Saturday, November 1, 2014

Get Titanfall [Online Game Code]

Get Titanfall [Online Game Code]




This could have been a 5 Star game if not for a few choices Respawn decided to go with

Out of the box, this is a multiplayer game only and you will need a good Internet connection and there are no LAN options. As of 4-10-2014 they have added a BETA Private Mode where you can play 1 vs 1 or 6 vs 6 playing against people you know albeit without the Ranking and Bonuses to avoid gaming the system. To their credit, Respawn has been steadily releasing balance/Bug/ and BETA updates for users to test improvements like Matchmaking and game modes to better the overall experience.

The game does it's best to be accommodating to entry level players by adding AI bots to target as well. Playing as a Pilot or Titan, both are very well balanced. Both are lethal in their own ways. The weapons you start out with as a Pilot are very capable. You wont need to rank up to get the best weapons. In fact there are people who continue to use the starting rifle and shotgun through level 50 (the highest level achievable). Other Pilot weapons are there to add specialty or variety - none overpowered. Same goes with the Titan weapons. Burn Cards are awarded for achieving certain acts during battle. When you are killed you can activate one to temporarily boost a power, weapon, etc or even reduce the time to get your next Titan.

Based on a heavily modified version of Valves Source engine, the game is as stable as one could hope for. I've played it on four different PC's and have yet to experience a crash. The visuals aren't DX11 Benchmark material and on close inspection some textures and terrain geometry look rather dated even at Max levels. All the graphical settings are there, including the FOV that includes 90 degrees, so you're not locked into a Console sized view of the game world.

The Pros

Very stable on the PC

Absolutely seamless transition between Pilot and Titan combat - Very balanced game play

The parkour (pilot wall walking) element is not a gimmick and adds a whole new level of tactic and game play to a tired genre

The Burn Cards are a nice touch

The Cons

Servers are provided by Microsoft - There are no joining servers based on Ping

As of 4 -21 - 2014 - Matchmaking can take a very long time. Matchmaking involves finding suitable team mates and opposing players

Rare but it happens, in the middle of a match there will be a pause as the Server reconnects - very annoying.

The Kill Cam can get annoying but it serves as a pause to use a Burn Card.

You must install EA's Origin. Origin is a very weak Substitute for Steam.

Aside from a select few game modes, there is little depth here and almost no storyline.