Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Buy HDE (TM) USB Charge Cable for Nintendo 3DS/DSi/XL

Buy HDE (TM) USB Charge Cable for Nintendo 3DS/DSi/XL




Just to make it perfectly clear: This product (USB Power Charge Cable Adapter for Nintendo NDSi) cannot be used to transfer data to or from your computer. It is for charging your DSi from an USB port only. It also works with the newer Nintendo XL and 3DS, but not for the original DS and DS Lite (because older models have a differently shaped charging port).

The power cable is about 46 inches (117 cm) long. I measured the current consumption to be around 350mA during charging of my XL. All computer or laptop USB 2.0 ports are rated for 500mA, so there should be no problems with loading. But you should not plug it into an unpowered USB hub (because the 500mA is shared by multiple devices), nor should you try it in an older USB 1.1 port.

There are several other ways to recharge your Nintendo through this power cable, namely:

1. Using a generic AC-powered USB adapter. It is best to pick one that works from universal voltage of 100-240V AC, so that you can use it while traveling (Note that the original Nintendo AC adapter only works from 110V AC)

2. Using a battery-powered USB supply (such as the one from UltraLast Green 2AA/AAA/USB On-the-Go Charger). This allows you to recharge while taking a very long plane ride, for example.

3. Using a 12V-to-5V USB adapter. This allows you to recharge from your car battery, which is handy during long driving trips. Some newer cars already have USB ports for iPod and MP3 players, so in that case you don't even need an adapter.

In summary: This power cable is a very inexpensive accessory, but it gives me multiple options to recharge my Nintendo DSi XL. So for that I'm completely satisfied.