Thursday, November 27, 2014

Get Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor

Get Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor




I could rant and rave about this game for hours. It seems like WB Games and Monolith came together in sweet harmony and created a game that seamlessly integrates everything you'll love about an open world with a great story and meaningful RPG progression. You are well rewarded for going after tougher enemies. The nemesis system works better than I thought possible. So far, the LOTR lore is spot on and Uruk society is just as you would expect.

The introduction/prologue ties in perfectly with the campaign and teaches you how to play without feeling like a meaningless tutorial. I felt connected with the characters almost immediately which makes their murders gut wrenching even though you know it's going to happen.

Combat difficulty is adjustable so if you feel like the game is giving you too much of an advantage (by telling you when you can block an incoming strike) you can turn off combat prompts.

Over all, I'd give this game a 98/100. There were a couple of graphical glitches that were more funny than anything; they did not affect gameplay at all. This is my Game of the Year for sure.