Thursday, November 27, 2014

Best The Evil Within - PlayStation 4

Best The Evil Within - PlayStation 4




Let me start by saying that this game is tough. In the first chapter, I died about 10 times before finally seeing the opening credits roll. For me, this is not a bad thing as I like a challenge.

I also love survival horror. This game, which is Shinji Mikami masterpiece, shines in all areas to me. While the framerate is 30 FPS and the game is presented in letterbox format (which could put off some), I believe it was created this way to reflect a horror film feel to it. I get that rustic original Resident Evil vibe while still getting the gameplay of Resident Evil 4, which is Mikami's defining game in my opinion. Mikami is the father to the Resident Evil series and also served as a producer on other hits such as the Devil May Cry series and Viewtiful Joe series. This guy knows how to make/produce great games.

Getting back to The Evil Within, the gameplay again has that old school survival horror vibe to it. You will die multiple times. However, the locations that this game takes you through in it's 20+ hour campaign is ripped straight from the best horror flicks. From mental hospitals, wooded forests with dilapidated cabins in the still of the night, to haunted mansions; it's all here. If you love horror flicks and have been waiting on a game to love, buy this. Another throwback is how the game is divided into Chapters, 15 actually, which reminds me of games from yesteryear although being on next gen systems.

I have read reviews that speak on the graphics and texture pop ins. I am playing on the PS4 and have not noticed any pop in. Maybe I am just lucky. And yes, I am that person who stands on the edge of the pier in Chapter 2, marveling at the water effects and lighting of the moon reflecting from the lake while viewing the dark abandoned lighthouse across the sprawl. I love graphics and I take my time in games to enjoy what the developer worked hard to achieve. To me personally, they nailed it with The Evil Within. So while it may take me 30+ hours to beat the game because I tend to stand around and spin the camera to enjoy the views, it may only take the average person 20+ hours as stated above.

Next up, the monsters. Again, this game doesn't disappoint. It is clear that Silent Hill characters influenced some of the monstrosities in The Evil Within. Although, I would be remissed if I didn't say that Resident Evil shows up with the character design as well. You have your butcher that is listening to classical music as he is butchering up a human body right in front of you, to the chainsaw wielding maniac that bashes through doors chasing you relentlessly.

Again, this game is tough. If you have never played a Survival Horror Game and are new to the genre, I suggest playing on the easiest mode starting out or you may get frustrated. Ammo and Syringes are limited, both needed to stay alive, so don't expect to shoot at everything you see. This game plays great for the stealth gamers out there as well. You need strategy to complete chapters....and patience.

The only fault I can say about this game is the story. While it is not really a fault, it can be convuluted and a bit disjointed at times. It isn't that it is bad, it just skips around alot. I would tell you more on that but that would be spoiling the game for you if you intend to buy.

All in all, The Evil Within is exactly what I have been needing for my Survival Horror fix. It has all the elements. Locales, Monsters, Graphics, Tension, Great Pacing and Gore. While the story is a bit all over (until you get it), it is not enough to bring this game down a notch. Great timing for the release as well, as it is the perfect time of year for this game's atmosphere.