Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Get Logitech Gamepad F310

Get Logitech Gamepad F310




-Nov 2012 update below-

EDIT: I have now acquired a F710 and will also do a brief review on that which will add on to this a bit further in the future.

I mean that title in a good way really. The Logitech F310 is actually a pretty nifty controller at a price of $25 or less. The best way to sum it up is an Xbox 360 controller meets a PS3 controller and yeah... things happen. You have the familiar shape and layout of the PS controllers with the exact face buttons of the 360 controller. Also, the little Logitech logo is actually a home button reminiscent of the 360 controller's.

The F310 (and 510 and 710) literally function like a 360 controller in games that accept 360 controllers (which are many these days.) If you play a game that accepts 360 controller layouts they are immediately adapted to the F controller series. But what about games that don't want to recognize 360 controllers you might wonder. The brilliant thing about this controller is that it can use X-input (the 360's interface) or direct input (the input of standard PC controllers and even the PS3!), this is adjusted by a slider on the back. X-input is standard for modern games but if you need customization then direct input (particularly for older games) helps in some cases. The F controllers come with a software that allows you to create and use profiles to map button layouts to do other things (similar to Logitech's gameboards like the G13) which can come in handy if you choose to learn the software.

It's worth noting that if you wanted to you could also use this controller on your 360 or PS3, not just your PC. On the PS3 the Logitech button sadly doesn't work like the PS button (because you're in direct input mode and the PS button doesn't exist to this thing) so that's the only con for using it on the PS3. For the 360 in X-input, I imagine you'd be right at home.

Of course I do see one flaw that is a bit annoying in all the greatness. The triggers on the controller aren't the most comfortable due to feeling like they need a little more forced input from the user to depress inward. I'm not sure if this is something one would adjust to over time or would "break in" over time but it's worth noting since it's made me a bit uncomfortable in a few titles.

For $25 the cons are very small on this controller. I took off a star for those triggers but they're really not a total deal breaker and Logitech really did try doing a lot for your $25. The ability to function as a 360 controller without the $40+ expense (including the wireless adapter in some cases), the ability to switch input modes on the fly, a profile button mapping tool and a fairly solid build all push this thing a long way. If you're not vouching for the 360 controller on your PC then the Logitech F series is a solid way to go. The 310 mainly ditches the rumble and wireless features but for $25 or less those losses don't feel glaring one bit. If there was a way to rate it 4.5 it'd be totally accurate because it's close to excellence. Overall it's classic quality Logitech.

Update: So it's been a a few days over a year since I wrote this review and I can safely say I stand by it still. The controller's functioning well as ever still and it's versatility has come in handy in a myriad of different PC titles from several genres here's just a sample list of a few titles it works great on:

Assassin's Creed 1, 2, Brotherhood


Batman: Arkham Asylum

BlazBlue -Calamity Trigger-


Burnout Paradise

Cave Story+


Devil May Cry 4

Guilty Gear XX #Reload & Isuka

Gundemonium Collection

Hunted: The Demon's Forge


Lara Croft & the Guardian of Light

Prince of Persia (2009)

RefRain -Prism Memories-

Saints Row: The Third

Sonic CD & Generations

Super Meat Boy

Ys Origin


- Familiar shape and design

- 2 modes of input cover the gamete of modern and classic PC games

- Very versatile controller capable of functioning almost flawlessly on 3 platforms (PC, 360, PS3)

- Solid build quality and very price efficient, you're not giving up absolutely significant features by not going for the 510 or 710

- Excellent D-Pad, beats out the 360 and PS3 ones with ease


- Trigger buttons are a little odd and seemingly require a little more force feedback