Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Get EA SPORTS FIFA World [Online Game Code]

Get EA SPORTS FIFA World [Online Game Code]




If you enjoy playing soccer games, you'll sure enjoy in this game too.

As a big fan of the entire EA''s FIFA series, I decided to try this game. So here is my conclusion:

Good Points:

- This game works very well on low end computers, with cheap graphics card and less ram

- I played around 100 matches, and built a nice squad without spending a dollar

- You can trade stuff, power ups, players, stadiums, contracts and etc. with other players

- Has high playerbase, you can find people to play with at any time

- Good quality graphics, animations and sound effects

- It's getting new features and updates often

- Has XBOX 360 Controller Support

- Has everything like every normal FIFA Game (Ultimate Team Mode, League Teams, TOTW, TOTM, TOTS mods and etc.)

Bad points:

- You cant customize the controller and the camera view, this is the only bad point


- If you want to play FIFA Ultimate Team without spending money this is the GAME!