAN'T STAND IT. So I was happy to see the HyperX Cloud had replaceable Velour Ear Cushions. (the cloth ones) That was a huge plus for me.

The soft leather band on the headset makes your skull feel like you are in HEAVEN. Too many headset makers don't care much for the pressure a headset puts on your noggin. HyperX does. I have had these 2 months prior to the recent release and not one sign of wear, and trust me I have a HUGE head.

Now for sound. 53MM Drivers. This is better then most out there. And it is obvious in the sound. I play World of Warcraft and other MMO's, and let me tell you the sounds I can now hear that I couldn't before. The sound is so much clearer you wonder how the hell you tolerated your previous headset.

The Aluminum build gives the Cloud a great shape and shows that HyperX cares about the longevity of their products.

If you want comfort and quality sound this is your headset. And at $99? Yeah it's worth it.