Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Best Grand Theft Auto V - PlayStation 4

Best Grand Theft Auto V - PlayStation 4




First things first, this is pretty much the same game as last gens version but with many added features that make it feel like a brand new experience.

The most notable change is the graphical upgrade. This isn't just a polish like some other ps3-ps4 titles got, parts of this game have been completely upgraded graphically. For example the rain looks more realistic, it puddles on the ground which then will reflect light from street lamps, tail lights on cars etc. The lightning is a vast improvement over the last gen version.

The character models are also more detailed. It appears rockstar followed suit with naughty dogs last of us and made the cinematic character models from the last gen version the actual playable model in the next gen.

Dust and various other particles blow through the air with the wind, each blade of grass can easily be seen moving with the wind. I could go on and on with the graphical changes but for the sake of this review I'll move on.

Probably the biggest feature other than the graphical upgrade is the added first person mode. You probably won't find yourself using this more than 3rd person, but it is definitely a welcome feature to have the option of using. Switching from 3rd to 1st person is easy and cab easily be done on the fly by pressing the touchpad to accommodate various play styles and strategies. The first person mode is done actually fairly well to be an added feature. You can customize just about every aspect of it from the movement sensitivity all the way to whether you want to remain in first person when your character is ragdolling around. Rockstar really went the extra step here to make 1st person enjoyable for everyone with these options.

Aa far as i know all of the free dlc that was offered while the last gen version was out is already included on disc.

The only downside so far(which is not really even bad) is the game is going to eat about 50 gigs of your hardrive and you have about a 30-40 minute wait while the game is being installed.

I could say all day long that you should definitely buy this game again but ultimately YOU are the only one that can justify whether or not its worth getting a second time. Also forgot to mention that online heists are available day one after the 1.4 gig day one update.

My opinion, definitely worth buying again. This is so much more than just a cosmetic upgrade, its a whole new GTA experience.