Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Get Etekcity® Scroll X1 (M555) 2400 DPI Wired USB Optical Gaming Mouse with 7 Programmable Buttons,Omron Micro Switches

Get Etekcity® Scroll X1 (M555) 2400 DPI Wired USB Optical Gaming Mouse with 7 Programmable Buttons,Omron Micro Switches

Product Description

Size: 2400 DPI

Gamers Unite!

If you need a USB gaming mouse for your laptop or desktop computer, this Etekcity® wired gaming optical mouse will get you leveling up in unprecedented time. Compatible with Windows, simply plug in the USB cable and within seconds you will be gaming at levels you never dreamed possible.Bringing increased usability to your gaming experience, the Etekcity® wired optical gaming mouse features adjustable DPI and thumb buttons to elevate your competitive gaming to the next level.

The ergonomic design allows for hours of conquering worlds in comfort.The attractive styling with comfortable right-handed design and the high-resolution optical sensor provides consistent, accurate performance.

Give the gaming community something to talk about and level up with the Scroll X1 by Etekcity.


Interface: USB 2.0/3.0

Cable length: 5ft.

Sensitivity: 800/1600/2400 DPI

Polling rate: 125-1000Hz

Size: 129 x 72 x 40mm

Keystroke life: 5 million clicks

Power: 5V 100mA

Color: black




I was skeptical of this mouse because of the low price. I took a chance on it and I am extremely pleased. This isn't just a good mouse for the price, but a good mouse period. I like for the mouse to be a little bigger - I find that small mice (i.e. portable laptop style) make my fingers and hand ache after long periods of use. This mouse is a good size and I feel like I'm simply resting my hand on top of it. The ergonomic design is a positive as well. I have never used an ergonomic mouse, always opting for the standard shape. It didn't take long to get used to and I feel like I have better control over the pointer. The location of the wheel and side buttons are very good, but the additional 3rd and 4th buttons below the wheel are a little tricky to press. Not really an issue for me, but some gamers may want to consider this. Lastly, set up was easy - simple plug and play. It comes with some software that allows you to edit what the buttons do, but I have no real need for it. 5/5 stars. Highly recommended!