Thursday, November 27, 2014

Get The Sims 4 Limited Edition

Get The Sims 4 Limited Edition




I've been a Sim gamer from the very beginning and have followed it the whole time. Rather than write a real review, I'm just going to give you my impressions. Do with them what you will.

- **First and foremost, the game seems completely pointless**. I really don't understand what we're supposed to get out of this game that is so new and unique. Emotions? Yea...i guess those are interesting, but they really play less of a part than I expected. They're treated as an afterthought and more of an animated reflection of a character's mood than anything. It does change some actions every now and then, but since your moods/emotions are constantly changing...the whole thing comes off messy. Better hurry up and use that special action before your mood changes!!...oops, too late. Or, your emotions prevent you from doing something you want/need to do. Other than emotions, there is really nothing "new" that is overly significant as far as actual gameplay goes.

- The game has reverted back to it's older style of gameplay. The Sims 3 was a step forward with it's open world, creative tools, vibrant graphics...all gone. This looks, feels, and plays like an up-scaled version of Sims 2. Menus between traveling, very limited spots to travel to, no cars, no walks around town or to the beach, no clickable world map, no jobs to follow Sims to, no story progression...nothing. Your existence is so lonely in Sims 4...and dull. There isn't even a "town" to speak of really, just neighborhoods. Again, I have no idea what it is we're supposed to be so excited about? The new create-a-Sim is pretty cool...but...unless you want to create an amazing looking sim (which is hard with the clothing choices at the moment) and do NOTHING with're going to be disappointed. This feels very much like it started out as a mobile game.

- Creativity is almost non-existent. Okay, so you can't make everything any color or pattern you want. That's fine, I guess. But it goes way beyond that. The choice you have for items is terrible. Sure, SOME items might have an extensive choice of colors, but most of the time its a multicolored combination. For example, if I wanted something in white/brown because one of those colors matches my interior...and it's not available...too bad. You'll have to choose the white/black combination instead. The choices in general feel like a bad beta test. **Try as you want, in this game your house can NEVER be exactly the way you want.** Let that sink in for a minute. At least 50% of sims gaming is designing a home for your sim.

- Remember how they kept saying how "smart" sims were going to be? Yea, they're not. My Sim wasn't smart enough to stop typing on the computer long enough to go to the bathroom. Does that sound "smart" to you? Are we really still dealing with autonomy like that 4 generations in? Yes, they can multitask SOMETIMES (the one noticeable improvement), but half the time you don't even know exactly what they're doing. My Sim was at the club and I had her go to talk to someone at the bar. She goes BEHIND the bar, and starts talking to the entire group. When i had her order a drink, she continued to stand there talking, and not even to the person I requested. I would think having smarter sims wouldn't require me to make essential choices for them, but it does pretty often. I also expected some of these "smarter" sims to be able to complete some of their "wants" on their own. They rarely do.

- Shoddy Programming, glitches, and pathway problems. Thats right, in addition to the terrible controls, pathways are STILL a problem.

- I'm not happy this game is a failure thus far. In fact, I'm HEARTBROKEN. But, yes, that's how bad it is. I understand that some people like the game. I don't know why, but thats fine. Regardless, I feel like that is part of the problem. This game reflects the attitude of "You'll buy it anyway" and i cant stand that. This has such a huge following and is such a cash flow for EA that they don't even have to try. Here is a vastly inferior base game that will end up costing you hundreds more if you want to *really experience* and have fun with it. I say enough is enough. For $70, I expect something worth my time from the BEGINNING.

- I really could go on...but I'm not because I know many others will. Here is the bottom line, this is not a brand new game. This is a rehash of a time in Sims history that I thought had been left behind. This is step back. EA needs to decide if they want to make a cartoony time waster or a legitimate realistic life simulator. (Even something in between would be nice) They've had 14 years to get it right. Instead, it's just getting worse...and more expensive.